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GROUP PROJECT: October 18th and 25th

At the first class, you will sign up for a presentation on ways to respond to literature; in order to do
so, please follow the steps:

Step 1: Joining groups

You will be in a small group of students and then you will have to select one book from the list

STEVENSON, J. Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde

STEVENSON, J. The treasure island
STEVENSON R. The Bottle Imp
POE, E. The black Cat and other tales
o The Raven
o The Black Cat
o The Cask of Amontillado
FITZGERALD, J. Great Gatsby
HEMINGWAY, E. The Old Man and the Sea
LAMB C. Tales from shakespeare.
o The Tempest
o The Comedy of Errors
o Alls well that Ends well

Step 2: Selecting a style

Choose ONE of the ways to respond to literature


Retrieved from JOURNAL TOPICS (from Nancy A. Mavrogenes 101 Ways to React to Books)

WRITE AND ACT A PARODY OF THE BOOK This kind of humorous imitation appeals to
many students. Parody the entire book or one

CONVERT A BOOK TO A RADIO DRAMA Give a live or taped version about the story -
or a scene from it - as a radio play. Include an
announcer and sound effects.

DO A DRAMATIC READING (READER'S Select the scene and ask friends to help read it
THEATER) OF A SCENE dramatically, while you are acting
PREPARE A TELEVISION COMMERCIAL ABOUT Imagine a book is the basis for a miniseries on
A BOOK television. Prepare and give the television
commercials that would make people want to
watch it.

USE BODY MASKS AND PRESENT A SCENE Make full-sized cardboard figures with cutouts
FROM YOUR BOOK for the face and hands. Use them to dramatize
the scene.

CONVERT THE EVENTS OF A STORY INTO A Write the lyrics and music or adapt words to a
BALLAD OR SONG melody by someone else.

Select a crucial scene from the novel and have

the members of the group act it out. Have one
GROUP PERFORMANCE member interrupt it posing as a reporter. Have
him/her interview each character for an on-
the-scene "minicam" report.

Step 3: Writing a report

Taking into account some of the activities done in class, prepare a paper in which:

You list and describe the symbolism presented in the book (tale, poem...) you chose.
You write one-page review of the most important historical aspects that might have
influenced the authors inspiration. Note: The information could be related to the authors
personal experiences (biography)

Deliver the paper by October 11th Note: Late papers are not accepted.

Reading analysis: August 09th

The mead-hall community by Stephen Pollington

Vocabulary quiz: August 16th

Workshop about Beowulf August 16th

Print the following pages: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,25,26,27

Watch the movie:

Posters: August 30th

In a poster, list the elements you would use in a book which could symbolize a characteristic of
your society and explain what it represents.

Class discussion: Whats the long-term significance of the Industrial

Revolution? September 6th

Students will have to search information about the Industrial Revolution

General topics:

Industrial revolution and its role in the romantic period in British

The struggle of displaced people
Price of the progress
Silas Marner by GEORGE ELIOT 1861 chapter II

Oral Presentations: Victorian Age: September 20th -27th

Victorian Inventions Timeline
Victorian Literature
Victorian Education and society
Victorian most important events
Women in Victorian era

Peer evaluation

______________________________________ _____________________________________
speakers names
______________________________________ _____________________________________
4 1
3 2
Uses appropriate Usually uses Sometimes Uses few appropriate
functions appropriate uses functions and
Content and vocabulary functions appropriate vocabulary to
to communicate and vocabulary functions and communicate
Listeners Listeners Listeners Listeners
understand all understand understand understand little
Comprehensibility most of what less than of what speaker
is said half Is trying to say
Accur All grammar and Usually uses Has problems Makes
word order used correct with language many errors in
correctly grammar and usage usage
word order
Speech is Few problems Has some Hesitates often
clear and natural, with no With hesitation, problems and struggles
Fluency hesitation. Good intonation pronunciation, with hesitation, with pronunciation,
intonation pronunciation, intonation
Evaluated by Grand total
Teacher evaluation
Students names:

Category Scoring Criteria Points Score
The type of presentation is appropriate for the topic 5
Organization and audience.
(15 points) Information is presented in a logical sequence. 5
Presentation appropriately cites requisite number of 5
Introduction is attention-getting, lays out the problem 5
well, and establishes a framework for the rest of the
Content Technical terms are well-defined in language 5
(45 points) appropriate for the target audience.
Presentation contains accurate information. 10
Material included is relevant to the overall 10
Appropriate amount of material is prepared, and 10
points made reflect well their relative importance.
There is an obvious conclusion summarizing the 5
Speaker maintains good eye contact with the 5
audience and is appropriately animated (e.g.,
gestures, moving around, etc.).
Presentation Speaker uses a clear, audible voice. 5
(40 points) Delivery is poised, controlled, and smooth. 5
Good language skills and pronunciation are used. 5
Visual aids are well prepared, informative, effective, 5
and not distracting.
Length of presentation is within the assigned time 5
Information was well communicated. 10
Score Total Points 100