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Safe Exam Browser

Software Requirements Specification
For Online Browser

Version <2.1.5>
Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

Revision History
Date Version Description Author
23/Jul/2015 2.1 Safe Exam Browser 2.1 for Windows danschlet
includes new features, usability, stability
and security improvements:
SEB 2.1 is the first Safe Exam
Browser version featuring a touch
optimized mode for Windows
tablet computers.
Buttons for restart exam, reload
page, change keyboard layout and
a display for the current time
improve usability in exams.
New feature which monitors
processes and hinders all non-
permitted applications to open,
become active and display
windows while SEB is running.
Individual proxy settings, URL
filters and server certificates can
be used per exam.
The SEB Config Tool has been re-
engineered and now allows
comfortable editing and testing of
SEB configuration files.
23/Nov/15 2.1.1 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.1 is fully danschlet
compatible with Windows 10, contains
improvements when running on Windows
8.1/10 tablets and general stability
SEB 2.1.1 is fully compatible with
Windows 10, there is no delay
when starting up on Windows 10
anymore and Windows updates are
paused correctly while SEB is
Improvements in the touch
optimized mode for Windows
tablet computers, as better
behavior when the on-screen
keyboard is displayed and the web
page scrolls a text field into the
visible area or when moving the
cursor in and between text fields.
A new setting allows to switch off

Confidential , 2017 Page 2

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

the on-screen keyboard manually

or automatically when a hardware
keyboard is connected.
Added a sebs:// protocol (in
addition to seb://), which forces
the use of https for loading a .seb
configuration file.
Updated browser engine to
XULRunner/Gecko (Firefox)
Fixed bug which prevented
options in the Windows Security
Screen (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) being
restored after a reset/reboot.
Fixed bug which caused SEB
being opened multiple times by
quickly double clicking more than
Fixed bug in the show keyboard
layout SEB task bar widget which
couldn't switch to other keyboard
layouts in Windows 7.
3/Maret/16 2.1.2 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for Windows danschlet
supports the native HTML5 full screen
mode, hardware acceleration in the browser
and fixes some minor problems:
Native HTML5 full screen mode
is now supported. Please note: The
SEB task bar (if enabled) is not
hidden by this full screen mode.
To be able to exit the full screen
mode, the Esc key needs to be
enabled in SEB settings.
Alternatively the full screen view
should contain a button to close it.
Hardware accelaration is now
activated in the SEB browser.
Fixed problem not recognizing a
quit URL if the quit link was not
clicked by the user but the quit
URL directly loaded on the
Fixed problem (displaying an
exception message) when
selecting a network in the SEB
Wi-Fi task bar control.

Confidential , 2017 Page 3

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

Fixed cancel button in the dialog

window for the restart exam
The option "Monitor processes
while SEB is running" in the
Applications config tool tab
cannot be altered when the kiosk
mode "Disable Explorer Shell" is
active, as process monitoring is
always active in this kiosk mode.
05/Jul/16 2.1.3 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.3 for Windows danschlet
adds support for using Windows system
proxy settings and fixes some important
issues (therefore it is highly recommended
to update as soon as possible!):
Current versions of Internet
Explorer, Edge and Windows 10
complained about an invalid
signature of the SEB 2.1.2
installer when downloading or
starting it, as Microsoft doesn't
accept insecure SHA1 code
signatures anymore. SEB 2.1.3 is
signed with a new code signing
certificate with a SHA-256
Added support for system proxy
settings (the existing option in
SEB Config Tool / Network /
Proxies is functional now).
SEB Windows service didn't start
properly on some machines, this
should be fixed now.
Fixed URL of
SEBWindowsServiceWCF to
avoid collisions with other WCF
services. This might have caused
SEB influencing some other
installed applications.
Improved stability of resetting
registry settings when SEB quits
or is started/quit again after not
being exited properly.
Fixed wrong version number in
SEB installer.
04/Apr/17 2.1.4 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.4 for Windows danschlet
contains usability and stability

Confidential , 2017 Page 4

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

improvements. Mass deployment on

managed computers is significantly
facilitated, with changes in the SEB
installer and improvements in the
management of config file encryption using
X.509 certificates. New in SEB 2.1.4:
Added all new setting options of
the current SEB version (2.1.2) for
macOS to SEB Config Tool.
Changed Restart Exam Button
title and icon to Back to Start
Button, added disclaimer about
this function not logging out a
previously logged in user.
Added Gecko/Firefox setting
onts = 1" to the SEB browser, to
allow pages to choose their own
SEB now looks for X.509 identity
certificates for decrypting an
identity-encrypted config file also
in the "Trusted People" store in the
Windows Certificate Store (in
addition to the default "Personal"
store). On managed computers this
allows to deploy the identity
certificate to the "Local
Machine/Trusted People" store
when installing SEB in an
administrator account. The
certificate will then also be
available in the "Current
User/Trusted People" stores of all
currently existing user accounts on
that machine.
The SEB installer doesn't create a
SEB shortcut on the desktop
anymore. Users can start SEB
directly from the Windows Start
Menu / Windows Start Screen (a
menu entry/tile for SEB is still
created). As before, it can make
sense to start SEB by opening a
SEB config file or by opening a
seb(s):// link from another web
browser or mail application.
The SEB installer doesn't create

Confidential , 2017 Page 5

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

%\SafeExamBrowser\ directory
anymore (when it wasn't existing).
This was the reason that Windows
Installer shortly started and
"updated" the SEB installation
when starting SEB the first time in
another user account than the one
where SEB was installed.
Fixed that some permitted
applications could not be
immediately restarted after being
Fixed a problem which caused the
Browser Exam Key to be different
when SEB was updated from an
older version than when it was
installed freshly. SEB 2.1.4 can be
updated from 2.1.1, 2.1.2 or 2.1.3.
A direct update from SEB 2.1
might fail, so uninstall SEB 2.1
first using the Windows control
panel before installing SEB 2.1.4.
Fixed a problem when switching
keyboards didn't work properly
when using specific keyboard
layouts (at least when running on
Windows 10).
Fixed issues in SEB Windows
Service, in SEB Registry Resetter
and an issue which lead to an error
message about a blocked port.
Write log file directly after starting
SEB. Logging initially starts in the
standard log directory, even if
settings define another log file
path. Added SEB version to log
04/Apr/17 2.1.5 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.5 for Windows danschlet
contains bug fixes for using specific
permitted third party applications and fixes
minor bugs and usability issues in the SEB
Config Tool:
Fixed that for some third party
applications new instances were
started when clicking the icon in
the task bar (instead switching to
the window of the already running

Confidential , 2017 Page 6

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

Fixed: Already running instances
of permitted applications were not
quit when SEB starts and were
accessible inside SEB. Also fixed
this for prohibited applications.
Fixed some config tool UI issues:
Radio buttons for Zoom Page/Text
and User Agent were sometimes
not set properly after loading a
new config file, main browser
window size wasn't disabled when
using full screen mode.
Added Gecko setting for HTTP2
to XUL seb config file prefs.js.
Currently not changing default
true to false, despite some
unconfirmed information that
HTTP2 doesnt work in Gecko <=
48. Please let us know if you have
a reproducible case where HTTP2
doesn't work with SEB 2.1.5.
Added MIME type application/seb
to the .seb file type which the
installer registers.
Fixed in Network/Filter: If editing
a filter rule (block/allow), the
Config Tool didn't save this edited
rule when using commands Save,
Save As, closing the Config Tool,
Open Settings (with button, menu
and drag-and-drop), Revert
Settings to Default/Local
Client/Last Opened, Use Current
Settings to Edit
Duplicate/Configure Client/Apply
and Start SEB.
In the following cases also added
checking for unconfirmed
passwords: Open Settings (with
button, menu and drag-and-drop),
Revert Settings to Default/Local
Client/Last Opened, Use Current
Settings to Edit
Duplicate/Configure Client/Apply
and Start SEB.

