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Pilar Alomia, Science Teacher

School of Science and Technology

San Diego High School
619-525-7457 ex. 4020

February 9th, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Miriam Zamudio, a graduating senior at San Diego High School of
Science and Technology. I have had the pleasure of teaching Miriam for the past three years
in Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) classes since
September 2015. I have found Miriam to be an exceptional student and one of the most
thoughtful and hardest working people I have ever known. She is a dedicated student who
takes pride in her schoolwork and strives to do her best in all she does. She is a force of
compassion, thoughtful actions, and hard work. She has been an integral part of each class
she has been in, often taking leadership roles in activities and discussions and inspiring
other students with not only her passion for learning and bettering herself, but also her
ingenuity and positive outlook on life.

Miriam has proven to be tenacious in her love for learning and in her curiosity for the world
around her. She has faced every challenge, academic or otherwise, with strength and grace,
allowing them to help her become a wiser, more objective and thoughtful person. She is not
afraid to try new things and get out of her own comfort zone. She has often surprised me
with her willingness to try new things or see a situation from another perspective. For
example, this year, she joined the wrestling team, never having wrestled before, and she has
thrived! She is also a great leader, constantly making sure that her peers are confident in
their understanding, and often challenging them to achieve their best. One of Miriams
defining characteristics is her kindness, empathy, and bravery in the face of new challenges.

In a school where these qualities are the exception and not the norm, she is an inspiration to
her fellow students and to her teachers. She is one of the most driven, kind- hearted, and
passionate students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. I know she will be successful
in anything she attempts. Her capacity for success is truly boundless. I recommend Miriam
Zamudio highly and without reservation.


Pilar Alomia

School of Science and Technology ~ 1405 Park Blvd. ~ San Diego, CA 92101
School of Science and Technology ~ 1405 Park Blvd. ~ San Diego, CA 92101