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A description of the red curcuma ginger plus ( brand Cangkir

Mas ) 1 topless the 330gr

Red ginger curcuma plus (brand Cangkir Mas) made of: extract
red ginger and curcuma, plus sugar, without a preservative and
processed with hygienic and derived from red ginger and

Benefits red ginger plus curcuma:

- Help improve endurance.

- Launch circulatory.

- Relieve coughing, cold, influenza and asthma.

- Relieve catch cold.

- Guard function of the heart.

- Add appetite.

- Fix gastrointestinal functioning. Lowers blood

- Relieve uric acid and rheumatism.

The suggestion: mix two tablespoons into 200cc hot water or be

added ice when like
Red Ginger benefits for treatment efficacy to the body zingiber of
the officinal or known as the red ginger is one tribe ginger that
has long been known to have efficacy pretty well as one of the
medicines .Red ginger having typical on the root, where the
rhizomes red ginger, and also has a spicy taste is caused by the
compound content ketones known as a zingeron .
The chemical content red ginger in general, red ginger formed
from 3 important components the volatile oil , oleoresin , and
starch .The volatile oil in ginger red is the highest of other types
of ginger, at between 2,58-2,72 % .Apart from kompoen the third ,
in red rhizomes ginger there are chemical elements other like: n-
nonylaldehyde , d-camphene , d- phellandrene, methyl
heptenone, cineol , d-borneol, geraniol, linaloo, acetates and
caprylat, citral, chavicol, and zingiberene .