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Design Elements TM

byUltimate Symbol

1994-8 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

The contents of the Design ElementsTM that the user understands and agrees
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and are copyrighted. Some portions of
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1994-8 Ultimate Symbol Inc.
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tially in accordance with the accompa- quential damages, arising out of the
nying written materials, when used with use, inability to use, or abuse of this
the recommended system configuration: product, even if advised of the possibili-
and ty of such damages, or for any claim
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Software is recorded are not defective
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This warranty is for a period of 90 days including but not limited to implied
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time any disks which become defective Symbol does not warrant that the
under normal use will be replaced functions contained in this Software will
at no charge. The product registration meet your requirements or that the
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to Ultimate Symbol in order to provide terrupted or error free.
proof of original purchase.
Some states do not allow limitations of
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Ultimate Symbol Software Product.
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Symbols entire liability under this
limited warranty and otherwise with
respect to the Software, is limited to
1997 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

return of the Software and accompany-

ing materials to the dealer or to Ultimate
Symbol for replacement or refund, at
Ultimate Symbols option.

The skill, dedication and sheer Special Thanks
stamina of the following individuals Michael Bailey
enabled Ultimate Symbol Jennifer Clark
to produce Design Elements: Gary Cosimini
Steff Geissbuhler
Development / Production Caryn Leland
Mies Hora, Project Leader, Art Director Steve Pares
Sabrina Joy, Project Coordinator John Yurtchuk
Richard Hora, Project Consultant, Woobie, Feline Consultant

Jane Jao, Production Assistant, The Design Elements Catalog and all
Designer of the images in it were designed and
Paul Levy, Technical Specialist produced in Adobe Illustrator
Roderick Cruz 3.2 and 5.0 using Adobe Garamond,
Richard Day Univers Regular, Bold and Black, on a
Suzette DeNobriga-LeSage Macintosh Quadra 650 and 610.
Nicolle Marsilio The Illustrator pages were subsequently
Alex Singleton converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF
Paul Tu (Portable Document File) format.
Dorene Warner
Tai Lam Wong

lllustration / Design
Michael Wong, Chief Illustrator
Elizabeth Bakacs
Karl Llewellyn
Richard Manville
Craig Meachen
Joanna Zlowodzka
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Table of Contents

1 2
8 Welcome 16 Stars Suns 29 Flourishes Accents
Moons Zodiac Typographic Devices
10 Forward
17 Stars 30 Dashes / Whiskers /
11 Getting Started - 5 point Compound Rules
Product Contents 18 - 3 & 4 point 35 Brackets / Braces /
12 Locating Image Files - 6 point Parentheses
Opening EPS Files 19 - 7 & 8 point 38 Spencerian / Flourishes /
13 About Acrobat Reader - Multi-point Accents
14 About EPS Files 20 Suns
15 About WMF Files - Drawn
21 - Rise (Contents continued
- General on next page)
23 - Faces
24 Moons
- Phases
- Phase Symbols
25 - General
- Symbols
26 - Aspects & Nodes
- Positions
- Time
27 Astrology
Zodiac Symbols
- Northern Signs
28 - Southern Signs
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Table of Contents (continued)

3 4 5
45 Borders 61 Motifs Shapes 80 Printers Ornaments
Rules Designs Devices Dingbats Designs

46 Varied Weight 62 Postage Motifs 81 Radial

- Scotch - Stamps Early American
47 Geometric - Cancellations - Pennsylvania Dutch
- Rectangles 63 Tags / Hang Tags 82 - Quilt
48 - Circles Labels 83 - Square
49 - Triangles 67 Seals 84 Square
- Diamonds 68 Blurbs 85 General
50 Ornate 69 Bursts 86 Printer / Book
53 - Art Nouveau Banners - Florals / Fleurons
54 - Classical 72 Hanging Signs 89 - General
- Pre-Columbian TV Screens 90 - Hearts
55 - Geometric Bell Shapes - Leaves
57 Floral 73 Light Bulbs - Acorns
59 Pictorial 74 Check Marks 91 Fleur de Lis
Chevrons Musical
75 Ribbons / Bows /
Gifts (Contents continued
76 Game Symbols on next page)
- Playing Card Suits
- Dominoes
- Chess Pieces
77 Filmstrips
79 Container Imprints
- Carton
Recycling Symbols 1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Table of Contents (continued)

6 7 8
92 Arrows 106 Circular 118 Shapes Designs
Pointers Designs Geometrics

93 Arrows 107 Snowflakes 119 Crosses

- International 108 Concentric Circles / 120 Hearts
94 - General Targets 121 Droplets / Teardrops
96 (wedge) 109 Spirals Eggs
97 - Multi-directional 110 Whirls Pear Shapes
- Curved Pinwheels - General
99 - Tail 112 Rotors 122 Cartouches / Tablets
100 - Head 113 Designs 125 General
(ancient) - Optical 126 Geometrics
Pointers - General - Circles
- Ancient 114 Globes - Triangles
101 - Clock Hands Gears 127 - Pentagons / Crystals /
102 - Hands 115 Radials Diamonds
(woodcut) 116 Asterisks - Diamond Cuts
103 (general) 117 Compass Faces 128 - Quadrilaterals / Squares
104 - Weather Vanes - Hexagons
105 - Animals - Polygons
- Lightning - General
- General 129 - Arches / Parabolas
- Ovals
- Ellipses
- Elliptical Shapes
130 Shields / Badges
132 Tombstones / Headstones
Puzzle Pieces
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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What are you going to do Our goal was to edit and name the
with all of those files?, materials, carefully organize them into
I asked, staring at a bank self-evident categories and, in effect,
of black metal file cabi- create a dictionary of visual forms.
nets. It was late 1979 and The task seemed daunting and it was.
my father Richard, the There were thousands of individual
consummate visual artist, pieces of original artwork stats,
was preparing to retire after a successful acetates, tracings, sketches, ink render-
40-year-long career in the graphic arts. ings, rapidograph noodlings, in
Package design, calligraphy, industrial addition to his extensive collection of
design, architectural and product old books, photographs, 19th-Century
design he had done it all, and master- linecuts, engravings, German type
fully. Throughout the years he had specimens, and more. We decided to
meticulously filed his design work in expand many categories with brand
those cabinets. new material as well.

Innumerable variations of a particular A comp was produced and a publisher

design or theme were researched and was found. By 1981, Volumes 1
developed for each project to satisfy and 2, the first two of four hardcover
both his clients and his own compulsive volumes were published, entitled
curiosity about visual forms and their Design Elements - A Visual Reference.
relationships. The cumulative One decade and fifteen-thousand
result was bewildering in volume and volume sales later, the digital world of
stunning in scope. CD-Roms beckoned. What better
way to reproduce and transmit our
It would have been a shame not to expanding visual reference than on a
make available such an exquisite and tiny, shiny disk?
uniquely varied collection of visual
ephemera, so I convinced him to pub- Once again, father and son lay every
lish it somehow and share the wealth. last design element out on the floor, to
reconfigure the collection for use on
a computer, with all of the new capabili-
ties that it affords. We re-edited the
categories and added new ones to the
collection in order to reflect yet another
ten years of collection and creation,
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

before painstakingly redrawing all of

the elements in Adobe Illustrator.

(continued on next page)

Welcome (continued )
I was looking for the ideal screen
interface. One that would be intuitive
and fun to use. Fortunately, Adobe
Systems dropped in deux ex machina
with their powerful Acrobat document
software, which perfectly suited our
product. At last, one can easily navigate
the whole collection of thousands of
images in minutes, locating any
single category or specific symbol in
seconds. Now thats progress.

The visual arts and the design business

truly have been changed forever by
computers. In the process of design, a
computer is only a tool, but it is a
most efficient one. Design Elements by
Ultimate Symbol is a testament to
that fact. I hope that you use this labor
of love well and in good taste. May
it inform and inspire you, and save you
precious time. For this designer, good
design has always been good business.
Even more importantly, good design
is a source of great fun. Enjoy.

Mies Hora
President & Founder
Ultimate Symbol Inc.

1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Visual symbols are among the oldest A writer controls the content and
permanent means of communication, elegance of his prose. Nevertheless, he
dating back some 30,000 years to is still at the mercy of his vocabulary.
the caves of Lascaux and Altamira. Our
ancestors included the shapes of He can play with ideas, juggle ideas or
arrows, hands, and geometric forms in parody ideas. He can sculpt paragraphs
their representations of bulls, horses and say anything he feels like saying.
and mammoths. Clearly those images But he can do none of this without
fulfill some archetypal human need. words. They are his raw material, the
Despite the distances we have travelled source of his inspiration, the tools of
from those caves, we find that these his trade.
same forms remain a compelling
means for transmitting information. A designer is not unlike a writer. His
They are, today as then, an indispensa- words are the graphic elements,
ble part of our visual language. In symbols and signs which make up our
recent years, we have seen this tradi- common visual vocabulary.
tion enriched by the signs of modern
life television screens, filmstrips, Design Elements by Ultimate Symbol,
scientific nomenclature, etc. is an invaluable graphic reference work.
It builds upon the sturdy foundation
The availability of a resource in which of the original four hard-cover books
the very best of these images have and expands the designers vocabulary
been selected and exquisitely rendered to include an even more vast array of
for the purposes of reproduction is a dingbats, designs, symbols, icons and
great service to all of us, but it is most calligraphic devices.
important to designers. The painstaking
care with which Richard Hora and This extraordinary product provides
Mies Hora have undertaken this task is the designer with a much-needed
reflected in this collection, which dictionary of images, a comprehensive
represents an enormous research effort resource for fine, reproduction quality
as well as the exercise of astute judge- ornaments and figures. Its immense
ment, taste and skill. Here is a very high practical value is matched only by its
level of visual quality and design utility. fine craftsmanship.
The thoughtfulness and comprehensive
nature of their work makes this product Lou Dorfsman
invaluable for the concerned designer. Former Vice President
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

& Creative Director

David C. Levy, Ph.D. Advertising & Design
President, The Corcoran Gallery CBS Inc.
Former Executive Dean
Parsons School of Design

Getting Started
Welcome to Design Elements PRODUCT CONTENTS
This 8-volume collection of 3,064 high- MAC/PC Hybrid CD-ROM
quality EPS files was created by design
professionals for design professionals. 1. EPS/WMF Files
Design Elements is part of The Ultimate > Mac: EPS 6.0 and EPS 3.0 formats.
Symbol Collection, a suite of products > PC: EPS 3.0 and WMF formats.
that provides instant access to a wide
variety of inspirational, high-quality, and 2. End User License Agreement
time-saving designs and icons, in fully By using the images on this CD-ROM,
editable PostScript format. you agree to the terms and conditions of
this agreement (also located on Page 2
This section contains the following of this manual).
3. Adobe Acrobat Reader
> Product Contents An intuitive screen interface and image
> Locating Image Files browser. Install to view the PDF docu-
> Opening EPS Files ments listed below.
> About Acrobat Reader
> About EPS Files 4. DE Catalog.pdf
> About WMF Files On-screen display of the Design
Elements Catalog may be viewed in
Acrobat Reader.

5. Ultimate Symbol.pdf
An overview of The Ultimate Symbol
Collection, a library of more than
20,000 images. Use to view and access
the Free Sample Files.

6. FREE Sample Files

FREE sample files from the other products
in The Ultimate Symbol Collection.
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Getting Started (continued)
Once you have found the image you want From the FILE menu go to PLACE. Select
in the Design Elements Catalog, take the image you wish to import into Page-
note of the number at the base of the Maker. The PS (Post Script) symbol will
image. appear on the screen. Click the mouse to
place the image on the screen.
From the FILE menu go to IMPORT. From
01 A 07 the LIST FILES OF TYPE pop-up select
Volume 01 Catalog Page A File 07 NOT use the ALL FILES or COREL TRACE
option as the files may be incomplete
To find the EPS image, select your CD- when imported.
ROM drive and locate the EPS or WMF
Files folder. Then locate the folder entitled Macromedia Freehand
Volume 01, Sub-folder 01A, File Number >Freehand 4.0 and greater: Illustrator 3
01A07. files can be opened and edited.
> Freehand 3.x: To open and edit Illus-
trator 3 files you will require the "EPS
QUICK TIPS FOR OPENING EPS FILES Exchange" utility from Altsys Corpora-
Adobe Illustrator tion. To obtain a copy of this utility,
From the FILE menu go to OPEN to please contact Altsys at 800-477-2131.
import the EPS images into your pro- It is also available from major mail-order
gram. If you PLACE the images you catalog retailers, such as MacWare-
will not be able to ungroup or manipulate house at 800-255-6227.
the files. Select the CD drive and the file >Freehand 2.x (or earlier versions): Illus-
you wish to import. Double-click the file trator 3 files are not compatible. The
to bring it into your program. best option is to upgrade to Freehand
4.0 or greater.
Shortcut for Illustrator Users:
Open EPS Files Instantly Using the Quark Xpress
On-screen Catalog! Xpress users will need to create a
> Open DE Catalog.pdf in Adobe graphic box to import the EPS file into.
Acrobat Reader. See Page 13 for After you have created the graphic box
instructions on installing and browsing click on the Content Tool, and select
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

in Acrobat Reader. Get Picture from the FILE menu.

> Click once on the image or file number
of your choice. The image will automat-
ically open in Illustrator (Mac: Illustrator
6.0 or greater; PC/Windows: Illustrator
3.0 or greater).
Getting Started (continued)
With the Acrobat Reader, you can view- Browse through the PDF documents
and navigate any Portable Document a page at a time using the page forward
Format (PDF) file, including our screen and back buttons at the top of tool bar:
catalog DE Catalog.pdf (Mac);
DE_Cat.pdf (PC) and Ultimate Sym- Previous Page
bol.pdf (Mac); Ultimate.pdf (PC)
Next Page
Important: It is not necessary to load
Acrobat Reader or our screen catalog 2. Key Word
DE Catalog.pdf to begin using the Search by key word, selecting the walking
EPS/WMF files. However, the screen cat- fingers button from the tool bar:
alog will assist you in conveniently
viewing and selecting the image files. Find

The DE Catalog.pdf is linked to the Enter a single word or part of a word in

EPS Files. Click once on the image or the Find What text box, and click
file number of your choice. The image Find. To find the next occurrence of the
will automatically open in Illustrator word, press Command - G.
(Mac: Illustrator 6.0 or greater; PC/Win-
dows: Illustrator 3.0 or greater). 3. Thumbnails
Click on the Thumbnail Icon from the
Installing Acrobat Reader toolbar to display a set of thumbnail
For detailed installation instructions pages:
see the ReadMe file located in the
Acrobat Reader folder on the CD-ROM Thumbnails and Page
(Mac) or readme.txt located in the
Acrobat subdirectory (PC/Windows). You may select a page to jump to by
clicking on a thumbnail page, or
Acrobat Reader Features even select a view or specific area of a
Once Acrobat Reader is loaded, browse thumbnail page.
the PDF files using the following handy
Acrobat features: 4. Bookmarks
Click on the Bookmark Icon from the
toolbar to display bookmarks, which serve
as an alphabetized index of categories of
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.


Bookmarks and Page

Click on the listing you would like to see.

Getting Started (continued)
5. Link Categories Acrobat Reader Help
When you see one or more of the icons Please see the Acrobat Reader 3.0 Online
(below) featured in the lower left corner Guide, which can be found in the file
of a catalog page, that page contains Reader.pdf in the Help folder (located in
design elements from that image catego- the same folder as the Acrobat
ry and is also linked to other pages Reader). When using Acrobat Reader,
with images from that same category. selecting the Help > Reader Online
Guide menu will open Reader.pdf
automatically. (Note: On the Macintosh
Anatomy / Human platform, the Help menu is the second
menu from the right on the top menu bar
and is indicated by a ?-mark icon.)
For the latest information on Acrobat go
online to:
Floral Design Elements are EPS outlines, and
will print at the very highest resolution
on any PostScript equipped printer.
Modern These images were created in Adobe
Illustrator as EPS and saved as grouped,
1-bit, Adobe Illustrator 6.0 and 3.0 files
Nature / Environmental (Macintosh), and Adobe Illustrator 3.0
EPS and WMF files (PC/ Windows).

Religion / Occult EPS Files can be placed directly into any

page layout application like Quark
Xpress or PageMaker. You can custom-
Rough / Woodcut ize the images easily by opening or
importing them into draw programs
such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia
Square Freehand, CorelDraw!, etc. See Page 12
for Quick Tips on opening and placing
EPS files.
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Begin viewing a Link Category now by

clicking on the icon above for the For detailed instructions on how to
category of your choice. To go to the manipulate vector images, consult the
next page containing images in a partic- manual of your draw program.
ular category, click on the icon again.
(continued on next page)
Getting Started (continued)
Printing Complex Files To decompose the image, select the
Macintosh: If you are having difficulty image, go to Arrange menu, and select
printing a complex 6.0 file with many Ungroup. You are now ready to pull
points, try instead using the 3.0 version it apart.
provided. Many EPS 3.0 files have split
paths to facilitate printing on printers
that are old or that have insufficient ABOUT WMF FILES
memory to handle large, complex files WMF files (Windows Metafile) are also
with many points. vector outlines with nodes or points.
The format was designed by Microsoft
Transparency & Compound Paths Corporation to maintain image file
Macintosh: When possible, 6.0 images compatibility across a broad range of
were saved as compound paths, which Windows applications.
allows for transparency or the ability
to see through blank areas of the image. Previewing Problems
EPS and WMF files behave differently in
If a grouped image will not come apart, various PC/Windows applications. If
it may be because the file is a compound EPS files don't preview properly and are
path. To release a compound path in difficult to work with in your application
Illustrator, select the image, pull down the of choice, we suggest you try using the
Object menu, select Compound WMF files, as they consistently preview
Paths, then select Release. Be aware more accurately in most applications.
that when releasing a compound path,
some apparently empty or transparent Printing Problems
objects/spaces may become solid black If however, you are having trouble
or white. Freehand users: see composite printing the WMF files (broken, banded
path in your software manual. or incomplete images), we suggest you
stick with the generally more sophis-
Images Composed of Separate Shapes ticated EPS files for your final printing
If an image appears in the Design and imagesetting.
Elements Catalog with an asterisk * in
the lower right-hand corner, it is Note: We have extensively tested all
composed of separate, overlapping of the EPS and WMF files in Design
shapes which may be pulled apart. Elements, using many different
applications, but we cannot guarantee
e.g.: that they will function flawlessly in all
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

versions of every Windows application

or in every variation of system

Stars Suns
Moons Zodiac
17 Stars
- 5 point
18 - 3 & 4 point
- 6 point
19 - 7 & 8 point
- Multi-point
20 Suns
- Drawn
21 - Rise
- General
23 - Faces
24 Moons
- Phases
25 - General
- Symbols
26 - Aspects & Nodes
- Positions
- Time
27 Astrology
Zodiac Symbols
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

- Northern Signs
28 - Southern Signs

To display page, click once on page number. 16

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac A
- 5 point

01A01 01A02 01A03 01A04 01A05 01A06

01A07 01A08
* 01A09 01A10 01A11 01A12

01A13 01A14 01A15 01A16 01A17 01A18

01A19 01A20 01A21 01A22 01A23 01A24

01A25 01A26 01A27 01A28 01A29 01A30

01A31 01A32 01A33 01A34 01A35 01A36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes 17

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac B
- 5 point

01B01 01B02 01B03 01B04 01B05 01B06

01B07 01B08 01B09 01B10 01B11

- 3 & 4 point

01B12 01B13 01B14 01B15 01B16 01B17

01B18 01B19 01B20 01B21 01B22

- 6 point

01B23 01B24 01B25 01B26 01B27 01B28

Star of David

01B29 01B30 01B31 01B32 01B33 01B34

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

01B35 01B36

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac C
- 7 & 8 point

01C01 01C02 01C03 01C04 01C05 01C06

Mystic Star

01C07 01C08 01C09 01C10 01C11 01C12

Star of Regeneration Octagram of Creation

01C13 01C14 01C15 01C16 01C17 01C18


- Multi-point

01C20 01C21 01C22 01C23 01C24 01C25

10 point 12 point 12 point 12 point 12 point
Ten Disciples of Jesus The Twelve Tribes of Israel

01C26 01C27 01C28 01C29 01C30 01C31

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

01C32 01C33 01C34 01C35

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac D
- Drawn

01D01 01D02 01D03 01D04 01D05 01D06

01D07 01D08 01D09 01D10 01D11 01D12

01D13 01D14 01D15 01D16 01D17 01D18

01D19 01D20 01D21 01D22 01D23 01D24

01D25 01D26 01D27 01D28 01D29 01D30

01D31 01D32 01D33 01D34 01D35 01D36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac E
- Drawn

01E01 01E02 01E03 01E04 01E05 01E06

01E07 01E08 01E09 01E10 01E11 01E12

- Rise

01E13 01E14 01E15 01E16 01E17 01E18

01E19 01E20

- General

01E21 01E22 01E23 01E24 01E25 01E26

01E27 01E28 01E29 01E30 01E31 01E32

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

01E33 01E34 01E35 01E36

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac F
- General

01F01 01F02 01F03 01F04 01F05 01F06

01F07 01F08 01F09 01F10 01F11 01F12


01F13 01F14 01F15 01F16 01F17 01F18

01F19 01F20 01F21 01F22 01F23 01F24


01F25 01F26 01F27 01F28 01F29 01F30


01F31 01F32 01F33 01F34

Sigil of the Sun

Note: For efficient viewing some images on this page are greyscale representations of the actual EPS files. 22
Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac G
- General

01G01 01G02 01G03 01G04 01G05

01G07 01G08 01G09 01G10 01G11 01G12

01G13 01G14 01G15 01G16 01G17 01G18

01G19 01G20 01G21 01G22 01G23 01G24

- Faces

01G25 01G26 01G27 01G28 01G29 01G30

Venetian German

01G31 01G32 01G33 01G34 01G35 01G36

German German
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac H
- Phases

01H01 01H02 01H03 01H04 01H05 01H06

New Moon Waxing Cresent Moon

01H07 01H08 01H09 01H10 01H11 01H12

Half Moon, First Quarter Waxing Gibbous Moon

01H13 01H14 01H15 01H16 01H17 01H18

Full Moon

01H19 01H20 01H21 01H22 01H23 01H24

Waning Gibbous Moon Half Moon, Last Quarter

01H25 01H26 01H27 01H28 01H29

Waning Crescent Moon

01H30 01H31

- Phase
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.


01H32 01H33 01H34 01H35

Last Quarter New First Quarter Full

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac I
- General

01I01 01I02 01I03 01I04 01I05 01I06

01I07 01I08 01I09 01I10 01I11 01I12

01I13 01I14 01I15 01I16 01I17 01I18


01I19 01I20 01I21 01I22

- Symbols

01I25 01I26 01I27 01I28 01I29 01I30

Sun New Moon 1st Quarter Last Quarter Full Moon Earth
Sunday Monday Moon Moon Global Cluster

01I31 01I32 01I33 01I34 01I35 01I36

Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Uranus
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Initial of Discoverer
Shield and Spear Caduceus Bolt of Lightning Looking Glass Sickle of Time Sir F. W. Herschel
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

01I37 01I38 01I39 01I40

Pluto Neptune Earth Uranus
Monogram PL Trident Globe & Cross

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac J
- Symbols

01J01 01J02 01J03 01J04 01J05 01J06

Sun New Moon 1st Quarter Last Quarter Full Moon Fixed Star
Moon Moon

01J07 01J08 01J09 01J10

Star Comet Comet Falling Star

01J11 01J12 01J13

Galactic Cluster Planetary Nebula Galaxy

- Aspects &

01J14 01J15 01J16 01J17 01J18 01J19

Conjunction Ascending Node Descending Node Opposition Quadrature-Half Quadrature
The Dragon's Head The Dragon's Tail
- Positions

01J20 01J21 01J22 01J23 01J24 01J25

Quadrature- Quintile Quincunx Sextile Sextile-Half Trine
One and a Half

01J26 01J27 01J28 01J29 01J30 01J31

Sun's Sun's Sun's Moon's Moon's Station Mark
Center Upper Limb Lower Limb Upper Limb Lower Limb
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

- Time

01J32 01J33 01J34 01J35 01J36 01J37

Hour Day Week Month Year Day & Night

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac K


Zodiac Symbols
- Northern Signs

01K02 01K03 01K04 01K05 01K06 01K07

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
March 21 April 20 May 21 June 21 July 23 August 23
Vernal Equinox Summer Solstice

01K08 01K09 01K10 01K11 01K12 01K13

Ram Bull Twins Crab Lion Virgin

01K14 01K15 01K16 01K17 01K18 01K19

Ram Bull Twins Crab Lion Virgin

01K20 01K21 01K22 01K23 01K24 01K25

Ram Bull Twins Crab Lion Virgin

01K26 01K27 01K28 01K29 01K30 01K31

Ram Bull Twins Crab Lion Virgin
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.1 Stars Suns Moons Zodiac L
Zodiac Symbols
- Southern Signs

01L01 01L02 01L03 01L04 01L05 01L06

Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
September 23 October 23 November 20 December 21 January 20 February 18
Autumnal Equinox Winter Solstice

01L07 01L08 01L09 01L10 01L11 01L12

Balance Scorpion Archer Goat Water Bearer Fishes

01L13 01L14 01L15 01L16 01L17 01L18

Balance Scorpion Archer Goat Water Bearer Fishes

01L19 01L20 01L21 01L22 01L23 01L24

Balance Scorpion Archer Goat Water Bearer Fishes

01L25 01L26 01L27 01L28 01L29 01L30

Balance Scorpion Archer Goat Water Bearer Fishes

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

30 Dashes / Whiskers / Compound Rules
35 Brackets / Braces / Parentheses
38 Spencerian / Flourishes / Accents

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Vol.2 Flourishes Accents A
Typographic Devices
Compound Rules
02A01 02A13

02A02 02A14

02A03 02A15

02A04 02A16

02A05 02A17

02A06 02A18

02A07 02A19

02A08 02A20

02A09 02A21

02A10 02A22
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

02A11 02A23

02A12 02A24

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents B
Typographic Devices
Compound Rules
continued 02B01 02B13

02B02 02B14

02B03 02B15

02B04 02B16

02B05 02B17

02B06 02B18

02B07 02B19

02B08 02B20

02B09 02B21

02B10 02B22
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

02B11 02B23

02B12 02B24

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents C
Typographic Devices
Compound Rules
continued 02C01 02C11 02C21

02C02 02C12 02C22

02C03 02C13 02C23

02C04 02C14 02C24

02C05 02C15 02C25

02C06 02C16 02C26

02C07 02C17 02C27

02C08 02C18 02C28

02C09 02C19 02C29

02C10 02C20 02C30

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents D
Typographic Devices
Compound Rules

02D01 02D08

02D02 02D09

02D03 02D10

02D04 02D11

02D05 02D12

02D06 02D13
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

02D07 02D14

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents E
Typographic Devices
Compound Rules

02E01 02E08

02E02 02E09

02E03 02E10

02E04 02E11

02E05 02E12

02E06 02E13
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

02E07 02E14

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents F
Typographic Devices

02F01 02F02 02F03 02F04 02F05 02F06

02F07 02F08 02F09 02F10 02F11 02F12

02F13 02F14 02F15 02F16 02F17 02F18


1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents G
Typographic Devices

02G01 02G02 02G03 02G04 02G05 02G06

02G07 02G08 02G09 02G10 02G11 02G12

02G13 02G14 02G15 02G16 02G17 02G18

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents H
Typographic Devices

02H01 02H02 02H03 02H04 02H05 02H06

02H07 02H08 02H09 02H10 02H11 02H12

02H13 02H14 02H15

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents I
Typographic Devices

02I01 02I02 02I03 02I04

02I05 02I06 02I07 02I08

02I09 02I10 02I11 02I12

02I13 02I14 02I15 02I16

02I17 02I18 02I19 02I20

02I21 02I22 02I23 02I24

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents J
Typographic Devices

02J01 02J02 02J03 02J04

02J05 02J06 02J07 02J08

02J09 02J10 02J11 02J12

02J13 02J14 02J15 02J16

02J17 02J18 02J19 02J20

02J21 02J22 02J23 02J24

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents K
Typographic Devices

02K01 02K02 02K03 02K04

02K05 02K06 02K07 02K08

02K09 02K10 02K11 02K12

02K13 02K14 02K15 02K16

02K17 02K18 02K19 02K20

02K21 02K22 02K23 02K24

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents L
Typographic Devices

02L01 02L02 02L03 02L04

02L05 02L06 02L07 02L08

02L09 02L10 02L11 02L12

02L13 02L14 02L15 02L16

02L17 02L18 02L19 02L20

02L21 02L22 02L23 02L24

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents M
Typographic Devices

02M01 02M02 02M03 02M04

02M05 02M06 02M07 02M08

02M09 02M10 02M11 02M12

02M13 02M14 02M15 02M16

02M17 02M18 02M19 02M20

02M21 02M22 02M23 02M24

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents N
Typographic Devices

02N01 02N02 02N03

02N04 02N05 02N06

02N07 02N08 02N09

02N10 02N11 02N12

02N13 02N14 02N15

02N16 02N17 02N18

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.2 Flourishes Accents O
Typographic Devices

02O01 02O02 02O03

02O04 02O05 02O06

02O07 02O08 02O09

02O10 02O11 02O12

02O13 02O14

02O15 02O16
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

46 Varied Weight
- Scotch
47 Geometric
- Rectangles
48 - Circles
49 - Triangles
- Diamonds
50 Ornate
53 - Art Nouveau
54 - Classical
- Pre-Columbian
55 - Geometric
57 Floral
59 Pictorial

1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Vol.3 Borders Rules A
Varied Weight

D03A01 3 Point D03A02 6 Point

D03A03 9 Point D03A04 12 Point

- Scotch

D03A05 D03A06

D03A07 D03A08

D03A09 D03A10

D03A11 D03A12

D03A13 D03A14

D03A15 D03A16

D03A17 D03A18

D03A19 D03A20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

D03A21 D03A22

D03A23 D03A24

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 46
Vol.3 Borders Rules B
- Rectangles

D03B01 D03B02

D03B03 D03B04

D03B05 D03B06

D03B07 D03B08

D03B09 D03B10

D03B11 D03B12

D03B13 D03B14

D03B15 D03B16

D03B17 D03B18

D03B19 D03B20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 47
Vol.3 Borders Rules C
- Rectangles
D03C01 D03C02

D03C03 D03C04

D03C05 D03C06

D03C07 D03C08

- Circles

D03C09 D03C10

D03C11 D03C12

D03C13 D03C14

D03C15 D03C16

D03C17 D03C18

D03C19 D03C20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.


Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 48
Vol.3 Borders Rules D
- Triangles
D03D01 D03D02

D03D03 D03D04

D03D05 D03D06

- Diamonds

D03D07 D03D08

D03D09 D03D10

D03D11 D03D12

D03D13 D03D14

D03D15 D03D16

D03D17 D03D18 1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 49
Vol.3 Borders Rules E

D03E01 D03E02

D03E03 D03E04

D03E05 D03E06

D03E07 D03E08

D03E09 D03E10

D03E11 D03E12

D03E13 D03E14

D03E15 D03E16

D03E17 D03E18 1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 50
Vol.3 Borders Rules F

D03F01 D03F02

D03F03 D03F04

D03F05 D03F06

D03F07 D03F08

D03F09 D03F10

D03F11 D03F12

D03F13 D03F14

D03F15 D03F16

D03F17 D03F18

D03F19 D03F20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 51
Vol.3 Borders Rules G

D03G01 D03G02

D03G03 D03G04

D03G05 D03G06

D03G07 D03G08

D03G09 D03G10

D03G11 D03G12

D03G13 D03G14

D03G15 D03G16

D03G17 D03G18 1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 52
Vol.3 Borders Rules H
- Art Nouveau
D03H01 D03H02

D03H03 D03H04

D03H05 D03H06

D03H07 D03H08

D03H09 D03H10

D03H11 D03H12

D03H13 D03H14

D03H15 D03H16

1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 53
Vol.3 Borders Rules I
- Classical
D03I01 D03I02

D03I03 D03I04

- Pre-Columbian

D03I05 D03I06

D03I07 D03I08

D03I09 D03I10

D03I11 D03I12

D03I13 D03I14

D03I15 D03I16

D03I17 D03I18

D03I19 D03I20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

D03I21 D03I22

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 54
Vol.3 Borders Rules J
- Geometric
D03J01 D03J02

D03J03 D03J04

D03J05 D03J06

D03J07 D03J08

D03J09 D03J10

D03J11 D03J12

D03J13 D03J14

D03J15 D03J16

D03J17 D03J18

D03J19 D03J20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 55
Vol.3 Borders Rules K

D03K01 D03K02

D03K03 D03K04

D03K05 D03K06

D03K07 D03K08

D03K09 D03K10

D03K11 D03K12

1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 56
Vol.3 Borders Rules L

D03L01 D03L02

D03L03 D03L04

D03L05 D03L06

D03L07 D03L08

D03L09 D03L10

D03L11 D03L12

D03L13 D03L14

D03L15 D03L16

D03L17 D03L18

D03L19 D03L20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 57
Vol.3 Borders Rules M

D03M01 D03M02

D03M03 D03M04

D03M05 D03M06

D03M07 D03M08

D03M09 D03M10

D03M11 D03M12

D03M13 D03M14

D03M15 D03M16

D03M17 D03M18

D03M19 D03M20
1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 58
Vol.3 Borders Rules N

D03N01 Rope D03N02 Rope

D03N03 Rope D03N04 Rope

D03N05 Chain D03N06 Rope

D03N07 Chain D03N08 Barbed Wire

D03N09 Waves D03N10 Waves

D03N11 Waves D03N12 Stars

D03N13 Stars D03N14 Stars

D03N15 Stars D03N16 Stars

D03N17 Stars D03N18 Flags/Banners 1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 59
Vol.3 Borders Rules O

D03O01 Hearts D03O02 Hearts

D03O03 Spade Diamond Club Heart D03O04 Spade Diamond Club Heart

D03O05 Percent D03O06 Arrows

D03O07 Snowflakes D03O08 Filmstrip

D03O09 Spiral Binding

1994-7 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Borders and rules presented above are smaller in scale and shorter than actual files. 60
Motifs Shapes
Designs Devices
62 Postage Motifs
- Stamps
- Cancellations
63 Tags / Hang Tags
67 Seals
68 Blurbs
69 Bursts
72 Hanging Signs
TV Screens
Bell Shapes
73 Light Bulbs
74 Check Marks
75 Ribbons / Bows
76 Game Symbols
- Playing Card Suits
- Dominoes
- Chess Pieces
- Checkerboard
77 Filmstrips
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

79 Container Imprints
- Carton
Recycling Symbols

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Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices A
Postage Motifs
- Stamps
- Cancellations

04A01 04A02 04A03 04A04 04A05 04A06

Envelope Envelope Envelope

04A07 04A08 04A09 04A10 04A11 04A12

04A13 04A14 04A15 04A16

04A17 04A18 04A19 04A20

04A21 04A22 04A23 04A24

04A25 04A26 04A27 04A28 04A29

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices B
Postage Motifs
- Stamps
- Cancellations

04B01 04B02 04B03 04B04

Par Avion

04B05 04B06 04B07

Par Avion Fragile Express

04B08 04B09 04B10

Third Class Special Delivery Returned to Sender

04B11 04B12 04B13 04B14

Parcel Post C.O.D. First Class Registered

U.S. Mail

Hang Tags

04B16 04B17 04B18 04B19

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

04B20 04B21 04B22

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices C

04C01 04C02 04C03 04C04 04C05

Theater Ticket

04C06 04C07 04C08 04C09 04C10 04C11

04C12 04C13 04C14 04C15 04C16 04C17

04C18 04C19 04C20 04C21 04C22 04C23

04C24 04C25 04C26 04C27 04C28

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices D

04D01 04D02 04D03

04D04 04D05 04D06

04D07 04D08

04D09 04D10 04D11 04D12 04D13 04D14

04D15 04D16 04D17 04D18 04D19 04D20

04D21 04D22 04D23 04D24 04D25 04D26

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices E

04E01 04E02 04E03 04E04 04E05 04E06

04E07 04E08 04E09 04E10 04E11

04E12 04E13 04E14 04E15 04E16

04E17 04E18 04E19 04E20 04E21 04E22

04E23 04E24 04E25 04E26 04E27 04E28

04E29 04E30 04E31 04E32 04E33

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices F

04F01 04F02 04F03 04F04 04F05 04F06

04F07 04F08 04F09 04F10 04F11 04F12

04F13 04F14 04F15 04F16 04F17 04F18

04F19 04F20 04F21 04F22 04F23 04F24

04F25 04F26 04F27 04F28 04F29 04F30

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices G

04G01 04G02 04G03 04G04 04G05 04G06

04G07 04G08 04G09 04G10 04G11 04G12

04G13 04G14 04G15 04G16 04G17 04G18

04G19 04G20 04G21 04G22

04G23 04G24 04G25 04G26 04G27 04G28

04G29 04G30 04G31

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices H

04H01 04H02 04H03 04H04 04H05 04H06

04H07 04H08 04H09 04H10 04H11 04H12

04H13 04H14 04H15

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks


04H16 04H17 04H18 04H19 04H20 04H21

04H22 04H23 04H24 04H25

04H26 04H27 04H28 04H29 04H30 04H31

Book Scroll
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices I

04I01 04I02 04I03 04I04


04I05 04I06 04I07

04I08 04I09 04I10

04I11 04I12 04I13

04I14 04I15 04I16

04I17 04I18 04I19

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices J

04J01 04J02 04J03 04J04

04J05 04J06 04J07 04J08

04J09 04J10 04J11 04J12

04J13 04J14 04J15 04J16

04J17 04J18 04J19 04J20 04J21 04J22

04J23 04J24 04J25 04J26 04J27 04J28

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

04J29 04J30

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices K
Hanging Signs

04K01 04K02 04K03 04K04 04K05

Trumpet Trumpet

TV Screens

04K06 04K07 04K08 04K09 04K10 04K11

04K12 04K13 04K14 04K15 04K16 04K17

Bell Shapes

04K18 04K19 04K20 04K21 04K22 04K23

04K24 04K25 04K26 04K27 04K28 04K29

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices L
Light Bulbs

04L01 04L02 04L03 04L04 04L05 04L06

A-23 A-21 PS-25 PS-30 A-19 G-40

04L07 04L08 04L09 04L10 04L11 04L12

T-19 B-14 BT-37 BA-9 F-15

04L13 04L14 04L15 04L16 04L17 04L18

T-10 T-8 F-10 SL-18 R-40 R-30
Earth Light Spot Spot

04L19 04L20 04L21 04L22 04L23 04L24

ER-30 R-40 R-60 K-19 ER-40 PAR-30
Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot

04L25 04L26 04L27 04L28

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices M
Check Marks

04M01 04M02 04M03 04M04 04M05 04M06

04M07 04M08 04M09 04M10 04M11 04M12

04M13 04M14 04M15 04M16 04M17 04M18

04M19 04M20 04M21


04M22 04M23 04M24 04M25 04M26 04M27

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices N

04N01 04N02 04N03 04N04 04N05 04N06

04N07 04N08 04N09 04N10 04N11 04N12

04N13 04N14 04N15 04N16 04N17 04N18

04N19 04N20 04N21 04N22 04N23 04N24

04N25 04N26 04N27 04N28 04N29 04N30

04N31 04N32 04N33 04N34 04N35 04N36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

04N37 04N38 04N39

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices O
Game Symbols
- Playing Card

