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What's New :

v0.800c- Fixed up sound speeds. Timers were computed incorrectly.
- Fixed a sprite priority bug
- Fixed up a bug that prevented the gui to be disabled
- Fixed up SPC capture
- Fixed a bug when VIRQ is set on the same scanline as NMI
- Implemented an automatic .IPS patcher. Just rename your .IPS
file to the rom filename with the .IPS extension and ZSNES will
patch the rom realtime without modifying the rom file's contents.
Thanks to Neill Corlett for most of the .IPS info!
- Snapshot capture/skip 2 frames option now returns back to
the proper menu item
- Fixed a calibration bug with 6/8button joysticks
- Fixed up display in 640x480x8 new gfx engine
- Fixed up hi resolution displays in all 640x480x8b modes
- Fixed up a bug where Mode 7 becomes corrupt after selecting
Save CFG from the GUI
- Fixed a memory map bug in lorom DSP1 games
- Fixed a potential DSP1 crashing bug where a negative value is
being square rooted
- Hopefully fixed the modem bug when using an IRQ that is bigger than 7
- Fixed up an ADSR bug for games that changes ADSR mid-sample
- Fixed up echo emulation (possibly slowed down emulation)
- Fixed up a sprite caching bug
- Fixed up a DSP1 byte check stall bug
- Implemented a commandline to disable spc700 speed hacks (-7)
Might help with some compatibility
- Implemented SA-1 support (most functions emulated)! Unfortunately,
it's still buggy. Thanks to the snes9x team for providing info!
- Fixed a bug when selecting drive A/B while a disk is not
in the drive caused a long check sequence
- Implemented Keyboard support to most of Option, Sound, and GUI
Option configurations in the GUI
- Changed sound init code a bit. Hopefully improves sound card
compatibility, but might also ruin it.
- Implemented off by 1 line fix (-9). This may help compatibility and
fix some minor graphic glitches, but may also ruin some too.
v0.715 - Fixed a crashing bug when 16bit back window clipping was using
an undefined windowing clip buffer
- Added spc program counter check to the spc stall detection to
reduce false alarms
- Tweaked IRQ processing a bit
- ZSNES.CFG and ZGUICFG.DAT are now fixed so that they will use
the current directory when the SET CMDLINE detection fails
- Fixed several mode 7 bugs in the new graphic engines
- Implemented an option to save the configuration files in the
MISC menu
- Added a shadow to the in-game text displays
- Fixed a bug created in v0.700 where pressing F3 while sound
is disabled crashes zsnes
- Fixed up player 4 and player 5 so they now work again
- Fixed up color a bit in the old graphics 16bit engine
- Added gamma control to 16bit old graphics engine
- Fixed a cheat code bug where pressing the down key in the
browser overflows by 3 rows
- Fixed up a bug where any memory allocation below 48mbit support
- Added out of memory error when loading a file from the gui
- Fixed a minor off by 1 pixel windowing bug
- Fixed up memory requirements in the readme.txt. It seems like
compiling with C takes up 3.0 more megs. It shouldn't though.
An asm only version will be release later without dsp1/ipx support
unless the reason is figured out.
NOTE : It seems like IPX mode randomly loses packets in certain
configurations so IPX isn't recommended to use yet.
v0.700 - Fixed another offset per tile mode bug
- Fixed up joystick button update rate
- Fixed a bug that caused sound buffer dump option to crash
- Fixed a minor sound initialization bug
- ZSNES now compiles with C code!
- Fully rewritten commandline parser routines
- Partially rewritten SET BLASTER/SET CMDLINE detection
- Implemented partial DSP1 support. Seems to have some
precision problems. Thanks to the snes9x team for the info!
- Fixed a mode 7 nonrepeat mode off by 1 tile bug
- Implemented snapshot/increment by 2 frame feature in the F1 menu
for those interested in producing animations
- Added variable sound buffer size to reduce static in higher
sampling rates
- Changed method of reading the mouse cursor position in the GUI.
Hopefully, this fixes those mouse crash problems when zsnes is
run in pure dos and sometimes win95.
