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Senior Practicum Daily/Formal Lesson Planning Template Winter 2017

Name: Rachel Schwieger Formal Unit Lesson # __4___ or Daily Lesson# _____Lesson Date: 2/9/17
Lesson Element Your Description of Criteria
Lesson type Discovery
Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings1, sounds (e.g., claps),
acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations.
Blooms and Blooms: Sythesize/evaluate/create
DOK DOK: Extended Thinking
Objective Students will be able to cut out the numbers from the bottom of the worksheet and paste them into the correct
box on the top of the worksheet with 100% accuracy.
Assessment I will check their worksheet to see if they have the right numbers in the right boxes.
Materials Need Worksheet
Key Partner numbers
Vocabulary Pair numbers
Math sentence
Expectations Students will cut out all the numbers and paste them onto the correct spots on the worksheet.
This can be done with level one voices.
Anticipatory Alright boys and girls, we are working with the number 8 today. We get to cut and color today!
Instructional I need everyone to cut the numbers out on the bottom of the page. Then you will paste the numbers in the boxes
Inputs on the top of page. Keep your voices down to a level one when doing your work.
Modeling I will not show them step by step this time. I will just point to each item to as I describe how to do it. I want
them to try it by themselves to see if they can without me showing an example.
Guided Once they have all started, I will begin to cut out the numbers and begin pasting. If they need help after they
Practice try it the first time themselves, they can look at mine.
Closure Alright boys and girls, lets clean up our area.
Differentiation Help students as needed. I know the usuals that will need more one on one instruction to explain what to do.
Independent Have students finish at home if they did not finish in the class.
Practice /
Transitions Alright boy and girls, walk your worksheet back to your cubbies and put your head down to show me you are
ready to rotate.
Reflections I was actually really impressed how well the students did with this worksheet. They had never worked with
bonding numbers before and it showed, but they worked hard. I think I can work on rephrasing my questions
when they do not understand what I asked the first time. I had a hard time working on the spot to come up
with another way to phrase the question but it ended up working out in the end. Denote, Sam, and Kam really
understood what was asked of them on this worksheet and were able to work ahead of everyone else.