04O01 04O02 04O03 04O04

Spade Heart Club Diamond

04O05 04O06 04O07 04O08

Spade Heart Club Diamond

- Dominoes

04O09 04O10 04O11 04O12

- Chess Pieces

04O13 04O14 04O15 04O16 04O17 01O18

Pawn Knight Rook Bishop Queen King
White Horse Castle White White White
White White

04O19 04O20 04O21 04O22 04O23 01O24

Pawn Knight Rook Bishop Queen King
Black Horse Castle Black Black Black
Black Black

Chess Board
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices P






1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices Q


Film Canister

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.4 Motifs Shapes Designs Devices R
- Carton

04R01 04R02 04R03 04R04 04R05 04R06

Keep Dry Protection From Fragile Handle With This End Up Stacking Limit 2
Magnetic Field Care

04R07 04R08 04R09 04R10 04R11 04R12

Keep Dry Protection From Fragile Stacking Limit 3 Stacking Limit 4 Stacking Limit 5
Magnetic Field

1 2 3 4 5 6

04R19 04R20 04R21 04R22
OTHER Recycled Recyclable
Reproduce Large Reproduce Large

04R23 04R24 04R25 04R26

Recycled Recyclable
Reproduce Small Reproduce Small

04R27 04R28 04R29 04R30

Corrugated Recycles 100% Recyclable Recycled Polstyrene Recycled Material
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

04R31 04R32 04R33 04R34

Glass Recycles Steel Steel Printed with Soy Ink
Please Recycle The Recycled Material

81 Radial
Early American
- Pennslyvania Dutch
82 - Quilt
83 - Square
84 Square
85 General
86 Printer /
- Florals /
89 - General
90 - Hearts
- Leaves
- Acorns
91 Fleur de Lis
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Vol.5 Printers Ornaments A
Dingbats Designs

05A01 05A02 05A03 05A04 05A05 05A06

05A07 05A08 05A09 05A10 05A11 05A12

05A13 05A14 05A15 05A16 05A17 05A18

05A19 05A20 05A21 05A22 05A23 05A24

05A25 05A26 05A27 05A28 05A29 05A30

Early American
- Pennsylvania

05A31 05A32 05A33 05A34 05A35 05A36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments B
Dingbats Designs
Early American
- Pennsylvania
- Quilt

05B01 05B02 05B03 05B04 05B05 05B06

05B07 05B08 05B09 05B10 05B11 05B12

05B13 05B14 05B15 05B16 05B17 05B18

05B19 05B20 05B21 05B22 05B23 05B24

05B25 05B26 05B27 05B28 05B29 05B30

05B31 05B32 05B33 05B34 05B35

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments C
Dingbats Designs
Early American
- Square

05C01 05C02 05C03 05C04 05C05 05C06

05C07 05C08 05C09 05C10 05C11 05C12

05C13 05C14 05C15 05C16 05C17 05C18

05C19 05C20 05C21 05C22 05C23 05C24

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments D
Dingbats Designs

05D01 05D02 05D03

* 05D04 05D05 05D06

05D07 05D08 05D09 05D10 05D11 05D12

05D13 05D14 05D15 05D16 05D17 05D18

05D19 05D20 05D21 05D22

* 05D23

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes
Vol.5 Printers Ornaments E
Dingbats Designs

05E01 05E02 05E03 05E04 05E05 05E06

05E07 05E08 05E09 05E10 05E11 05E12

05E13 05E14 05E15 05E16 05E17 05E18

Lion Dragon
Courage Vigilance

05E19 05E20 05E21 05E22 05E23 05E24

05E25 05E26 05E27 05E28 05E29 05E30

05E31 05E32 05E33 05E34 05E35 05E36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments F
Dingbats Designs

05F01 05F02 05F03 05F04 05F05 05F06

Printer / Book
- Florals /

05F07 05F08 05F09 05F10 05F11 05F12

05F13 05F14 05F15 05F16 05F17 05F18

05F19 05F20 05F21 05F22 05F23 05F24

05F25 05F26 05F27 05F28 05F29 05F30

05F31 05F32 05F33 05F34 05F35 05F36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments G
Dingbats Designs
- Florals /

05G01 05G02 05G03 05G04 05G05 05G06

Humility in Giving

05G07 05G08 05G09 05G10 05G11 05G12

05G13 05G14 05G15 05G16 05G17 05G18

05G19 05G20 05G21 05G22 05G23 05G24

05G25 05G26 05G27 05G28 05G29 05G30

05G31 05G32 05G33 05G34 05G35 05G36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments H
Dingbats Designs
- Florals /

05H01 05H02 05H03 05H04 05H05 05H06

05H07 05H08 05H09 05H10 05H11 05H12

05H13 05H14 05H15 05H16 05H17 05H18

05H19 05H20 05H21 05H22 05H23 05H24

Cornucopia Cornucopia

05H25 05H26 05H27 05H28 05H29 05H30

Oak Leaf Oak Leaf
Acorn Acorn

05H31 05H32 05H33 05H34 05H35 05H36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments I
Dingbats Designs
- Florals

05I01 05I02 05I03 05I04 05I05 05I06

05I07 05I08 05I09 05I10 05I11 05I12

05I13 05I14 05I15 05I16 05I17 05I18

05I19 05I20 05I21 05I22 05I23 05I24


05I25 05I26 05I27 05I28 05I29 05I30

05I31 05I32 05I33 05I34 05I35 05I36

Acorn Acorn
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments J
Dingbats Designs
- Hearts
- Leaves
- Acorns

05J01 05J02 05J03 05J04 05J05 05J06

05J07 05J08 05J09 05J10 05J11 05J12

05J13 05J14 05J15 05J16 05J17 05J18

05J19 05J20 05J21 05J22 05J23 05J24

05J25 05J26 05J27 05J28 05J29 05J30

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.5 Printers Ornaments K
Dingbats Designs
Fleur de Lis

05K01 05K02 05K03 05K04 05K05 05K06

05K07 05K08 05K09 05K10 05K11 05K12

05K13 05K14 05K15 05K16 05K17


05K18 05K19 05K20 05K21 05K22 05K23

Lyre Lyre Lyre Lyre Sistrum of Isis Horn
Conscience Bugle

05K24 05K25 05K26 05K27 05K28 05K29

Organ Pipes F-holes G-clef

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

93 Arrows
- International
94 - General
96 (wedge)
97 - Multi-directional
- Curved
99 - Tail
100 - Head
- Ancient
101 - Clock Hands
102 - Hands
103 (general)
104 - Weather Vanes
105 - Animals
- Lightning
- General 1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Vol.6 Arrows Pointers A
- International

06A01 06A02 06A03 06A04

Right Left Up Down

06A05 06A06 06A07 06A08

Down, Left Down, Right Up, Left Up, Right

06A09 06A10 06A11 06A12

06A13 06A14 06A15 06A16

06A17 06A18 06A19 06A20

06A21 06A22 06A23 06A24

Right Left Up Down
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

06A25 06A26 06A27 06A28

Down, Left Down, Right Up, Left Up, Right

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers B
- International

06B01 06B02 06B03 06B04 06B05 06B06

06B07 06B08 06B09 06B10 06B11 06B12

06B13 06B14 06B15 06B16 06B17

- General

06B18 06B19 06B20 06B21 06B22 06B23

06B24 06B25 06B26 06B27 06B28 06B29

06B30 06B31 06B32 06B33 06B34 06B35

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers C
- General

06C01 06C02 06C03 06C04 06C05 06C06

06C07 06C08 06C09 06C10 06C11 06C12

06C13 06C14 06C15 06C16 06C17 06C18


06C19 06C20 06C21 06C22 06C23 06C24

06C25 06C26 06C27 06C28 06C29 06C30

06C31 06C32 06C33 06C34 06C35 06C36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers D
- General

06D01 06D02 06D03 06D04 06D05 06D06

06D07 06D08 06D09 06D10 06D11 06D12

06D13 06D14 06D15 06D16 06D17 06D18

Right Left Up Down

06D19 06D20 06D21 06D22 06D23 06D24

06D25 06D26 06D27 06D28 06D29 06D30

Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type

06D31 06D32 06D33 06D34 06D35 06D36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

06D37 06D38

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers E
- Multi-directional

06E01 06E02 06E03 06E04 06E05 06E06

06E07 06E08 06E09


06E10 06E11 06E12 06E13 06E14 06E15

- Curved

06E16 06E17 06E18 06E19 06E20 06E21

06E22 06E23 06E24 06E25 06E26 06E27

06E28 06E29 06E30 06E31 06E32 06E33

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

06E34 06E35 06E36 06E37 06E38 06E39

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers F
- Curved

06F01 06F02 06F03 06F04 06F05 06F06

06F07 06F08 06F09 06F10 06F11 06F12

06F13 06F14 06F15 06F16 06F17 06F18

06F19 06F20 06F21 06F22 06F23 06F24

Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type

06F25 06F26 06F27 06F28 06F29 06F30

Wood Type Wood Type

06F31 06F32
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers G
- Tail

06G01 06G02 06G03 06G04 06G05 06G06

06G07 06G08 06G09 06G10 06G11 06G12

06G13 06G14 06G15 06G16 06G17 06G18

Weather Vane

06G19 06G20 06G21

Weather Vane

06G22 06G23 06G24 06G25

06G26 06G27 06G28 06G29

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

06G30 06G31 06G32

Wood Type

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers H
- Tail

06H01 06H02 06H03 06H04 06H05

Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Wood Type Weather Vane

06H06 06H07 06H08

Wood Type Wood Type Weather Vane

- Head

06H09 06H10 06H11 06H12 06H13 06H14

Stone Stone Flint Flint

06H15 06H16 06H17 06H18 06H19 06H20

Flint Flint

06H21 06H22 06H23 06H24 06H25

Spear Spear Spear Spear Spear

- Ancient

06H26 06H27 06H28

Weapon Weapon Weapon
Dagger Dagger Dagger
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

06H29 06H30 06H31

Weapon Trident
Sword Poseidon

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers I
- Clock Hands

06I01 06I02 06I03

06I04 06I05 06I06

06I07 06I08 06I09

06I10 06I11 06I12

06I13 06I14 06I15

06I16 06I17 06I18

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers J
- Hands

06J01 06J02 06J03 06J04 06J05 06J06

06J07 06J08 06J09 06J10 06J11 06J12

06J13 06J14 06J15 06J16 06J17 06J18

06J19 06J20 06J21 06J22 06J23 06J24

06J25 06J26 06J27 06J28 06J29 06J30

06J31 06J32 06J33 06J34 06J35 06J36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers K
- Hands

06K01 06K02 06K03 06K04 06K05 06K06

Female Female Female Female

06K07 06K08 06K09 06K10 06K11 06K12

06K13 06K14 06K15 06K16 06K17 06K18

Yes/Good No/Bad Yes/Good No/Bad
Up Down Up Down

06K19 06K20 06K21 06K22 06K23 06K24

06K25 06K26 06K27 06K28 06K29 06K30

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.6 Arrows Pointers L
- Weather Vanes

06L01 06L02 06L03 06L04 06L05 06L06

Bird Bird Bird Bird Bird Bird
Rooster Rooster Rooster Eagle Eagle Eagle

06L07 06L08 06L09 06L10 06L11 06L12

Bird Bird Horse Horse Horse Horse & Carriage

06L13 06L14 06L15 06L16 06L17 06L18

Horse & Carriage Horse & Carriage Deer Deer Fox Dog
Stag Stag Hound

06L19 06L20 06L21 06L22 06L23 06L24

Cow Boat Boat Whale Fish Serpent
Sailing Ship Sailing Ship Sperm Whale

06L25 06L26 06L27 06L28 06L29 06L30

Angel Angel Angel Cupid Woman Woman
Gabriel Gabriel Love Herald Liberty

06L31 06L32 06L33 06L34

Woman Indian Indian Archer
Statue of Liberty Archer Archer
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Note: Arrows and posts can be detached from most shapes. 104
Vol.6 Arrows Pointers M
- Weather Vanes

06M01 06M02 06M03 06M04 06M05

- Animals

06M06 06M07 06M08 06M09 06M10 06M11

Griffin Dolphin Seahorse Unicorn Lion Bird
Silence Virginity Courage Rooster
- Lightning

06M12 06M13 06M14 06M15 06M16

- General

Feather Quill

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

107 Snowflakes
108 Concentric Circles /
109 Spirals
110 Whirls
112 Rotors
113 Designs
- Optical
- General
114 Globes
115 Radials
116 Asterisks
117 Compass

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

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Vol.7 Circular Designs A

07A01 07A02 07A03 07A04 07A05 07A06

07A07 07A08 07A09 07A10 07A11 07A12

07A13 07A14 07A15 07A16 07A17 07A18

07A19 07A20 07A21 07A22 07A23 07A24

07A25 07A26 07A27 07A28 07A29 07A30

07A31 07A32 07A33 07A34 07A35 07A36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs B

07B01 07B02 07B03 07B04 07B05 07B06

07B07 07B08 07B09 07B10 07B11 07B12

Concentric Circles

07B13 07B14 07B15 07B16 07B17 07B18

07B19 07B20 07B21 07B22 07B23 07B24

07B25 07B26 07B27 07B28 07B29 07B30

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs C
Concentric Circles

07C01 07C02 07C03 07C04 07C05 07C06

07C07 07C08 07C09 07C10 07C11


07C12 07C13 07C14 07C15 07C16 07C17

07C18 07C19 07C20 07C21 07C22 07C23

07C24 07C25 07C26 07C27 07C28 07C29

07C30 07C31
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs D

07D01 07D02 07D03 07D04 07D05

07D06 07D07 07D08 07D09 07D10 07D11

Spiral Scroll Guilloche Infinity
Figure 8 Figure 8

07D12 07D13 07D14 07D15 07D16 07D17

Monad Monad Monad Yang and Yin Monad Triad
Creation Principle

07D18 07D19 07D20 07D21 07D22 07D23

Shinto Symbol

07D24 07D25 07D26 07D27

* 07D28
* 07D29

07D30 07D31 07D32 07D33 07D34 07D35

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes 110

Vol.7 Circular Designs E

07E01 07E02 07E03 07E04 07E05 07E06

Triskelion Triskelion

07E07 07E08 07E09 07E10 07E11 07E12

Tetraskelion Tetraskelion

07E13 07E14 07E15 07E16 07E17 07E18

07E19 07E20 07E21 07E22 07E23 07E24

07E25 07E26 07E27 07E28 07E29 07E30

07E31 07E32 07E33 07E34 07E35 07E36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs F

07F01 07F02 07F03 07F04 07F05 07F06

07F07 07F08 07F09 07F10


07F11 07F12 07F13 07F14 07F15 07F16

07F17 07F18 07F19 07F20 07F21 07F22

Triskelion Hurricane

07F23 07F24 07F25 07F26 07F27 07F28

07F29 07F30 07F31 07F32

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs G
- Optical

07G01 07G02 07G03 07G04 07G05 07G06


07G07 07G08 07G09 07G10 07G11 07G12

07G13 07G14 07G15 07G16 07G17 07G18

07G19 07G20 07G21 07G22 07G23 07G24

- General

07G25 07G26 07G27 07G28 07G29 07G30

No Entry Tri-radial Triquetrum Peace

07G31 07G32 07G33 07G34 07G35 07G36

Crosshairs Registration Mark Registration Mark Registration Mark Dart Board Dart Board
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

07G37 07G38 07G39

CD-Rom CD-Rom Ball Bearing

Vol.7 Circular Designs H
- General

07H01 07H02 07H03 07H04 07H05 07H06

Fallout Shelter Radioactive Atomic Atomic Atomic
Danger Nuclear Nuclear Electrons

07H07 07H08 07H09 07H10 07H11 07H12

07H13 07H14 07H15 07H16 07H17 07H18

Atlantic Ocean Sphere


07H19 07H20 07H21 07H22 07H23 07H24

07H25 07H26 07H27 07H28 07H29 07H30

07H31 07H32 07H33

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs I

07I01 07I02 07I03 07I04 07I05 07I06

07I07 07I08 07I09 07I10 07I11 07I12

07I13 07I14 07I15 07I16 07I17 07I18

The Holy Trinity

07I19 07I20 07I21 07I22 07I23 07I24


07I25 07I26 07I27 07I28 07I29 07I30


07I31 07I32 07I33 07I34 07I35 07I36

Sigil of the World
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.7 Circular Designs J

07J01 07J02 07J03 07J04 07J05

07J06 07J07 07J08 07J9 07J10

07J11 07J12 07J13 07J14 07J15

07J16 07J17 07J18 07J19 07J20

07J21 07J22 07J23 07J24 07J25 07J26

07J27 07J28 07J29 07J30 07J31 07J32

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

07J33 07J34 07J35 07J36 07J37 07J38

Vol.7 Circular Designs K

07K01 07K02 07K03 07K04 07K05 07K06

07K07 07K08

Compass Faces

07K09 07K10 07K11 07K12 07K13 07K14

07K15 07K16 07K17 07K18 07K19 07K20

07K21 07K22 07K23 07K24 07K25 07K26

07K27 07K28
North Star
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Shapes Designs
119 Crosses
120 Hearts
121 Droplets / Teardrops
Pear Shapes
- General
122 Cartouches / Tablets
125 General
126 Geometrics
- Circles
- Triangles
127 - Pentagons /
Crystals /
- Diamond Cuts
128 - Quadrilaterals /
- Hexagons
- Polygons
- General
129 - Arches / Parabolas
- Ovals
- Ellipses
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

- Elliptical Shapes
130 Shields / Badges
132 Tombstones / Headstones
Puzzle Pieces
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Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics A

08A01 08A02 08A03 08A04 08A05 08A06

Interlaced Greek
St. George

08A07 08A08 08A09 08A10 08A11

* 08A12
Voided Wavy Voided

08A13 08A14 08A15 08A16 08A17 08A18

St. Andrew
St. Patrick

08A19 08A20 08A21 08A22 08A23 08A24

Infinite Maltese Forme
Eternity Variant

08A25 08A26 08A27 08A28 08A29 08A30

Maltese Patte Convex Voided Maltese

08A31 08A32 08A33 08A34 08A35 08A36

Fleure Patonce Patte Patonce Patte Bretesse Perronne
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes 119

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics B

08B01 08B02 08B03 08B04 08B05 08B06

Latin Greek Orthodox Russian Orthodox
Faith Patriarchal

08B07 08B08 08B09 08B10 08B11 08B12

Celtic Tav; St. Anthony Egypt; Ankh Monogram of Christ
Iona Life & Safety Life XPISTOS - Christos

08B14 08B15 08B16 08B17 08B18 08B19


08B20 08B21 08B22 08B23 08B24 08B25

08B26 08B27 08B28 08B29 08B30 08B31


08B32 08B33 08B34 08B35 08B36 08B37

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics C

08C01 08C02 08C03 08C04 08C05 08C06

08C07 08C08


08C09 08C10 08C11 08C12 08C13 08C14

Pear Shapes

08C15 08C16 08C17 08C18 08C19 08C20


08C21 08C22 08C23 08C24 08C25 08C26

Guitar Violin Dulcimer Gourd
Taoist Necromancy
- General

08C27 08C28
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics D

08D01 08D02 08D03 08D04 08D05 08D06

08D07 08D08 08D09 08D10 08D11 08D12

08D13 08D14 08D15 08D16 08D17 08D18

08D19 08D20 08D21 08D22 08D23 08D24

08D25 08D26 08D27 08D28 08D29 08D30

08D31 08D32 08D33 08D34 08D35

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics E

08E01 08E02 08E03 08E04 08E05 08E06

08E07 08E08 08E09 08E10 08E11 08E12

08E13 08E14 08E15 08E16 08E17 08E18

08E19 08E20 08E21 08E22 08E23 08E24

Spanish Tiles

08E25 08E26 08E27 08E28 08E29 08E30

08E31 08E32 08E33 08E34 08E35

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics F

08F01 08F02 08F03 08F04 08F05 08F06

08F07 08F08 08F09 08F10 08F11 08F12

Ten Commandments

08F13 08F14 08F15 08F16 08F17 08F18

08F19 08F20 08F21 08F22 08F23 08F24

08F25 08F26 08F27 08F28 08F29 08F30

08F31 08F32 08F33 08F34 08F35

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics G

08G01 08G02 08G03 08G04


08G05 08G06 08G07 08G08 08G09 08G10

08G11 08G12 08G13 08G14 08G15 08G16


08G17 08G18 08G19 08G20 08G21 08G22

Water Hourglass Hourglass Hourglass

08G23 08G24 08G25

Keyhole Magnet Magnet

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics H
- Circles

08H01 08H02 08H03 08H04 08H05 08H06

Cyclinder Cyclinder Three-Quarter Circle Half Circle Quarter Circle

* 08H08
* 08H09
* 08H10
* 08H11
* 08H12
4 5 6 7 8 9

- Triangles

08H13 08H14 08H15 08H16 08H17 08H18

Equilateral Isosceles
Internal Angle: 60o

* 08H20 08H21 08H22 08H23 08H24

08H25 08H26 08H27 08H28 08H29 08H30

08H31 08H32
* 08H33 08H34 08H35 08H36
Water-Fire Principle
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes
Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics I
- Triangles

08I01 08I02
* 08I03 08I04
* 08I05
* 08I06

08I07 08I08
* 08I09
* 08I10 08I11 08I12
Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid Prism Prism


08I13 08I14 08I15

* 08I16 08I17
* 08I18
Internal Angle: 108o

08I19 08I20 08I21 08I22 08I23 08I24


Diamond Cuts

08I25 08I26 08I27 08I28 08I29 08I30

Emerald Marquise Oval Pear Heart

08I31 08I32 08I33 08I34 08I35 08I36

Round Brilliant Long Hexagon Pentagon Trilliant Lisbon Jubilee
1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes 127

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics J
- Quadrilaterals
- Hexagons
- Polygons

08J01 08J02 08J03 * 08J04

* 08J05 08J06
Square Cube Cube Cube

08J07 08J08 08J09

* 08J10 08J11 08J12
Rhombus Trapezoid

08J13 08J14 08J15 08J16 08J17 08J18

Hexagon (6) Hexagon
Internal Angle: 120o

* 08J20 08J21 08J22
* 08J23
* 08J24
Hexagon Heptagon (7) Octagon (8) Octagon Octagon Octagon
Internal Angle: 128.6o Internal Angle: 135o

08J25 08J26 08J27

* 08J28 08J29 08J30
Nonagon (9) Decagon (10) Decagon Undecagon (11) Dodecagon (12) Dodecagon
Internal Angle: 140o Internal Angle: 144o Internal Angle: 147.3o Internal Angle: 150o

08J31 08J32 08J33 08J34

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

* Composed of separate shapes
Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics K
- Arches
- Parabolas

08K01 08K02 08K03 08K04 08K05 08K06

- Ovals

08K07 08K08 08K09 08K10 08K11 08K12

08K13 08K14 08K15 08K16

- Ellipses

08K17 08K18 08K19 08K20 08K21 08K22

- Elliptical Shapes

08K23 08K24 08K25 08K26 08K27 08K28

08K29 08K30 08K31 08K32 08K33 08K34

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics L

08L01 08L02 08L03 08L04 08L05 08L06

08L07 08L08 08L09 08L10 08L11 08L12

08L13 08L14 08L15 08L16 08L17 08L18

08L19 08L20 08L21 08L22 08L23 08L24

08L25 08L26 08L27 08L28 08L29 08L30

08L31 08L32 08L33 08L34 08L35 08L36

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics M

08M01 08M02 08M03 08M04 08M05 08M06

08M07 08M08 08M09 08M10 08M11 08M12

08M13 08M14 08M15 08M16 08M17 08M18


1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.

Vol.8 Shapes Designs Geometrics N

08N01 08N02 08N03 08N04 08N05 08N06


08N07 08N08 08N09 08N10 08N11 08N12

08N13 08N14 08N15 08N16


Coffin, Casket
Puzzle Pieces

08N18 08N19 08N20 08N21 08N22 08N23

1994 Ultimate Symbol Inc.