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Script for Aquianas Third Way to Prove Gods Existence (Necessity and Probability) Integrated
in Politics & Governance


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Anchor 2: Marcos Buried After 27 Years at the Manila Heroes Cemetery!

Anchor 1: Donald Trump wins 2016 Election!

Anchor 2: President Duterte to skip the APEC in Peru!

Anchor 1: China pivot makes Trump effect to Philippines limited, says NEDA!

Anchor 2: Coming up next is the exclusive interview of the famous political analyst; David
Dimatimag regarding Aquinas Third Way Theory.

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Anchor 1: Onto the exclusive interview, let us welcome Mr. Dimatibag. Good day, sir!
David Dimatibag: Good Day, A & B! And good day, to our valuable listeners, it is such an honor
to be here.

Anchor 1: Well, sir what is todays main topic for our current issues?

Dimatibag: Today, I certainly want to talk about the current events and issues our society have
been facing and relate them to a famous philosopher and saints point of view, particularly St.
Aquinas Third Way of Proving Gods existence.

Anchor 2: That sounds extremely interesting, sir! But can you first kindly define Aquinas Third
Way for the enlightenment of our listeners before we get deeper into the topic?

Dimatibag: Absolutely. Theologically speaking, when you talk about Aquinas Third Way; it has
something to do with contingent beings (possibility) and necessary beings (necessity). A
contingent being is anything that is possible both to exist and not to exist. For example, you and
I are contingent, as well as trees, dogs, cats, the earth, the moon, the stars, galaxies, the law
and even the entire universe. It is possible for all things such us human race to pass out of
existence. But if everything were contingent, if the universe has existed forever, then all would
have passed out of existence by now. But things do exist now, so there must exist a necessary
being, one that cannot pass out of existence, and this necessary being is God.

Anchor 1: Thats unequivocally thought-provoking, sir. How can we relate the Third Way Theory
to our political concerns and issues then?

Dimatibag: If we were to put the theory in a political context, lets think of this way: we can
consider the law and the government as the contingent beings in this framework, meaning
the law and government is something that can possibly exist or not exist. It can take its form and
lose its form. Now, if you were to be asked to think about the necessary being when you think of
the law and government, what would it be?

Anchor 2: I think, it is just and equitable to answer that the people would be the necessary
being for the law and government. The law and government obviously gets its existence from
the people. Am I correct?

Dimatibag: Thats unequivocally correct! Furthermore, we have to remember that through the
peoples necessary existence; law and politics get down the line and sink deeper and deeper
into reality. The people is the essence of the government. Politics, law and government exists
constantly because it relies on the people. And if the people were to eradicate the idea of
government and law, it could immediately pass into nothingness. And, thats the whole idea of
Aquinas Third Way of Proving Gods Existence in a political context.

Anchor 1: That is undeniably mind-blowing, sir. How would you interconnect the theory if we
were to relate that into the current events of society?

Anchor 2: For example, given the rampant reaction of the recently elected presidents such as
Donald Trump of the United States, President Duterte of our own country or Vladimir Putin of
Russia. How can you apply the theory?
Dimatibag: Thats an excellent question. You see, the president, likewise to the law and
government, is a contingent being in this context. A president can possibly exist or not exists
with the accordance of the pronouncement of the people. In effect, the people is still considered
the necessary being.

Anchor 1: So, what youre trying to say that a countrys future still relies on its people?

Dimatibag: Exactly. The people is the essence of government. Theyre the ones who get to
control the sails of their country. The people can always turn the tide in a heartbeat.
Furthermore, the reasons these individuals are elected as the president is all because of the
peoples choice.

Anchor 2: Moving on to the next question, sir. If you were to incorporate Aquinas Third Way
theory to the recent incident of former President Ferdinand Marcos burial in the Heroes

Dimatibag: Thats a fascinating query. If I were to incorporate the theory, Ill definitely define the
burial or the grave of President Ferdinand Marcos burial as the contingent being. It can or
cannot exist while peoples sentiments are the necessity being.

Anchor 1: If we were to use the Aquinas Third Way of point of view, do you think it would be
proper to bury former president Marcos in the Heroes Cemetery?

Dimatibag: If we were to look things at that perspective, it would hardly matter. The thing about
the Third Way is that its all about the essence. Mr. Marcos burial is something that can take
form or lose its form. Its something that can happen or never happen. However, the peoples
sentimentalities will remain behind regardless of whatever may happen. And thats what matters
in the third way; what matters is how he will be remembered through the peoples sentiments
not the physical being of how he is buried.

Anchor 2: I see, sir. This has been an interesting conversation, sir. Thank you for your time. It is
an honor to have you here.

Dimatibag: It has certainly been a pleasure for me, anchor A & B!

Anchor 1: And, that wraps it up ladies and gentlemen. I hope you learned through our todays
venture and hopefully we learned how to look into things in the third way!

Anchor 2: Definitely. Hopefully, our group would get a plus of fifteen points in their long test!

Anchor 1: Once again, from the center of the latest, the hottest and the most updated
Benildean Politics & Governance news, youre tuning into

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Anchor 2: Hope you will all have a good weekend!