Confidential , 2017 Page 7

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
1.4 References
1.5 Overview

2. Overall Description
2.1 Scenario
2.2 Use Case Diagram

3. Specific Requirements
3.1 Functional
3.2 Non- Functional
1.1 Functional
1.2 Non-Functional
3.2 Usability
3.2.1 Sistem Operasi 12
3.3 Reliability
3.3.1 <Reliability Requirement One> 13
3.4 Performance
3.4.1 <Performance Requirement One> 13
3.5 Supportability
3.5.1 <Supportability Requirement One> 13
3.6 Design Constraints
3.6.1 <Design Constraint One> 13
3.7 Online User Documentation and Help System Requirements
3.8 Interfaces
3.8.1 User Interfaces 13
3.8.2 Hardware Interfaces 13
3.8.3 Software Interfaces 13
3.8.4 Communications Interfaces 13
3.9 Licensing Requirements
3.10 Legal, Copyright and Other Notices
3.11 Applicable Standards
Software Requirements Specification
1. Introduction
1 Purpose
SRS ini mendeskripsikan tentang Safe Exam Browser yang fungsinya untuk mengamankan proses ujian.
Safe Exam Browser sendiri merupakan browser untuk melaksanakan ujian online dengan aman. Dengan
mengubah perangkat lunak komputer menjadi sebuah workstation aman. Ia mengatur akses ke utilitas
seperti fungsi sistem, situs-situs lain dan aplikasi, dan mencegah sumber yang tidak sah yang dapat
digunakan selama ujian.

Confidential , 2017 Page 8

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

2 Scope
Use case yang digunakan dalam SRS ini ada dua, yaitu mengerjakan ujian dan mengonfigurasi Safe Exam
Browser. Di mana pre condition-nya adalah mempersiapkan ujian dan post condition-nya adalah memeriksa
hasil ujian.

3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

SEB: Safe Exam Browser

4 References

5 Overview
Dokumen SRS ini terdiri dari beberapa bagian : Overall Description (deskripsi keseluruhan), Specific
Requirement (kebutuhan spesifik), dan Supporting Information (informasi pendukung). Overall
Description akan berisi diagram kasus penggunaan,

2. Overall Description
6 Scenario
Skenario singkat dibuat tentang penggunaan aplikasi Safe Exam Browser oleh pengguna yang
merupakan seorang guru dan pelajar, seperti pada Error: Reference source not found. Skenario berfungsi
untuk menggambarkan permasalahan yang akan diselesaikan oleh aplikasi perangkat lunak Safe Exam

Tabel 2. 1 Scenario Penggunaan Aplikasi Safe Exam Browser

Ujian Online Masa Kini

Supriyanto adalah siswa kelas XII di SMA Lab UM. Hari itu, sebagaimana yang
telah direncanakan, guru komputer di sekolahnya mengadakan ujian secara online
untuk ulangan harian. Entah mengapa, ujian online hari itu rasanya ada yang
berbeda. Ketika dia membuka aplikasi ujian online, ternyata tidak ada akses untuk
keluar aplikasi. Padahal dia berencana untuk mencari jawaban dari situs-situs lain di
internet ketika ujian online berlangsung. Dia tidak mengira jika aplikasi ujian online
yang disediakan gurunya ini memiliki fitur keamaman yang tinggi untuk mencegah
siswa mencontek. Ketika ujian online selesai, Supriyanto berbincang-bincang
dengan teman-temannya. Mereka juga nampak kecewa dengan ujian online yang
telah berlangsung. Mereka menyesal karena terlalu menyepelekan ujian dan tidak
giat belajar. Rasa penasaran Supri pun muncul, kemudian ia bertanya kepada guru
komputernya perihal aplikasi apa yang digunakan. Dengan semangat, gurunya
menjelaskan mengenai software Safe Exam Browser. Salah satu keunggulannya,
sistem ini hanya dapat membuka satu tab browser dan alamat url yang diizinkan
serta tidak memungkinkan siswa untuk keluar dari aplikasi tanpa mengetahui kunci
keluar yang dapat diatur oleh guru. Akhirnya sejak saat itu, Supriyanto dan teman-
temannya mulai giat belajar ketika ujian online dilangsungkan.

