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from Bristol, in England. Im an actor. This (2) is my family.

My husbands name

Read the PDF about the Present Simple Affirmative. Go to page 12 Workbook
New Inside Out Elementary and work on Exercise 6.

Exercise 6:
Hi. My name (1)s Joan. Im is Dave. Hes a doctor. He (3) Works in a hospital. Hes
agreat husband. He (4) does the housework and he (5) buys me flower! We (6) play golf
together at the weekend. We (7) have three children- a son, Mark, and two daughters,
Emma and Rose. Emma (8) lives and Works in Spain. Shes a waitress. Rose (9) live at
home with us.

Book NewInside Out Elementary

ACTIVITY N3: speaking
Listening1.44: Listen and underline the correct information.
Book New Inside Out .Elementary page 19.

1. - listen to Sophie talking about her favourite relative. Underline the correct
a) My favourite relative is my cousin/ brother/ uncle.
b) His name is Samuel/ Daniel / Matthew.
c) Hes 24/ 34/ 44 years old.
d) He lives in New York/ London / Los Angeles.
e) Hes married/ single.
f) He has two cats. Their names are Romero and Juliet/ Coke and Pepsi/
Champagne and Caviar.
g) Hes a photographer/ lawyer/ teacher.
h) He works for hello magazine/ People magazine/ Heat magazine.


Listening 1.45 1.46: Work on exercises 1 and 2.
Book New Inside Out Elementary page 20.
1. - Complete the useful pharases in a-d with the verbs in the box.

a) Drive carefully .Dont be late

b) Smile! Say cheese!
c) Dont worry! Hes OK.
d) Have a good time. Take care. Call me.

2. Read the conversation .Cross out dont where necessary.

Sally: Bye, Mum .Bye , Dad

Dad: (1) Dont drive carefully
Sally: (2) Dont worry. Dad
Mum: (3) Dont have a good time in Paris.
Sally: Thanks, Mum.
Dad: (4) Dont forget your phone.
Sally: OK. My phones in my bag.
Mum: (5) Dont call us. (6) Dont take care.
Sally: OK. Bye. See you!



Read the PDF about the Present Simple Negative and Questions.

Go to page 16 and work on exercises 1, 2 and 4.

Workbook New Inside Out Elementary.

1. Write sentences in the present simple.

a) My sister / have / two children.
My sister has two children.
b) I / like / football.
I liked football.
c) My father / work / in a bank.
My father Works in a bank.
d) My friends / play / football every weekend.
My friends plays football every weekend.
e) My aunt / like / in Tokyo.
My aunt likes in Tokyo.
f) We / go / on holiday every year.
We go on holiday every year.
2. Write questions.

a) you / speak Spanish?

Do you speak Spanish.
b) your father / drink beer?
Does your father drink beer?
c) you / like hip-hop?
Do you like hip-hop.
d) your mother / play tennis?
Does your mother play tennis?
e) you / do the housework?
Do you / do the housework.
f) your friend / sing in a band?
Does your friend sing in a band?

4. Complete the sentences with the negative of the verb in bold.

a) I speak German but I dont speak Italian.
b) She likes swimming but she doesnt like football.
c) He plays the guitar but he doesnt play the piano.
d) They work in a restaurant but they dont work at the weekend.
e) He sings in a band but he doesnt sing in the shower.
f) She drinks tea but she doesnt drink beer.