- Added a commandline to disable palette 0 (back color) modification
in 256 color modes
- Implemented Turbo Buttons for buttons A,B,X, and Y. Use the GUI to
define those keys
- Added the ability to toggle Turbo Change speed to 30hz instead
of 60hz in the Options menu
- Started C4 chip emulation. Nothing is playable yet.
- Fixed up SET CMDLINE detection. Hopefully, zsnes.cfg and
zguicfg.dat will now end up in the correct directory.
- Started Modem Support (direct modem to modem).
DOS-Compatible modem required! Thanks to Dark Force for helping
out on getting a bug that kept USR's and other modems from working!
Also thanks to The Minder for a lot of help testing!
Note : Modem mode isn't free of bugs
- Added in-game chat key to the GUI keys for modem/net support.
Currently defaulted to 't'
- Forgot to add EMMS after any MMX routines that seems to cause
any FPU instructions to crash
- Fixed an interrupt re-enable bug in the Gamepad Pro code which
seems to have eliminated the locking bugs when it's not set on
GrIP mode
- Implemented keys to adjust Frame Rate up or down during
gameplay. You can define them through the GUI under Gamekeys
- Implemented keys to slide the volume level up or down during
- Fixed a small HDMA screw up bug when using Save/Load states
which caused the screen to flicker once in many games
- Finally fix up 48mbit mapper support! Many thanks to Dark Force,
Mike Gilroy, and Frank Hughes for a lot of help on this!
- Several fixes to register 4211h
- Rewrote IRQ timing handler (not perfect, but better)
- Implemented Fossil Driver support to the modem support.
- Fixed an IRQ reenable bug
- Increased default cycles a bit
- Fixed some major mode 7 rotation bugs
- Added support for uninterleaved 48mbit roms
- Added a FIX option to the cheat code to correct incorrectly
converted codes
- Implemented Mode 7 horizontal flip
- Implemented primitive IPX support. It is very primitive at
the moment and may not work since it isn't really tested much.
- Optimised some 65816 direct page addressing modes
NOTE : .ZMV (Movie) files recorded under v0.635 has good potential
on becoming obsolete in this version because of the timing changes
NOTE : IPX support and Modem support may be buggy since it hasn't
been tested on multiple types of connections yet.
v0.635 - Sidewinder fix options are now swapped since the majority seems
to work better with the other sidewinder routine.
- Implemented EXTBG mode7 in 256 color old graphics engine.
- Fixed a DSP Sound bug where some sound effects weren't played in
certain games
- Tweaked joystick routines again
- Fixed up a bug where sometimes loading a game after playing
another game screws up emulation
- Optimised 640x480x8, 512x384x8, and 512x384x16 video modes
- Implemented EXTBG mode7 in 65536 color old graphics engine.
- Fixed an offset per tile mode range clipping bug
- Fixed up offset per tile mode in new gfx 8bit engine
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash when a state is loaded while
playing/recording a movie file
- Optimised new gfx 16bit non-transparency mode
- Implemented SPC700 stall detection/recovery attempt
- Fixed up a new header detection bug in v0.625
- Modified memory allocation routines. Hope this fixes those
random crash problems that some people seem to have
- Fixed a sound bug where the song leaks after it ends,
sometimes producing an unwanted beep
- Optimised new gfx 16bit transparency modes
- Multiple DSP sound bug fixes
- Implemented transparencies in high res 16x8 tiles
- Implemented a command line to disable the sound DSP (-dd). Use
-s and -dd if you want spc700 emulation to be enabled without sound
to improve compatibility
- Fixed a bug where joystick support makes the emulation slow
- Had to remove some memory allocated variables and convert them
to arrays since they were causing random crashes on specific
- Fixed up pressing save state/load state in game so that it doesn't
clear any key presses
v0.625 - Fixed up a major speed drop bug by just adding some empty space.
Most likely a cache/alignment problem.
- Used an older version of wdosx because the new version sometimes
crashes during compiling
- Executable is now uncompressed. It's 3 megs, but it provides a
much faster start up time.
- Seems like EPACK can only support a maximum of 6 commandlines.
Fixed after executable is decompressed
- Fixed a bug where buttons 7 and 8 of 8 button joystick support
sticks once pressed
- Swapped button 5/6 and 7/8 in the default joystick configuration
for 8 button joysticks
- It seems like 16bit HDMA < 5 was causing problems with some
sound cards. It now reroutes back to 8bit DMA like how v0.400
did it.
