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Miriam Zamudio

3743 Alabama St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 569-6952
Resume Profile:
A student who is seeking a working experience and will succeed in it by using her many skills
learned at school and at home.

San Diego High School of Science and Technology
Senior, Graduation Year: 2017
GPA: 3.56

Relevant High School Studies:

Honors Pre-Calculus
AP English Language
College English 47A and English 101
AP U.S. History
AP English Literature
AP Environmental Science
AP Psychology
AP Calculus

Learning Experience:
Group projects have taught me to be respectful towards other peoples opinions and to
work collaborative with others.
AP courses have built me hard working skills that push me to excel in every opportunity.
Being a former member of the San Diego High School newspaper gave me communication
skills while doing interviews and built me courage to stand up for equal opportunities for
As yearbook staff, I promoted the yearbook year long and completed a sports page which
involved me gathering information, interviewing team members, and photographing games.
Taking a college class while having AP courses taught me to focus and be organized in my

Honor Roll 2013-2016