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When the mature bucks are cruising for does, but the ladies are The Freshman
not yet receptive, they are loaded with testosterone and ready
to fight. A small-racked decoy used along with timely calling
will bring in territorial bucks to put this assertive runt in
his proper place on the totem pole.

WHEN: Pre-Rut

Use rattling antlers or calls to get
the attention of a cruising buck. The
sight of your decoy setup will bring
him in close, so you can seal the deal.
Place your buck decoy 10-15 yards
upwind of your stand, quartering
towards you for the best opportunity as If you leave a decoy at home during the pre-rut, youre missing out
the buck circles to meet his challenger
head on. on some exciting action. A dominant buck wont tolerate a challenger
Once a buck sees your decoy, stop moving in on his turf. They often come running to defend it.
calling and get ready for a shot. The
buck may approach fast and furious.
MELISSA BACHMAN, Host of Winchesters Deadly Passion
The Freshman The sight of a buck-and-doe decoy combo causes two
Estrus Betty reactions from a buck right before does become receptive.
The sight of the doe will pull on his heartstrings
and desire to mate, while the buck decoy will provoke
jealousy. Often, this is enough to get him to come into
your setup, even if he is already tending a doe.

WHEN: Pre-Rut

Use a sequence of calls, including some doe
bleats and tending grunts.
I love hunting deer with a recurve bow, and often,
For more realism, apply doe-in-estrus scent
a few steps closer can mean the difference between on the ground directly below your decoy.
success and failure. When deer are wandering around Most likely, the buck will try to chase off
the woods and following no daily pattern during the the buck decoy first and approach it head-
on. Keep this in mind when setting up a
rut, decoys can lure them into bow range. clear shot.
A buck will travel a great distance to
FRED EICHLER, Owner of Fulldraw Outfitters and
check out a decoy this time of year. Make
Host of Easton Bowhunting TV
sure he can see it from a distance.
A buck guarding a bedding doe sends the signal The Freshman
that she must be in estrus. As a mature buck is Dreamy Doe
running from mate to mate during the peak of the
rut, he will often win a bedded does company by
chasing off less-dominant bucks.

WHEN: Peak-Rut

To set up The Dreamy Doe in a bedded position,
insert the front leg pole all the way in and then
push the leg fabric up to the body and uncouple the
pole at the closest joint. Using the other leg pole,
Dreamy Does head position and body angle a stick, log or even a clump of dirt, prop the decoy
up so it cant fall.
are perfect for a bedded pose, and when she
Set up in an area with good visibility and close
is being tended to by another buck decoy, a to breeding cover such as a thicket, or the top of
intersecting ridges.
mature buck cannot pass up the opportunity to Be aggressive with scents, calls and rattling
break up the affair. antlers to get the attention of a roaming buck this
time of year.

- C.J. DAVIS, President of Montana Decoy Match the size of the buck decoy to the class of
bucks you are targeting. Use The Freshman when you
do not want to intimidate younger deer.
Not all does come in estrus at the same time, and in areas
Estrus Betty where there is a low buck-to-doe ratio, some does may not
participate during the peak-breeding phase. A doe not
tended by another buck while displaying a willingness to
breed will get the best of a bucks curiosity.

WHEN: Post-Rut


A buck will be visiting high-

quality food sources in an
effort to recover from the
taxing rut. Set up on trails
connecting bedding areas to
feeding areas.
Sell the act further by using
supplementary doe-in-heat scent Whether theres a second rut or not, a buck cant
and calls.
turn down such an easy opportunity for one more
A buck will likely approach the
rear of the decoy first. Keep rendezvous with a suggestive doe.
this in mind to set up for the
easiest shot. CJ DAVIS, President of Montana Decoy
Only certain spots are attracting deer this time of year,
The Freshman
and the herd is concentrated, sometimes as big as 10-30
Dreamy Doe
deer. It can be really tough to draw your bow when you
have that many eyes and ears around. If you put a couple
decoys out there, it gives the deer something else to key
on and also increases the confidence of deer that have
been hunted all season.

WHEN: Late Season

Set up on the corner of a hot food source where
multiple deer trails pour into it.
Experiment with calls. Use a bleat call to call in
The decoy is a great tool to hide your
both bucks and does during the late season. A grunt movements and gives hunters a chance to
call may also spur curiosity.
make some mistakes during the late season.
Be ready to shoot. The decoy will get deer out in
the field earlier, but you still have to make your TONY HANSEN, Whitetail Editor at
decision if you are going to take one of those deer or
and Producer at Antler Geeks
not because they dont hang around long this late in
the season.
Now that you know what to do, get the gear you need
to put your game plan into action.

The theater of the woods becomes much
more entertaining watching elder bucks
run to put this young deer decoy in
its place. The Freshman, with its ears WEIGHT: 35 oz. (including poles)
back and aggressive posture, is a UNFOLDED: 37 x 48
FOLDED: 20 x 13
deer decoy that invites a challenge.
Use this decoy by itself or alongside
one of Montana Decoys does to bring
territorial bucks into bow range.

Life is too short for regrets. Setting
up an Estrus Betty doe decoy within
bow range is one way to avoid kicking
yourself as that buck-of-a-lifetime WEIGHT: 33 oz. (including poles)
strolls away from your calls. Its the UNFOLDED: 43 x 53
perfect visual to accompany scents and FOLDED: 13 x 10
calls, and just when you thought the
rut couldnt get any more exciting,
the squatting pose and raised tail of
this deer decoy promises to spur close
encounters with the big boys.

DOE: WEIGHT: 30 oz. (including poles)

DOE: UNFOLDED: 37 x 40
DOE: FOLDED: 13 x 16
BUCK: WEIGHT: 32 oz. (including poles)
BUCK: FOLDED: 20 x 18

A necessity for any whitetail hunter. The Dream Team with a Whitetail Buck and Dreamy Whitetail Doe decoy
gives hunters a deer decoy system to use throughout the entire season. Use the decoys in feeding situations,
during all phases of the rut and right up until the last day to make late season food sources seem safer and
more appealing. This deer decoy combination is a must-have for decoy enthusiasts or hunters wanting to add
decoying tactics to their archery setup this fall.




WEIGHT: 18 x 16
good x good Polyester
Nylon Liner

This hunting decoy bag puts an end to all the times youve been in the woods and muttered to yourself,
Dang, I wish I had my decoy with me. It comes pre-packed with Estrus Betty an effective doe decoy
throughout all phases of the rut and conveniently stores and transports your other hunting decoys with
ease. The multiple pocket system of the decoy carrier ensures the leg poles wont rattle, and allows for
plenty of space to store your deer scent, calls and odor elimination products. Holding up to three decoys,
weve taken decoy mobility to a whole new level with the Lost Bag.
This is one seductive decoy. The Dreamy Whitetail $69.99
Doe decoy is hard for cruising, rutting bucks to
pass up. But its not just effective during the
rut. The doe decoy can be used as cover to spot-
WEIGHT: 30 oz. (including poles)
and-stalk whitetails in open terrain or around
UNFOLDED: 37 x 40
early and late season food sources to create a
distraction while you settle your pin on the buck
FOLDED: 13 x 16
of your dreams. With its lightweight, durable
design, and an extremely quick setup, this deer
decoy is a game changer for any whitetail hunter.

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