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Early Explorers

Due Date:

Week 10-written due Tuesday June 27th

Week 10-Oral presentations on 27th, 28th, 29th June

Choose one of the explorers from the class list. (Only 2 people per explorer)

You will be required to include the following information about your explorer:

1. Name and picture of the Explorer

2. What can you tell me about your explorers early life?
3. What was their purpose for the expedition(s) and who
financed it?
4. Where and when did they travel? Maps
5. What were the results of the expedition(s)?
6. What was the importance of this discovery?
7. How has this impacted society today?
8. Other Important facts that you would like to include about this


You will present your information in written form and in an oral presentation to
the class.

You may present your information in one of the following ways.

a) Powerpoint
b) Poster
c) Green screen video presentation
d) Booklet
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Required The report
answers all the
The report
answers most of
The report answers
some of the
The report
answers few of
Elements questions about the questions questions about the questions
their explorer about their their explorer. about their
explorer. explorer.
Grammar There are no
There is only one or
There are a few
mistakes on
mistakes on the grammatical mistakes on the the report are
report. mistakes on the report. a distraction
report. and make
Labels All items of
importance are
Some items of
importance are clearly
Few items of
importance are
Labels are too
small to be
clearly labelled with labelled with text that clearly labelled with viewed easily
text that can be can be easily read. text that can be or no important
easily read. easily read. items were
Maps Includes 5 or
more different
Includes 4 or more
different maps or
Includes 3 or more
different maps or
and maps or pictures pictures that enhance pictures that than
that enhance and and relate to report. enhance and relate three
Pictures relate to report. to report. maps or
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relate to
Oral Spoke clearly
and at
Spoke clearly and at
appropriate voice
Did not Speak
clearly and at
Did not
Speak clearly
Presentat appropriate level. appropriate voice and at
voice level. level. appropriate
ion Made some eye voice level.
Made eye contact. Made
contact. some/minimal eye Made
Informed class of contact. minimal /no
Informed class of facts from written eye contact.
facts from report. Informed class of
written report. a few facts from Little
written report. information
/facts given
to class from

Used time well Used time Used some Did not

Use of during each well during of the time use
Class class period. each class well during class
Focused on period. each class time to
Time getting the Usually period. focus on
project done. focused on There was the
Never distracted getting the some focus project
others. project done on getting OR
Worked on the and never the project often
project outside distracted done but distract
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distracted others.