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40% 450-80


Faster on normal roofs and

excellent where there are
guttering and/or uneven or
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small roofs

why the name

The LathKo has its origin in the Nordic
countries, where roofers, for hundred
years, have used a wooden lath templa-
te. Created individually, by each carpen-
ter, for each roof, to fit the tile measure-
ments. This template is known as a LathKo. However, creating this template takes extra time. A new one needs

VERY GOOD when working on hip

GREAT on angled roofs, and

to be created for each roof. The template was neither light, smooth, adjustable, nor did it have a grip that held the
roofs, dormers or when there is a hard to get areas

laths. Therefore Bahco decided to work on this new product, to develop the functions and give roofers a simpler
lack of space
way of roofing. The original name however, remains.

Now roofing is

new LATHko 450-80

introducing the new
LATHKo technical
The LathKo is made of aluminum and the handle is PVC coated to get a comfortable, firm and non-slip grip.
Bahco has developed a new and unique
The adjustment knobs have distinct groves to make the adjustment easy without using any tools.
tool which helps the construction workers
with roofing. There is no such tool on the
market today. The tool makes the work of
placing laths 40% faster than conventional

The roofers today make their own piece of

gauge to set the laths, but those are
unique for each roof and will not help the
roofers to get a firm grip of the lath.

When the roof is covered, before placing the roof thickness of the laths vary, the LathKo is adjusta-
Easy to set the measurement between the tiles, one has to fasten horizontal laths on the ble. The grip of the LathKo is variable from 25mm
laths by adjusting the rear knob by hand. roof. As the roof tiles will rest on these laths it is to 80mm and the measures can be set from
essential that they are parallel to each other. The 220mm up to 455mm. This gives the LathKo a
LathKo helps the roofer to get a firm grip of the very good adaptability for all ordinary roof tiles.
A built in scale makes it easy to fine tune the
laths and to place them in a correct position. The
measurement (E) between the laths. tool is effective when using a pneumatic nailer as The measurements (D) 25-80mm and E 220-
well as traditional hammers. 455mm are easily adjusted with the two knobs
Low weight aluminum. and the scale on the LathKo gives an exact
Since the distance between the laths and the adjustment between the laths.
Easy to adjust to fit the width on the laths by
turning the front locking screws by hand.

Strong grip of the jaws avoids the laths to slip.

The loop in the rear end makes it possible to

place the LathKo in the belt or to place a
locking stripe on it.

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