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Mayank Sachdeva


The WITS OPC Server from provides open data connectivity to well site data systems
using WITS compliant devices including EDR, LWD, MWD and other integrated systems, to
monitor and control well sites information at drilling sites and share this data with any OPC-
enabled applications such as Historians, HMIs, and SCADA, etc. securely and reliably. This
OPC Server supports WITS Level 0 for sharing of information.



The OPC Server for WITS supports the following features:

Supports Level 0 compliant active and passive devices of the WITS protocol
Connects to multiple devices simultaneously
Supports communications through TCP/IP, UDP and/or serial channels
Fully compliant with OPC DA 1.0, 2.0a and 3.0 specification
Permits read and write access to available data points
Supports tag browsing
Communication diagnostics

OPC Specifications

OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 1.0a

OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.0
OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.05a
OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 3.0

System Requirements:

PC Hardware
The following PC Hardware is required:
Intel Pentium 4 Processor
512 MB RAM
Minimum 32 MB of available hard disk space
CD-ROM driver
Super VGA (800 600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors
Mouse pointing device
PC Software
The following Windows Operating Systems will support this OPC Server:
Windows XP
Windows 2003

Toll Free 1-877-
Edmonton, Alberta, MATRIKON
Canada (1-877-628-7456)

2. Software Toolbox
Top server v6

32-Bit Windows (x86) Based Systems
Windows 7 x86 (Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise Edition)
Windows 8 x86 (Windows 8, Pro, and Enterprise Edition)
Windows 8.1 x86 (Windows 8, Pro, and Enterprise Edition)
Windows 10 x86 (Pro and Enterprise Edition)

64-Bit Windows (x64) Based Systems

Windows Server 2008 x64 R2

Windows Server 2012 x64 R2
Windows Server 2012 x64
Windows Server 2016
Windows 7 x64 (Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise Edition)
Windows 8 x64 (Windows 8, Pro, and Enterprise Edition)
Windows 8.1 x64 (Windows 8, Pro, and Enterprise Edition)
Windows 10 x64 (Pro and Enterprise Edition)

Notes for 64-Bit Systems:

TOP Server Version 4.x requires a Hardware (USB) Key

TOP Server Version 5/6 supports a software or a hardware (USB) Key
When installed on a 64-bit OS, the TOP Server will run in a subsystem of Windows called
WOW64. WOW64 is included on all 64-bit version of Windows and is designed to make
differences between the operating systems transparent to the user


2.0 Ghz CPU/Processor - Single Core (defer to the recommendation for the OS)
1 Gb Installed Memory/RAM (defer to the recommendation for the OS)
180 Mb Available Disk Space for Install
Ethernet card supported by Windows

Visual Basic 6 - via OPC DA

Visual C++ - via OPC DA

Visual Studio.NET - VB, C# - via OPC DA

DDE Server - CF_Text or AdvancedDDE

DDE Client - CF_Text


Sales, Ordering, pre-sales technical support: 1-888-665-3678 Toll free or 1-704-849-2773


The Wellsite Aggregator is a device which collects different streams of data and merge them
in a unique flow to different Hubs. The input can be binary or ascii file on the disk or a
standard or custom database. The Wellsite Aggregator preserves the data received and is able
to protect it from any internet outages or data loss during transmission to the Hubs. The
system is equipped with alarms and monitors for input and output outages and faults.


1. Polaris Guidance Systems, LLC

Features include:

Plug-and-play embedded system for easy deployment

Comprehensive routing of data from multiple input and output ports including:

Input filtering

Output Filtering

WITS ID substitutions

Filter group definitions

Push data up to 4 WITSML servers simultaneously

Local or remote configuration via WEB browser interface

Configuration management via centralized configuration server

Import official surveys using the WEB browser import tool

Extensive diagnostics for troubleshooting

Optional WITSML store for on-site data storage

Custom hardware solutions available


Polaris Guidance Systems, LLC 21617 Rhodes Road Spring Texas 77388

Phone: 281.528.6173

2. XML Power

Features include:

Locally configured and managed

Easy to use WEB browser interface.

Plug-and-play embedded system

WITSML push up to 4 servers simultaneously

Op onal WITSML storage built-in

Import ocial surveys for WITSML push

Convert WITS, Binary, databases streamed data in WITSML 1.2/1.3


XML Power Via Aurelio Saffi, 29- 20123 Milan Italy PHONE: +39 347 961 9943 FAX: +39 02 45 49 02
16 E-mail us: