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A Daily Practice of Bhurkuka

by Dudjom Rinpoche


lama chok sum yidam lhar
In the lama, the Three Jewels and the yidam deity

gp kyab chi kha nyam dro
With devotion, I take refuge. So that all beings, as infinite as space,

lam chang chub chok tob chir
May attain supreme, unsurpassable awakening,

mewa tsekpa gompar gyi
I shall meditate on Bhurkuka.

three times

tongp ngang l kechik gi
From the state of emptiness, instantly,

natsok p nyi den tengdu
Upon lotus and sun disc seats,

rangnyi tro chen metsek ni
I appear as the great wrathful Bhurkuka,

ting nak zer kn trowa
Dark blue in colour and emanating rays of light,


chak nyi tukkar dikdzub dz
With two hands at my heart displaying the threatening mudr,

trow chaluk dzokpar gom
And complete with all the attributes of a wrathful heruka.

n sum yig trodu l
Through the emanation and re-absorption of syllables at my three centres,

shyitr tsok kn chendrang tim
All the peaceful and wrathful ones are invited and dissolve into me.

tukkar p nyir hung ting tar
At my heart upon a lotus and sun disc is a blue syllable h,

d ngak galm khorlo shyin
Surrounded by the mantra, whirling like a blazing firebrand.

m yi tsatsa truk ching tro
As I recite the mantra, sparks of flame flicker and shoot out

nj nyamchak kn sek gyur
To burn away completely all harm and breakages of samaya.

om bhurkur mah pranaya bhurtsi bhurki bimal utsukma krodha radza hung p

For major defilements recite the mantra one hundred times. For average defilements recite it fifty times, and for
minor defilements recite it twenty-one times. And blow into your nostrils.

n ch rang tim rang nyi kyang
The outer and inner world dissolves into me,


sal nyukm ngang du yel
And I too fade into the genuine state of clear light.

lar yang trogyal kur shar t
Then again, I arise in the form of the King of Wrath,

mi tn chok kun sungwar gyur
To protect against all adversity.

gewa di yi nyur du dak
Through this merit, may I swiftly

mewa tsekpa drub gyur n
Accomplish Bhurkuka,

drowa chik kyang ma lpa
And bring every other being too

d yi sa la gpar shok
To that level of realisation.

Dedicate the virtue, and recite verses of auspiciousness.

By Jna.
Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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