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Postal Study Course 2017

Electrical Engineering

MADE EASY (Printed Material Xerox)

Theory with Solved Examples Objective Practice Sets

1. Network Theory (Electrical 1. Network Theory (Electrical
Circuits) Circuits)
2. Control Systems 2. Control Systems
3. Electrical Machines 3. Electrical Machines
4. Power System 4. Power System
5. Power Electronics 5. Power Electronics
6. Measurements and 6. Measurements and
Instrumentation Instrumentation
7. Analog Electronics 7. Analog Electronics
8. Digital Electronics 8. Digital Electronics
9. Electromagnetic Theory 9. Electromagnetic Theory
10.Communication System 10.Communication System
11.Electrical Materials 11.Electrical Materials
12.Signal System 12.Signal System
13.Engineering Mathematics for GATE

Total Books: 25

No. of Set: 1 (Hard Copy Printed Material)

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