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Wiring diagram user manual


Wiring diagram user manual


General information on the wiring diagram page 2

How to read the sub-diagram page 4

How to find the correct sub-diagram page 10

Cable harnesses page 14

Abbreviations page 17

ENG12424 English
Page 2

General information on the wiring diagram

In the wiring diagram the entire diagram is divided into a In the wiring diagram there are also illustrations showing
number of sub-diagrams. Each sub-diagram contains how most of the cable harnesses are laid in the vehicle.
one or more functions. Which functions are included and What the cable harnesses are called and on which page
on which page the sub-diagram can be found can be they can be found is given in the cable harness list.
seen in the sub-diagram list. At the end of wiring diagram are also lists of all the com-
The two letters to the left of the text can be found again ponents, fuses, ground connections and connectors in
above each sub-diagram on the right-hand side. The let- the vehicle.
ter combination is used for referring between different


Wiring diagram structure

In order to minimise the number of sub-diagrams, draw-
ings of the maximum variants are found on each
sub-diagram. Therefore remember that all components
and cables are not always given for each respective

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 3(17)

New component number standard

A new component number standard complying with DIN It comprises one letter, two numbers and occasionally a
40719 Part 2 has been introduced. suffix for a variant or position.


A Control units, fuse holder, refrigerator
B Sensor, loudspeaker, camera
C Capacitors
D Time control
E Lamps, heater
F Fuses
G Battery, alternator
H Horn, reversing warning unit
K Relays
L Reactors
M Motors
N Regulators
P Display
Q Circuit breaker
R Parking heater, cigarette lighter, resistors
S Switches, contacts
T Transformers
U Modulators, voltage converter
V Diodes
W Antennae
X Connectors
Y Solenoid valves, electric fuel pump, air-bag
Z Electric filters
Page 4

How to read the sub-diagram

The following pages show examples of the commonest
symbols used in the wiring diagram and also examples
in sub-diagrams with explanatory text.

Examples of symbols in the wiring diagram




Junction point


Conductor on circuit board

Twisted cables

Twisted screened cables

Several cables screened

Coaxial, single, screened

Coaxial, double, screened

Earth connection with cable

Earth connection without cable

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 5(17)

Switch, starter switch

End switch

End switch, pressure controlled

Switch, temperature controlled

End switch, timer controlled



Headlamp module

Rear lamp module


Starter motor

Washer motor

Solenoid valve with diode

Electric magnetic coupling

Page 6

Pressure sensor

Temperature sensor

Level sensor

Starting element

Cigarette lighter





Terminal block
Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 7(17)

Sub-diagram example
Sub-diagram title, variant and symbol.

Coordinates (B 1).

30 Always voltage, kl.30.

15 Voltage when the starter key is in drive position, kl.15.
DR Voltage when the starter key is in drive position, pre-
heating position and starting position kl.DR.
61 Voltage when the alternator is charging, kl.61.

Junction point.


Reference to diagram BA, Coordinates 0 C, Component

A17, Connector PA pin 29.
Page 8

The maximum variant is drawn, remember that all cables

and components are not always found on each respective



Conduction path on circuit board.

Connector MB pin 9.

Conduction area and colour.

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 9(17)

Thin lines, cables.

Earth connection point 4, earth connection 1 and pin 2.

Earth connection to circuit board.

Earth connection without cable.

The same junction point can be drawn on several dia-

grams. The wire from the junction point to the earth point
is drawn but is only designated on one diagram. On the
other diagrams the earth point is written next to the junc-
tion point. Suffix (A) indicates which junction point it is in
the chain from the earth point.
Page 10

How to find the correct sub-diagram

The following example shows four different ways of find- ods two, three and four are not used as often but it is
ing the correct sub-diagram. The first method is the good to know what they are.
commonest and is the one most frequently used. Meth-

1 Sub-diagram
If you want to find the right place in the motor sub- The list tells you where you can find the motor sub-
diagram you look in the sub-diagram list. diagram in the wiring diagram.

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 11(17)

2 Sub-diagram component number

If you know what the component number is of a compo- For example, you can look through the cable harness il-
nent included in the sub-diagram you can look in the lustrations and find the component number there.
component list in the wiring diagram.

Page 12

3 Sub-diagram connector
If you want to find out which component is connected to There you see which sub-diagram connector MA, pin 7,
connector MA, pin 7, you look in the list of connectors. appears in.

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 13(17)

4 Sub-diagram fuse
If you want to look up fuse F42 you can do this by look-
ing through the list of fuses to see the sub-diagram in
which the fuse is included.

Page 14

Cable harnesses
At the end of the wiring diagram is a principle drawing Before the principle drawing is a list of all the wiring har-
showing all the cable harnesses and how they are con- nesses. The list gives the cable harness names and if
nected to each other with different connectors. there are illustrations of the cable harnesses, the page
numbers of the illustrations are given.

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 15(17)

How to find the correct cable harness

There are two ways of finding the correct wiring harness for a component.


The wiring harness number is written by the component

The simplest way is to look up the correct component drawn on any of the illustrations, the cable harness num-
number in the list of components. If the component is ber will come after the component. Remember that not
all variants are always illustrated.
Page 16

The second method is if you, for example, want to find illustration you see that the connector is connected to
out on which cable harness component Y25 (solenoid cable harness 1072 cable harness air suspension chas-
valve block, levelling control, air suspension) is, you can sis, see 2.
look it up on the sub-diagram containing the component. The name of the cable harness and the page number of
In the sub-diagram you look up the connector to which the illustrations of the cable harness is given in the list of
the component is connected, in this case connector cable harnesses, see 3.
BN, see 1. The component or the component connector with the
Look up connector BN in the principle illustration of ca- component number is drawn on one of the illustrations.
ble harnesses at the end of the wiring diagram. In the


How to find the cable harness for a component

Volvo Truck Corporation Date Group No. Release Page
Service Bulletin 10.02 370 125 02 17(17)

At the end of the wiring diagram are two lists explaining The first list explains the abbreviations in all sub-
the meanings of the different abbreviations that appear diagrams and in the cable harness illustrations. The
in the wiring diagram. second list explains the different cable colours.