Confidential , 2017 Page 9

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

7 Use Case Diagram

Error: Reference source not found merupakan diagram use case aplikasi Safe Exam Browser. Pada
diagram aktor siswa dapat melakukan pengerjaan ujian secara online mengunkana komputer yang telah
disiapkan oleh guru. Dimana komputer yang digunakan telah dikonfigurasi oleh aktor guru sehingga siswa
hanya dapat membukan browser ujian saja dan mengunci browser lain.

Gambar 2. 1 Use Case Safe Exam Browser

Error: Reference source not found menunjukan kode identifikasi dan penjelasan singkat dari setiap
use case dan Error: Reference source not found menjelaskan singkat mengenai aktor - aktor pada diagram
use case.

Tabel 2. 2 Atribut Use Case

ID Use case Nama Use Case Deskripsi

UC-01 Mengerjakan Ujian Siswa mengerjakan ujian menggunakan Safe
Exam Browser
UC-02 Mengonfigurasi Safe Exam Browser Guru mempersiapkan ujian untuk siswa
dengan mengonfigurasi Safe Exam Browser
agar siswa mengerjakan ujian dengan jujur.

Tabel 2. 3 Atribut Actor

No. Nama Aktor Deskripsi Aktor Pengguna

1 Siswa Individu yang mengerjakan ujian Siswa
2 Guru Individu yang dapat mengonfigurasi Safe Guru
Exam Browser untuk persiapan ujian online

3. Specific Requirements
8 Functional
Aplikasi SEB memiliki beberapa kebutuhaan fungsional. Kebutuhan fungsional merupakan kebutuhan
dari perspektif pengguna. Kebutuhan fungsional ini merupakan landasan dari kasus penggunaan yang telah
didefinisikan sebelumnya. Kebutuhan fungsional dari aplikasi SEB dapat dilihat pada Error: Reference source
not found.

Confidential , 2017 Page 10

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

Tabel 3. 1 Kebutuhan Fungsional

ID Statement Use Case ID Priority

F02 Guru dapat mengonfigurasi Browser untuk siswa UC-02 Must
F01 Siswa mengerjakan ujian menggunakan Browser UC-01 Must
F03 Siswa dapat keluar dari Safe Exam Browser UC-01 Optional
F04 Siswa dapat melakukan login ke dalam sistem UC-01 Optional
F05 Sistem dapat menampilkan soal ujian yang akan dikerjakan siswa UC-01
F06 Sistem dapat menampilkan konfigurasi Safe Exam Browser UC-02
F07 Guru dapat menginputkan password
F08 Sistem dapat menampilkan noifikasi password
F09 Guru dapat menginputkan alamat URL

3.2 Non- Functional

Selain kebutuhan fungsional, aplikasi SEB juga memiliki beberapa kebutuhan non-fungsional.
Kebutuhan ini merupakan kebutuhan yang dimiliki oleh sistem. Kebutuhan non-fungsional dapat dilihat dari
beberapa aspek, seperti usability, performance, availability, dll. Berikut ini tabel 3.2 memaparkan kebutuhan
non-fungsional dari aplikasi SEB.

Tabel 3.1 Kebutuhan Non-Fungsional

ID Statement Quality Use Case ID Priority

NF-01 Interface UC01 Optional
NF-02 Usability UC04 Must
NF-03 Usability UC05 Must
NF-04 Interface UC02 Optional

9 Online User Documentation and Help System Requirements

User manual:
Bantuan dan dukungan:

10 Licensing Requirements
SEB merupakan perangkat lunak freeware. Source code dari SEB menggunakan Mozilla Public License
Version 1.1.

Confidential , 2017 Page 11

Safe Exam Browser Version: 2.1.5
Software Requirements Specification Date: 04/Apr/17
<document identifier>

11 Legal, Copyright and Other Notices

Safe Exam Browser 2010-2017 ETH Zurich, Educational Development and
Technology (LET), berdasarkan ide original dari Safe Exam Browser oleh Stefan
Schneider, University of Giessen
Konsep projek: Dr. Thomas Piendl, Daniel R. Schneider, Dr. Dirk Bauer, Kai Reuter,
Tobias Halbherr, Karsten Burger, Marco Lehre, Brigitte Schmucki, Oliver Rahs.

Confidential , 2017 Page 12