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Missionary Enrichment

One of the big events during the month

of July was attending ABWE’s
Missionary Enrichment Conference
Contact Details hosted at Messiah College. The week
Email started out with a huge picnic with carnival games – all put on by the staff
of our home office. We then settled onto
Phone the campus of Messiah to then attend
O Cell > 570-561-4162 various meetings, Bible times and chat
O Home > 570-689-2681 sessions. The teens had their own
program which included challenges from
Address God’s Word, late night bowling, river
41 Missionary Retreat Road tubing and messy games.
Jefferson Twp, PA 18436
Many awards were handed out during
the adult sessions. It was humbling to The Community Connection
see many receive awards for godly Thank you for praying on behalf of the churches
service for 35 (and even 50) years by in South Africa. Continue to pray that there would
Blog faithful servants who continue to find be fruit from the evangelism efforts made during ways to spread the gospel. the World Cup months as well as Holiday Bible Club. Several men have been going through
ME Conference is also about training to become our church’s first deacons.
relationships. We greatly enjoyed The leadership is also in the process of searching
Praises for suitable land to purchase. This will be a costly
spending time with former colleagues,
• Praise the Lord for process as land is very expensive in our area.
current co-workers, and even meeting
sending new Please pray that God would supply just the right
future co-workers. Pray for Bill and Lisa
missionaries to South parcel of ground at the right price. Please also
Sheets (pictured above) as they begin
Africa pray for Paul, our student pastor, as he is busy
the process of preparing for ministry in
• We are thankful for a South Africa. Our children also enjoyed with his last year of Bible college studies.
great ME Conference making new friends which even included
a set of MK twins from Australia. On the Home Front
Prayer Needs During the Thompson family reunion this past
• Pray that God would Support Update month we held a little high school graduation
provide 38 more units Last month we mentioned a 40 x 40 ceremony for Renee. She has a few more final
who are willing to join challenge whereby we were praying for exams to write and she will have completed her
our support team 40 individuals or churches to give $40 senior year condensed into the first half of the
• Pray for Renee as per month in support so that we can year. She is due to begin college on 20 August,
she begins college in attain our goal of full support in order to which is just around the corner. Pray for a great
August leave for South Africa. The good news transition to this new phase of life for all of us.
• Pray for godly men is that we had one couple take the Pray also that God would supply the funds for
who will step forward challenge as our first new supporters! Renee’s college education.
to lead our churches We had several others raise what they
in South Africa are currently doing to add up to another Please pray for two of our supporting churches
• Pray for needed 40. That leaves us at needing 38 more that are in the process of looking for a new lead
affordable land for to go. We would love to be able to pastor:
The Community return to South Africa using our original • Heritage Baptist Church, Clarks Summit, PA
Connection return tickets, leaving mid-October. If • Central Baptist Church, Binghamton, NY
• Pray for Barbara, a you would like to join our support team
missionary in our SA go to and under “Give” We are thankful for your encouragement and
church, who just place our account number (011060) and support. May God bless you in the month ahead.
found out she has the amount you would like to contribute.
breast cancer Or you may send us a note mentioning Love –
your intention. We will keep you posted.
Steve, Julie, Renee, Emily, Kristen and Josh