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Monway, Feanuany 16, 1998 Paces From the Field enue Following completion ofa needs assessment that included an analysis of responses from xoviders, program managers, consumers and [eres case as moved orand th for ‘mal duel diagnosie program development across {ts substance abuse and mental heath services. According to Melanie Hampton, assistant ‘commissioner of mental health, “Mental Health Services in the state of Tennessee has struggled {for years with the complicated issues associated with co-occurring, mertal illness and substance abuse. Last year we were able to begin to address some of the issues by designing a statewide [project to assess needs of individuals who expe- Fence dual disorders. The project includes state- ‘wide cross-training for treatment professionals; the development of community-based resource centers; the establishment of dualzecovery anony- ‘mous groups; and related resources.” ‘The cross-training initiative is intended to develop dual diagnos programs within existing Substance abuse and ental health programs: Frograme inci eves of ce ons sete patient {o.a Vast range of Outpatient models. ining began last Asgust with four two-day seminasinrepional locaton Thee seminae Were designed to introduce ail partiapants (o dual disorders issues, and to freatment-and program development strategies and material. [il providers were encouraged to attend “The eros training or program development Jas continued with 16 talness from each of the {our regions, who are participating in ongoin monthly edication and superwaion. = ne" Eartpans represent 24agences, some with multiple programs. Five pejchiatric hospitals {nd surrounding outpatient mental healt and Substance abuse programs ate participating. Ser Vices offered by the programs include comun- nity mental health, care for the homeless, club- house programs, alcohol and drug rehabilta | ton, eabe management, adolescent services, de tonlfeaton programe and residential eatinent, Direct-are providers from both systems are crose-trained together. Content is designed 1 Yield specific competencies, such as acceptance af al Symptoms ands “onconiontainal approach; group teatiaent that is phase-specfic iW onsumer readiness, motivation and et. le dual diagnosis program development Web site at htp:}pobux.coml=dualdugnst ‘ment level; and a treatment methodology that addresses process of change from denial to recovery. Program implemeniaon indudes seren- ing, agency protoca, engagement readiness hares of iceaument progres outcome snd prot Bram data collection” Daal diagnosis progeerns Eeadapted(oparameterssuchslenghncl ota, program objecives and program mle Project objectives include the development of programs that are consistent in methodology, Philosophy, materials and attitudes across ser ices and systems, Tae Sciacea Dual Diagnosis Model is being uized Engagement pernts each client to partii- pate in earlyephase group discussions without Eisdosingacoroccuctng disorder Progress out come is measured across a range of increments and not by abstinence alone The focusis to engage the cent into compre- hensive models of eave that address symptoms ‘of mental ilness and substance abuse disorders Simultaneously, fo aaiate the lens aware hess of risks and consequences of eo-occurtin ‘sorders;and to foster moth Won ta pata in treatment and actively work on change ond recovery foreach disordes a Substance abuse and mental health pro- grams across Tennessee are developing dual diagnosis track for thelr consumers. Screening instruments that are used to identify the dually diagnosed differ foreach system. In mental health, ‘we screen for substance disorders. In substaiice abuse programs, we seveen for mental iiness, ‘This exciting project isa firs in its scope of statewide, formal, consistent program imple- ‘mentation. We echo Melanie Hampton's senti- ‘ments: “Weare proudof ourinitiatvein Tennes- see and look forward to continued success.” Kathe Sis i urollant, lecturer, tana and author of the MIDAM Cena lines, Drag ‘diction aed Alcan) Seroce Mansa She oh Seeontacted at Seacea Compretensioe SeruceDecel- pment for MIDAA, 299 Keer Dive, New York, NY “tobes: pone (2i2) 8665890, er ema a Fcc, Far more information, vst the Irshcea Ue Foe Conma Aw fo Rmcoct Ts Peano ir Pomoc Vu Panes Peso,