- Implemented a new offset per tile mode engine into the old
graphics engine (mostly transferred from 8bit newgfx engine)
- Implemented Horizontal offset per tile mode in both 8bit and
16 bit old graphics engine (Mode2/8x8 only)
- Implemented Horizontal offset per tile mode in 8bit new graphics
engine (Mode2/8x8 only)
- Tweaked sidewinder routines. Hopefully, this will help those who
have troubles using sidewinder support
- For those with sidewinder pads who has troubles with the tweaked
routines, a 'Sidewinder Fix' option in the GUI is added in the
Config/Options menu
- Commandline -i now uninterleaves an incorrectly interleaved rom
- Tweaked GamePad Pro routines. Not exactly sure if this will help
those with 2 GPP joysticks though
- Fixed up sticky buttons in the GUI cheat menu when no cheat
codes are present
- Fixed a bug where using -1 and -2 in the commandlines didn't
activate the joystick movement/buttons
- Fixed an offset per tile mode wrapping bug
- ZSNES will now not crash when zsnes.cfg and zguicfg.dat are
write protected files
- Fixed up the GUI when 239 y resolution is used in the game
- Optimised some minor mode 7 routines
- SNES Header display in the GUI now displays the filename for
blank headers. This will fail for headers with garbled header
- Inserted an extra reminder in the cheat menu
- Implemented 239 y-resolution support for .PCX snapshots
- Implemented 239 y-resolution support for .BMP snapshots
- Added multiple .SPC saves (Up to 10 saves only)
- Save State Selection Menu (default F3) now highlights used
state boxes in red
- Tweaked 2player/6button/8button joystick routines a bit
- Fixed a cheat code bug where pressing TAB adds an extra character
at the end of the address
- Removed the blank line from the .PCX and .BMP snapshots
- Implemented Joystick Calibration for non digital joysticks
- Fixed a bug where parallel port LPT2 player 2 wasn't selectable
in v0.605
- Stabilized the joystick code a bit
- Fixed up a cheat code bug where using a PAR code that accesses
RAM doesn't freeze when the .cht file is loaded
- Added a small delay to play a note when a key on is issued from
the sound DSP. Not sure if this fixes anything though
- Fixed some sound compatibility problems when RESET is used
- Implemented Movie Record/Playback support. Read GUINotes.txt
for details.
- Added a small detection for long filenames and prevented users from
selecting it when it isn't detected
- Fixed a bug where max frame skip didn't save
- Fix a timing bug where running a game off the gui ran 1 less
line in the 65816 than running off the commandline
- Implemented FPS at start option in the Config/Options menu
- Fixed a bug in the newgfx16bit engine where 8bpp tiles displayed
- Reduced the filesize by 1200k through many changes in the code
(filesize is now 2.0 megs)
- Fixed some VIRQ bugs that caused certain games to crash
- Added DMA area execution for IRET
- Added a 'Bugs Section' in the readme.txt
- Show all extensions is now disabled when snes header view is
selected in the GUI
- Implemented partial Direct Color mode in Mode 7 (no transparencies
yet, only works in 16bit old gfx engine)
- Improved header detection a bit
- Fixed up a sprite bug in games which changes the address in
the middle of the screen
v0.605 - Fixed up a FPS display bug when switching between auto frame rate
and manual frame rate in the GUI
- Cheat Codes can now be toggled ON/OFF by double clicking on them
- Tab key now switches from the Cheat Code enter box to the
Description box
- Fixed a Save State/Load State bug in the menu where it saved
in the load directory instead of the save directory
- Implemented 8button joystick support (Not tested)
- Implemented an option in the .cfg file to enable reversed
stereo sound (ReverseStereo)
- Implemented an option in the .cfg file to share Player 1 and
Player 2 controls with Player 3 and Player 4's controls. This
option allows you to use 2 devices (Joystick and Keyboard) for
both player 1 and player 2, but this also disables MultiTap
support. (Pl34to12Share)
- Added Reverse Stereo to the GUI under config/sound
- Added Player 3, Player 4 to use as Player 1, Player 2 in the
GUI under config/options
- Compiled under a new version of wdosx. Hope this doesn't cause
any problems
v0.601 - Fixed up a sound card deinit bug that sometimes caused ZSNES to
crash in certain sound cards
- Disabled Autoinit mode when a low sampling rate is used in 8bit
sound. Probabily was also causing problems in some cards
Note : The offset per tile mode in the 16bit oldgfx engine seems
to randomly crash sometimes for an unknown reason. If 16bit mode
crashes for you and 8bit doesn't, press the '0' key in 16bit mode
to disable that mode.
Welcome Pharos to the team, his role is currently a coding assitant.
So far, he helped us objectize the zsnes source code which greatly
helped in the compile time, provided assembly help, and helped us
prepare on linking C code to zsnes (not completely there yet).
Note : It is strongly recommended to not use the 16-bit new
graphics engine yet because of bugs and speed concerns. It
is enabled only in 320x240x65536 for those who are interested.
- Added partial 65816 execution in the DMA registers (doesn't seem to
fix mucht due to some other problem) Thanks to Alucard for this
info! This also slowed down emulation a bit.
- Implemented sprite priority correction into the new graphics engine
- Implemented mosaic into the new graphics engine
- Implemented true 512 horizontal resolution into new graphics
engine (both 16x8 and 16x16 tile modes)
- Implemented interlaced 448 vertical resolution into new graphics
- Implemented offset per tile mode into the new graphics engine
(Mode 2/Vertical only). More accurate compared to the old
graphics engine. (seems to be a bug where the game gets very
slow sometimes though)
- Started 16-bit new graphics engine
- Implemented sprite priority correction in 16bit new gfx engine
- Implemented palette raster effects in 16bit new gfx engine
- Fixed a minor bg enable/disable bug in the new gfx engine
- Multiple SPC700 bug fixes. More games run now!
- Implemented SPCPlay sound engine into zsnes :
- Echo & FIR Filter Support (Slowed down emulation, but
gives better sound) Thanks to feenix65 for info on FIR Filter!
- Volume fixes
- Rewrote ADSR/GAIN engine
- Added Adjustable Volume through the commandline and zsnes.cfg
- 16000 and 32000 extra sampling rates
- Many other bug fixes
- Fixed a minor HDMA bug
- Fixed an old style joystick read bug that prevented the joypad
from functioning in certain games
- Several optimisations on Echo & FIR Filter
- Several Sound DSP Fixes
- Temporarily fixed a V-latch bug in some games that don't update the
display at every frame
- Add/Removed some game hacks for compatibility
- Modified Song Start Search in .spc capture. Should be much better now.
- Fixed a sprite window clipping bug where it was used when it's not
supposed to be.
- Modified memory allocation technique in zsnes. This should now
eliminate some random crash errors. Thanks to Y0SHi for this
- -c now does full screen instead of small screen in 640x480 modes.
For small screen, use -cc
- Fixed a back area 1/2 addition bug which caused the background
to be sometimes darker than usual
- Fixed a mode 7 transparency bug
- Added 8-bit stereo sound and 8-bit sound high speed mode support
(high speed mode support is just the implementation of 8bit 44100khz
or 22050khz stereo) Thanks to Crono for a lot of help on this!
- Fixed up sound blaster deinit code
Thanks again to Crono!
- Wrote an entirely new GUI :
- Mouse driven GUI/Menu Based
- Full Keyboard Support in all the Quick (Arrow Menu), Load,
and Cheat menu items
- Ability to display load names under 8.3 filename format, snes
header name, and win95 long filenames
- Support for Save State, Load State, and Select State through
menu items
- Quick Load Menu (Arrow menu) which allows you to quickly load
the last 10 games loaded
- Ability to Freeze or Clear the Quick Load Menu
- An Options menu which allows you to configure settings such
as video mode, sound settings, frame skip, etc.
- Added the ability to customize the game keys such as
the save state key, misc toggles, etc.
- Ability to use those keys as joystick buttons
- Customizeable background palette displacement
- Several minor GUI customization features
- Ability to quickly exit/enter the GUI with the right
mouse button (Disabled by default)
- Ability to Enter Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, or Game
Finger Cheat Codes
- Ability to browse the cheat codes and Toggle or Remove
the codes
- Ability to Save/Load Cheat Codes (saves them as .CHT files
in the same directory as the .SRM/.ZST files)
- Ability to Select Input Devices for each joypad
- Ability to Define Keys/Button configuration for each joypad
- Joypad can now move in the GUI (disabled by default)
- Added some future reserve menus (Netplay, Cheat Search Engine)
But they are NOT implemented in zsnes yet.
- Fixed a bug when clearing the screen in 640x480x65536
- Implemented full add, half add, full subtract, and
half subtract into the new 16bit graphics engine
Not sure why, but some transparency modes are actually slower
than the old engine. Most likely flushing the cache a lot
- Implemented background transparencies into new 16bit graphics engine
(implemented incorrectly at the moment. Some transparency modes
also is slower than the old graphics engine, but that will change
in the future)
- Implemented fixed color transparencies (very incorrect because of
lack of windowing)
- Fixed a minor bug in the fast forward routines
- Rewrote most of the 65816 speed hack. It should now be a lot
more friendly with games (reduced graphic glitches/increased
- Fixed a bug in Mode7 with Windowing and Transparency enabled
- Allowed 16bit HDMA sound blaster values less than 5 to be used.
Not exactly sure if this works though.
- Implemented Mouse Disable Command Line (-j)
- Rewrote Input Device Routines (Keyboard, Joystick, SNES Mouse,
and Super Scope Handlers)
- Added GamePad Pro Support (Don't know if it works on a standard
GrIP system though). Thanks to Marius Fodor for the code!
- Added Snes Parallel Port Support for both LPT1 and LPT2.
Thanks to Karl for the code!
- Added MultiTap (Multiplayer 5) Support! (Only up to 4 players at
the moment though)
- Joystick Port 209h support
- Fixed an overflow caching bug in the new gfx engine where a few games
run very slow
- Added some C -> ASM converted DSP1 functions. Some functions
were unable to convert properly so no DSP1 games are playable until
the actual C code is in
- Executable is now compressed using epack
- Implemented sprite transparency into the 16-bit new graphics engine
- Implemented mode7 transparency into the 16-bit new graphics engine
- Higher memory requirements (Sorry, but this is unavoidable as long
as ZSNES keeps expanding)
- Implemented Echo Disable in the zsnes.cfg for those who want some
extra speed in return for lost sound quality
- A bunch of other fixes that we forgot to list
v0.400 - Fixed a dual windowing bug in mode 7 in 65536 color mode
- Re-added FPU Copy due to a demand
- Implemented MMX Copy. Use -om to enable. Thanks to Angels Holocaust
for this info!
- Fixed a bug when writing to .bmp files
- Added (buggy) SuperFX support (9.5MB memory required)
Special thanks to the snes9x team for all the info and help!
- Fixed up sprite windowing. Should hopefully be correct now
- Added a commandline to show all file extensions through the GUI
Use -sa to enable
- Added Noise to the Sound DSP
- Added a Fast Forward key. Use the Tilde Key (~) located at the
top-left of your keyboard.
- Added Sprite Priority Correction
- Fixed a tile caching bug that caused some tile corruption
- Fixed a 65816 bug in XCE on the x flag. Thanks to ]SiMKiN[ for this!
- Implemented Interleaved format and a simple auto detection. In case
autodetect fails, use -i. Thanks to feenix65 for this info!
- Improved header detection. Should now work better with demos
and games with weird filesizes
- Added a new graphics engine in 256 color mode. It should be much
faster in areas that don't use mode 7, but lacks a lot of features
such as windowing, mosaic, and sprite priorities so it is disabled
by default. It can be enabled by pressing 8 during gameplay.
(~40-100% faster)
- Optimised Mode 7 in 256 color mode
- Implemented dual windowing to color window clipping
- Fixed several color window clipping bugs
- Added full resolution screenshot capture in 640x480x65536 mode
To activate while in that mode, hold backspace and press F1
- Fixed several transparency bugs
- Added NewGfx to zsnes.cfg which determines if the new graphics
engine is enabled at start
- Added CopyMethod to zsnes.cfg which can default the copy method
as either fpu copy or mmx copy
- Allowed systems with 5.5MB of RAM free to load 2mbit roms
- Fixed sidewinder support when sound is set at a high sampling
rate. Thanks to Marius Fodor for the source!
v0.393 - Whoops! Forgot to remove the debug variables in v0.391
- Fixed another sprite clipping bug
- Fixed clipping in Mode7 16-bit mode
- Removed FPU Copy since it didn't seem to speed up emulation
- Added .USA and .JAP rom extension into the GUI
- Added Save SPC Data which saves the contents of the SPC700/DSP
of the beginning of the next song (Future Reserved)
- Add Sound Buffer Dump which dumps the decompressed sound buffer
as raw pcm. This can become quite inaccurate due to the way how
zsnes stores its decompressed sounds.
