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Gradient Magnetometer



Utilising GEMs High Sensitivity Potassium Sensors

Celebrating 35 Years
Leading the World of Magnetics

GEM Systems is the number one

global leader in the manufacture
and sale of high precision

GEM is the only commercial

manufacturer of Overhauser
magnetometers, that are accepted
and used at Magnetic Observatories
over the world. The autonomous GEM MONARCH gradiometer system on its launcher

Our Potassium Magnetometers are Features

the most precise magnetometers Gradient Magnetic UAV Surveys
The GEM Gradient Magnetometer UAV
in the world. System features two highly sensitive optically
UAVs can now be used to perform airborne
pumped Potassium Sensors for
Our Proton sensors are considered geophysical surveys. Map the spatial
uncompromised measurement capability. The
the most practical and robust variations in the Earths magnetic field for a
GSMP-35UAV magnetometers have been
magnetometers for general field use. variety of useful applications. Explore mineral
specially designed to provide our typical 0.3
potential, map UXOs and Archeology in high
pT sensitivity and form the core of GEMs
Proven reliability based on 35 resolution.
UAV solution. These light weight
years of R&D UAV borne magnetic and gradient surveys
magnetometers offer the highest sensitivity
can be carried out in areas that are too
available in the industry.
We deliver fully integrated systems dangerous, too remote, or too expensive for
with GPS and additional survey equivalent ground or airborne surveys
capability with VLF-EM for featuring manned aircraft.
convenience and high productivity UAV borne magnetic surveys can deliver
quality data in environments where
Today we are creating the absolute topography and safety standards prohibit
Potassium Magnetometers
best in airborne sensors and are manned aircrafts from acquiring data at
Two specially designed GEM Potassium
leading the way in super sensitive optimum terrain clearances.
GSMP-35UAV magnetometers with 0.3 pT
potassium sensors specially sensitivity
designed for highly sensitive Reliable and Stable Aerial Vehicle Advantages of Potassium
studies with super large sensors
for research of Natural Hazards GEMs MONARCH Magnetic Gradiometer UAV Optically Pumped Technology
globally and now smaller and is built on a customized version of the tested Highest sensitivity and absolute accuracy
lighter sensors for practical UAV Tempest aircraft airframe developed by optically pumped magnetometers available
applications. UASUSA. The low carbon airframe has been on the market
customised by aerodynamic wing tip pods for Potassium narrow spectral line minimizes
Our Leadership and Success in the the specialised magnetometer sensors. heading and orientation errors
World of Magnetics is Modifications have been incorporated to the Low maintenance cost on sensors
Your key to success in applications aircraft control hardware to minimize High quality results in areas of high
from Archeology, Volcanology and magnetic interference. gradients
UXO detection to Exploration and
Magnetic Observation Globally.
GEM Systems, Inc.
135 Spy Court Markham, ON Canada L3R 5H6
Phone: 1 905 752 2202 Fax: 1 905 752 2205
Toll-Free: 1 888 397 4083
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Robust and Lightweight

GEM data acquisition(DAS) & power Autonomous Aircraft

distribution system

The GEM DAS module provides
interfaces for all onboard electronics 70 km/hr (Cruise)
via configurable RS232 Ports to 160 km/hr (Max)
GPS/DGPS receivers, for 50 km/hr (Stall)
Data output of left and right sensor (Total Field)
magnetometer sensors, and laser Measured Gradient nT/m (Scale 2nT peak to peak) from
Range (with gradiometer payload)
altimeters. survey flown at 300ft height Up to 1.5 hours at cruise speed
( Southern Ontario) Production
Navigation, Launch & accessories Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 100 linear km's per flight (of high-res mag
gradient data) with short ferry flights
U-blox NEO-7 GPS Receiver with The airframe is V2(RIF) Radio Interference Free
multiple flights per day are expected; changing aircraft
Antenna and has been tested in extreme weather and can batteries and re-launching the aircraft requires minutes
Pixhawk Autopilot and Mission fly in winds up to 80 km/hr. The aircraft has been
Planner Ground Station deployed from weather balloons at 58,000 ft.
(features safety return to launch, auto 22 lbs
(Also used in the study of tornado's) so the
takeoff/landing) aircraft and its onboard systems are designed for Wingspan (sensor separation)
Micro Laser altimeter for extreme cold and winds. When compared to 3.2 metres
monitoring and controlling terrain other UAV vehicles, the Tempest offers an Autopilot
clearance excellent combination of available payload, standard operation within 13.0 km of
Catapult Launch device, open space extended range, affordable price, and most guidance base station, upgradeable to
landing importantly minimal magnetic interference. 80.0 km
Airtronics 10 channel 2.4GHz radio
control The magnetometers operate autonomously
Li-Po Batteries - 1.5 hrs flying similar to the UAV. Magnetic data are marked
capacity with time and position from the UAVs GPS Potassium Magnetic Gradiometer
navigation system. Maps in spatial variations in
the magnetic field intensity and gradient can be Sensor
improved by applying digital compensation,
Sensitivity: 0.3pT
available from GEM Systems.
Range: 15,000 to 120,000 nT
Gradient Tolerance: 50,000 nT/m
UAV Requirements for Permits
Samples at: 1, 5, 10, 20 Hz
Mission Planner Regulations vary for different jurisdictions. Since
the Airframe has a maximum takeoff weight in a
Compensation Performance
range between 2 kg and 25 kg, as of Nov 2014 Improvement Ratio (total field):
Transport Canada will issue to operators an 10 20, typical
exemption to the requirement to obtain a Special
Flight Operating Certificate(SFOC) for a UAV Compensation Accuracy
flight. The Tempest airframe has more Standard deviation of ~ 20 pT for flight
Certificates of Authorization (COAs) issued by the
FAA in the USA than any other commercially Sensor Weight and Dimensions
available UAV platform. In Ontario, Canada the GEM Potassium Sensor GSM UAV35 .42kg
complete system was flown under SFOC. GEM DAS data acquisition .42kg
Acquisition Cabling (inc)
Total for 2 sensors and electronics 1.7kg

Preparation for launch and controller Environmental

Operating Temperature: -40C to +55C
Just before launch Storage Temperature: -70C to +55C

GEM Systems, Inc.

135 Spy Court Markham, ON Canada L3R 5H6
Phone: 1 905 752 2202 Fax: 1 905 752 2205
Toll-Free: 1 888 397 4083

Email: Web: