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1. 1. Report on your set task (no more than half a page).


2. 2. In one paragraph, describe your cultural identity, as you perceive it. Then, explain what aspects of

your culture (e.g. certain behaviours, religion, rituals, celebrations, food, language, lifestyle etc) have the

greatest influence on your sense of cultural identity, and why. (Write no more than one page on this


3. 3. Describe a cultural group that you have observed or heard about, but are not involved with. List

cultural traits that you associate with the group. (Do not do any research into this). Briefly state how you

identified the traits on your list (e.g. one observation, repeated observations, from others, movies, etc).

(Answer in point form)

4. 4. Identify at three ways (verbal or non-verbal) that you communicate your identification with your cultural


5. 5. Discuss with others to identify three specific examples in which specific cultures have adapted to

another culture. Why do you think these adaptations occurred?

6. 6. Find one example of an individual or group emphasising their cultural differences, and an example of a

person or group minimising their cultural differences. (You might find examples in the news, in history, in

your own group or among friends). What was/is the benefit to the individual or group in each case, in your


7. 7. Explain how each of the following influences has contributed to your sense of cultural identity (or that

of another person you know, in which case, discuss this question with that person). Be very specific: family

influence economic influence political or social influence psychological influence. (No more than half a