- Added MenuItem Sound Buffer Dump into the F1 Menu
- Added MenuItem Save SPC Data into the F1 Menu
- Added a key to disable offset mode. Press 0 key to
- Added small screen support in 640x480VESA2 modes. This mode
should be much faster for those who use 640x480.
Use the -c commandline to enable this when in 640x480.
- Added an option for centered small screen. Use the -cc commandline.
- Fixed up 320x240x65536 support for ARGB cards again. It now
should be working. (No, seriously!)
- Removed some static from the sound.
v0.391 - Fixed a bug in DMA from v0.390
- Fixed some sprite windowing clipping bugs
- Fixed an OAM overflow bug. Thanks to DJRob for some help on this!
- Fixed a save state bug where running a game off the commandline
and having a save directory specified prevented more than 1 save
- Fixed a transparency bug from v0.390
v0.390 - Fixed a bug which caused 320x240x65536 to display incorrectly
on video cards with an 16-bit ARGB setting
- Fixed a minor screen add/sub bug
- Fixed a minor sprite priority bug
- Fixed a BG3 priority bug in BG Mode 0
- Fixed a color window addition bug
- Fixed a minor VIRQ enable bug
- Swapped The Cursor Button and Autofire Switch in Super Scope
- Fixed a joystick read timing bug
- Sound volume register returned an invalid value. Now fixed.
- Added some dword alignment to some variables.
Thanks to Marius Fodor for this info!
- Implemented 64k sram files
- Implemented Sprite VRAM address changing in the middle of the screen.
Should fix some games such as Lufia 2
- Added some hacks to get some games working better
- DSP : Fixed a divide by 0 bug when key on is set without any sound
variables initialized
- Increased default cycles executed in FastROM.
- Added ZSNES.FAQ . Read this if you have troubles!
- Added a key to disable/enable Windowing. Press 9 to
activate this.
- Implemented EAGLE algorithm in 640x480x256 video mode. Use
-y to enable. Thanks to A CoolMan for the algorithm!
Later on, we'll implement his code which has MMX acceleration!
- Implemented FPU copy. Use -o to enable. Used only when copying
buffer to video in 320x240 vesa2 modes.
- Re-wrote Windowing routines for speed and expandability
- Added Dual Windowing on BGs in all logic modes
- Added Dual Windowing on Sprites
- Added some minor stuff to the header displayer
- Added partial offset per tile mode. (Mode 2/Vertical/8x8)
Thanks to the feenix65 for some help on this!
Implementation still a bit buggy.
- Sorry, but memory requirements had to increase by a bit.
- Fixed a tile graphics wrapping bug
- Clean up and optimised 16-bit graphics code
- Fixed up a display bug when switching from 239 to 224 y resolution
- Optimised some video processing code. Thanks to Crash_Man for the help
- Minor optimisations to the 65816
- Improved color intensity in the back area
- Fixed a sram directory bug where the save state didn't save in the save
directory when the game is specified from the command line
- Fixed a keyboard bug when left-shift is selected as a key.
Thanks to Pharos for help on this!
- Some DMA speedups
- Some optimisations to OAM/VRAM write
- Sorry, but SuperFX emulation is disabled for this public version.
v0.305 - Fixed a snes ppu multiplication bug. Thanks to Lord Esnes!
- Hopefully fixed 6-button joystick support.
- Fixed a little memory overflow bug which caused some games to not
- Forgot to clear NMI wait substitute variables when another game
is loaded from the GUI
- Changed sound processing engine back to v0.297. If for any reason
you want to go back to v0.300 sound engine, use -x as a command line
- Added Cursor Mode Button to the Super Scope. Never thought it was
necessary until recently. Use the =/+ key.
v0.300b - Fixed a bug that causes sidewinder support to crash.
v0.300 - Fixed a 65816 wrapping bug
- Added Super Scope Emulation! (Press 7 beyond mouse)
- Some minor touches to the GUI
- Manually calculated RGB bit lengths when using 16-bit modes
- Fixed another bug when loading 48mbit images from the GUI
- Sped up the execution loop when sound is enabled
- Implemented NMI wait substitute for speed
- Added some extra vesa2 routines to help some video cards
with ARGB format of 1:5:5:5, however interpolation won't work
for those at the moment. Thanks to Dark Force for helping out
on this one!
- Implemented 512x384 VESA2 resolution for both 8 and 16 bit
- Implemented Sound Mute and Reset
- Implemented Joystick Remapping. Edit ZSNES.CFG to access this.
- Fixed and sped up 6 button joystick support
- Fixed 2 2-button joystick support
- Hopefully fixed 2 sidewinder support
- Fixed an overflow sound bug
v0.297 - Fixed a bug when loading 48mbit images from the GUI
- Fixed some crashing bugs by just adding some zero space
Very weird bug!
v0.296 - Fixed up Cheat Menu in 16-bit color mode
- Changed SPC700 skipper back since it was causing problems in
certain games
- Added Multiple Snapshot files
- Fixed a minor loading bug
- Fixed 16-bit color full add/sub conversion table when video
is in BGR format
- Fixed some fixed color screen add/sub bugs
- Supported .SWC format in the GUI
v0.295 - Compiled under a newer version of WDOSX. This should help fix some
VESA 2 problems.
- Fixed multiple SPC700 bugs
- Added a command line to force either NTSC (-t) or PAL (-u) timing
- Added a command line to force 8-bit sound on (-8)
- Zsnes.cfg is now loaded from the directory where zsnes.exe is located
- Zsnes.cfg now re-writes itself when zsnes exits
- Reduced zsnes.exe filesize
- The IRQ's are now more stable. This should help fix some
crashing/rebooting problems under dos. Thanks to Sardu for some
help on this!
- Fixed some VRAM accessing bugs
- Several fixes to the sound DSP
- Optimised SPC700 a bit
- Implemented primitive Mode 5, 512 horizontal resolution. To get
full potential of this mode, use 640x480 resolutions except for
interpolated/nonscanline mode.
- Improved 65816 <-> SPC700 communication
- Slightly improved sound skipper
- Fixed a directory changing bug
- Implemented Scanlines for 640x480x256 video mode
- Added a temporary command line to enable sound compression
buffering (-Q)
- Added a extra menu which pops out when you press F1
- Added snapshot feature. Press F1 and select Save Snapshot
ZSNES saves 256 color under image.pcx and 65536 under image.bmp.
- Added FPS feature. At the moment, it only works when auto frame
rate is used.
- 65816 bugfix : x flag is supposed be used in MVN/MVP
- Fixed up color addition/subtraction clipping a bit
- Added Scanlines, Interpolation, Enterskip, and Force 8-bit sound
in zsnes.cfg
- GUI now saves the loading directory
- Added a separate save directory feature in zsnes.cfg.
- SPC700 bugfix : fixed mem.bit addressing mode. Thanks to Phoenix
for this info!
- Fix up a bug where more memory was cleared than needed in 256 color
video memory processing
- Optimised video memory clearing in 65536 color mode
- Minor optimisations to the 65816/SPC700
- Implemented Mode 7 Tile #0 Repetition
- Rewrote most of the Mode 7 routines for speed
- Fixed a 65536 color Mode 7 bug where the background wasn't cleared
- Added Pro Action Replay, Gold Finger,and Game Genie cheat code
- Optimised Memory/Register accessing routines
- Used a newer version of Sidewinder driver. Should fix
some problems and also support 2 sidewinder pads (not tested yet).
Thanks Robert! Also, thanks to Sardu for helping to get it
to work right!
- Whoops! 256 Color palette was set when GUI is exited in 16-bit mode.
Hopefully fixed now.
- Added the ability to Clear/Disable/Enable cheat codes through the menu.
- Optimised Graphics Decompression Routines. