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NATO number: 5110-25-147-4344

Strong construction with a

continuous curve and a thin, Safety locking button to keep the blade locked when folded and unfolded, Compact and lightweight,
non-wobbling blade preventing the blade from opening accidentally only 190 g (6.67 oz),
for increased steadiness. and holds it fixed open when in use. allows you to carry
Length unfolded: 40 cm (15.5). with you everywhere!

Practical belt and wrist leather

lanyard for carrying

High quality steel blade, Precision ground aggressive teeth,

made in Sweden, XT hardpoint toothing,
with the same black powder 7 TPI, for a quick, Foldable for practical storage
coating as in our legendary straight and reliable cut. in your pocket, backpack etc.
Superior handsaws, Safe storage to reduce
for low friction and rust prevention. risk of injury or damage
Designed for cutting in both Length folded: 23 cm (9) Non slip two-component
directions, push and pull cuts. rubber grip handle
Replacement blades available. for increased
Blade length: 19 cm / 7 comfort and stability



A B C g
mm mm mm

396-LAP Foldable saw 7311518172367 10 190 230 405 190

396-BLADE-1P Spare blade for 396-LAP 7311518330613 1 190 44
LAP-KNIFE Foldable saw
7311518216443 10 304
+ Multipurpose knife
2444-LAP Multipurpose knife 7314150237463 10 100 120 220 114
The Laplander Assortment
registered trademark of SNA Europe Group

The Laplander saw and knife are ideal for outdoor activities. The
foldable Laplander saw cuts a variety of material, for example dry and
green wood, plastic and bone and is excellent for cutting firewood, for
splitting wood and for clearing paths. It suits professionals and anyone
being active in the woods; fishermen, hunters and rangers, campers,
wildlife enthusiasts and hikers and gardeners and is practical for
everyone to keep in the car or in the boat.This versatile saw is moreover
used by a number of international military units and is NATO classified.
The saw is strong and durable with a smart and safe design, quick and
comfortable to use.

The Laplander assortment also includes a robust multipurpose knife

with a stainless steel blade and two-component handle for a variety of
tasks such as meat cutting, fish cleaning, wood carving, paper cutting
Two-component Supplied with a practical
and for preparing meals outdoors. handle for comfortable holster for belt carrying
use and a safe grip

Overall product length 22 cm,

blade length 10 cm

Solid stainless steel blade

for multipurpose use

A B g
mm mm

2444-LAP Multipurpose knife 7314150237463 10 100 120 114


Photography by Erika Larsson

and Kristin Helgesson Svenske