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GEHO Info for sales representatives

Volume 11, No. 1, January 2001

Rating Piston (Pump) Wear

Life cycle costs The absence of a liquid end stuffing box

reduces the number of wear parts and
GEHO staff is working daily with makes this design more suitable for
customers to determine the most abrasive slurries and higher pressure.
suitable solution for their slurry and
sludge pumping applications. Generic application
Lab tests are performed in-house so that
the slurry rheology can be tested for its The GEHO TZP 800 mainline slurry
pumpability in relation to transport pumps at Rio Capim Caulim S.A. in
pipeline size and pressure rating. Where Brasil are examples of a typical piston
feasible, a crankshaft driven pump is pump application.
generally preferred over a hydraulic The two pumps transport a max. 354
driven piston pump. Customers also m3/h kaolin slurry against 57 bar
appreciate the objective advice given through a 356 mm pipe from the
by GEHO PUMPS based on its wide mine site to the Murucupi terminal and
product portfolio. The GEHO product benefication plant - a distance of 150
offering enables the company to select km. Previously the product was trans-
and supply the style of pump, which ported with barges.
renders the lowest life cycle costs in The kaolin is pumped at 50 to 65 wt
any service. per cent solids concentration. The low
abrasivity index (Miller number 5 to 15)
Operating versus capital costs ensures good performance and a long
wear life for the piston seal and piston
The GEHO range of crankshaft driven liner. The pump, AC motor and VFD unit
pumps is extensive. Any flow sheet and are capable of operating at 5 to 100%
duty requirement can be met economi- capacity against full discharge pressure.
cally with either a piston or a piston However, up to 50% of the rated 65 spm
diaphragm pump. The principal differ- stroke rate only for a 1 hour period
ence between these designs is the sufficient to perform pipeline de-plugging.
diaphragm. It protects the piston and
liner from contact with abrasive slurry. Short project life
The only remaining wear parts are the
suction and discharge valves. The Canadian company Inco was
The capital expenditure of a piston pump contemplating the use of a piston
is substantially lower and offsets the diaphragm style ore body booster pump.
higher wear parts usage when handling But, the Copper Cliff backfill project
mildly abrasive slurry and/or lower would be completed in five years and an
pressures. application for the reuse of the pump
Engineering The model ZPR is a two-cylinder, could not be defined. The economics
Solutions double-acting piston pump fitted with were best served by the installation of a
ball or mushroom valves and handles GEHO TZP 500 single-acting piston
medium pressures. The model TZP is a pump at 1250 ft underground. It is trans-
single-acting pump with three cylinders. porting 62 to 74 wt per cent cement sand

fill (with a Miller number over 200) to the fatigue caused by solids forced into
stopes against 238 m lift and 152 m the elastomer contact surface. A variety
horizontal. The piston pump is rated for of elastomers and design options are
148 to 193 m3/h against 54 bar at 69 available to optimise the valve life cycle
spm stroke rate. The pump will be and to incorporate slurry characteristics
hauled to the surface at the end of the and behaviour. Self-aligning clamp
operational period. If not re-used, it may couplings enable simple removal of the
be converted into a diaphragm pump to pistons and liners, facilitated by special
recuperate a significant portion of the tools and a turning gear device. Ceramic
initial capital cost. lined and cladded liners are available to
prolong wear life. A piston guide ring
Easy to operate and maintain centers the proprietary cup seal in the
liner. Spray flushing the liner bore further
The modular design TZP piston pump reduces friction and wear.
shares many components with an Since the design is robust and reliable,
equivalent size TZPM piston diaphragm the control devices can be limited to one
pump. These are the power end, the lube oil flow switch plus one pressure
valves and the pulsation dampeners. switch: this provides an alarm and trip
The power end with cast frame transmits upon overpressure in the discharge
energy from an external gear reducer to dampener gas side. A relief valve must
the pistons by means of a forged steel, be installed in the discharge line, close
direct driven crankshaft, cross heads to the pump and ahead of any isolation
with replaceable guides, and connecting valve.
rods. Anti-friction roller bearings are
used throughout. The check valves are
readily accessible for maintenance with
oil-hydraulic release of the full-taper
seats. The valve seating surfaces are
conically shaped and soft seated with
Excellent both a metal to metal contact surface to
Weir Netherlands b.v.
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Solutions across the valve, and a metal to elastic Phone: +31(0)77-3895200
contact surface. Fax: +31(0)77-3824844
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The sealing ring projects past the cone
and is subject to abrasive wear and Copyright Weir Netherlands b.v.