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MC : Good Afternoon everyone, meet again with me, Maria Oktavian, in this occasion
for 1 hour ahead we will discuss about health issues that controversy in media.
Well, our theme today is about Home Birth. I have prepare a speaker from
midwifery will share her knowledge and experience to all of us. Please welcome,
midwife Nesi.
(standing while greeting to viewer, invite to take a sit and giving applause)

Midwife nesi : (walking and shake hands with mc and take a sit)

MC : As current trends, there are more mother who want have a baby at her house,
how exactly it could happen, and can make sure the mothers when she choose to
giving birth at her house

Midwife Nesi : hmm, indeed it is now becoming a trend, the reason giving birth at home can
help reduce anxiety levels in maternal

MC : Since when you do a home birth?

Midwife Nesi : I has do this for about 3 years

MC : Whether it is safe?

Midwife Nesi : It is safe, but there are requirement that must be fulfill, first houses condition,
second lighting, third clean water, fourth there are nothing to worry about
mothers state, because it make pleasant, calm, and also preventing from
episiotomy case and postpartum hemorrhage.

MC : Well, to see the success of the home birth, we just call the next speaker, Mrs. Mei
and Mrs. Della (giving applause)

Good Afternoon Mrs. Mei, take a sit please

Mrs. Mei : Good Afternoon (take a sit)

MC : Can you tell us how do you feel or why you choose to take home birth?

Mrs. Mei : I feel comfortable, safe and there is nothing to worry, because Im closer to my
family and I also passed quietly

MC : And then, can you tell us How is chronology?

Mrs. Mei : At 16:00, my stomach felt tight and I contacted midwife Nesi, then midwife Nesi
and her assistant come to my house. Upon inspection it turns out opening 3, and I
was told to take a walk, my husband also accompanied me, only after the
complete opening, at 20:00 I just heading to bed to do my giving birth and also set
up many required at the time when giving birth. The process is also easy, since my
own house

MC : How about you Mrs. Della? Do you interest with home birth?

Mrs. Della : Yes, I has interest in it, because after I have reads many magazine of health and
look at any talk show, there are many benefit that I get and this is become my plan
after thinking for a long time.

MC : Well, everyone, we will hear full explanation about home birth from a doctor.
Please welcome dr. SpOg. Giving applause

Good afternoon doctor, please take a sit and welcome to our discussion

Dr : Good afternoon and thank you

MC : Okay dock. Do Homebirth is safe to do?

Dr : Actually, home birth is safe to do, but there is a condition that must be fulfill first
keep house clean and healthy, good lighting and available of clean water.

MC : Then, what is condition of mother that not allowed doing home birth?

Dr : When a mother have contraindication like preeclampsia, diabetes mellitus,

asthma, because this condition require a more comprehensive treatment.

MC : Then, dr. can you give us advice when we choose to do home birth in safety?

Dr : First, look for a paramedic that experienced in doing home birth, thinking the
second plan about transportation to the hospital, blood donors and also prepare
some money if something that we do not want happen.

MC : Ok, thank you doctor for taking the time in this occasion and share some
experience to all of us, hopefully given knowledge helpful. And also we say thank
you for our best interviewees, who has come in this place to share knowledge and
experience. Midwife Nesi, Mrs. Mei and Mrs. Della

MC : Hopefully this event helpful, and may I say sorry if there are any mistake in this

Good afternoon and thank you