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Remnant Christian Colleges-Palawan

Developmental Reading 1
Final Examination

Name: ___________________________________ Date: _________ Score: _______

I Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer before the

1. ___________________ goes beyond its usual meaning, and is not to be taken

a. Tone b. Poetic language c. Figurative language d. Mood

2. _____ is a verse form having 31 syllables arranged in 5-7-5-7-7 lines.

a. Haiku b. Cinquain c. Tanka d. Diamante

3. _________ is an exaggerated statement.

a. Simile b. Personification c. Hyperbole d. Metaphor

Love in my bosom like a bee

Doth suck his sweet;
Now with his wings he plays with me,
Now with his feet.
Within mine eyes, he makes his nest,
His bed amidst my tender breast;
My kisses are his daily feast,
And yet he robs me off my rest.
Ah, wanton, will ye?

4. In the poem above, the speaker compares love to a ___.

a. bosom b. bee c. wing d. kiss

5. The following are turn-about signals in reading, EXCEPT;

a. although b. moreover c. yet d. inspite of

6. ________ is a seven-line, diamond-shaped poem.

a. Diamante b. Tanka c. Cinquain d. Haiku

Beauty is but a flower

Which wrinkles will devour;
Brightness falls from the air,
Queens have dies young and
Dust hath closed Helens eye.
I am sick, I must die.
Lord, have mercy on us!
7. A flower line 1 is used as a vehicle to describe ______.
a. brightness b. queens c. beauty d. Helen

8. A flower in line 1 relates to;

a. time b. love c. personality d. appearance

9. Dixie knows the story through its whos, whats, wheres, whens, whys, and hows. She is
being _______.
a. evaluative b. literal c. interpretive d. applied

10. ________ is an implicit comparison between two unlike things.

a. Simile b. Personification c. Metaphor d. Hyperbole

11. She is the sky when the sky is grey. is an example of _______.
a. Hyperbole b. Metaphor c. Simile d. Personification

12. _________________ is also known as part-to-whole model.

a. Interactive Model b. Top-Down Approach c. Bottom-Up Approach

13. _____ is an unrhymed verse with three lines having 5-7-5 syllables.
a. Haiku b. Tanka c. Cinquain d. Diamante
14. _______________ is a figure of speech in which an object or idea is given human
a. Metaphor b. Simile c. Hyperbole d. Personification

15. Headache is considered as one of the ________ obstacles to reading.

a. physical b. psychological c. environmental d. socio-economic

16. This kind of reader takes in meaning word for word.

a. average reader b. excellent reader c. poor reader d. good reader

17. ________ is a poetic unrhymed form consisting of five lines with three formats.
a. Cinquain b. Diamante c. Haiku d. Tanka

18. The high cost of education requires a curb on spending. The underlined word means
a. struggle b. luxury c. restraint d. wastefulness

19. Low economic status of families is a/an _______________ obstacle that affects
childrens reading.
a. physical b. psychological c. environmental d. socio-economic

20. In this level, reading goes beyond the direct and explicit statement; also called
interpretive reading.
a. creative b. developmental c. literal d. inferential

21. ______ is an explicit comparison between two different things.

a. Simile b. Metaphor c. Personification d. Hyperbole

22. _________ entails reading between the lines or looking for information that is not
stated in the text.
a. Sensing cause and effect c. Predicting outcomes
b. Recognizing fact and opinion d. Inferring

23. This refers to the swinging of the eye from the end line to the beginning of the next line.
a. span of recognition b. fixation c. saccades d. return sweeps

24. ______________ are stories told in prose. Like short stories, it has also plot,
characters, and setting.
a. Narrative poems b. Lyric poems c. Dramatic poems d. Haikus

25. _____________ is defined as the angle from which the story is told.
a. Theme b. Point of view c. Character d. Conflict

Test II - Identification

A. Convert the following words into nouns using the appropriate suffix.

26. imagine _______________ 29. utilizing _______________

27. perceive _______________ 30. creative _______________
28. reform _______________

B. Write the stem of each of the word below.

31. reinforcement _______________ 35. respondents ________________
32. disability _______________ 36. rhythmical ________________
33. secrecy _______________ 37. quicken ________________
34. plantation _______________ 38. impression ________________
39. suffering ________________ 40. hesitation ________________

Test III Matching Type. Identify the figures of speech present in the following lines. Write
your answer before the number.
41. These walls know the sound of your voice a. metaphor
42. Earth is a marble/In the sandbox in the park/ b. simile
Of the universe/ c. personification
43. Clouds never look on/Grand in pictures, as d. hyperbole
From airplane windows/
44. The night wind revolves in the sky and sings
45. My date last night was the most beautiful girl
in the universe

Test IV. Write (1) simile, (1) metaphor, (1) personification, (1) hyperbole, and (1) haiku.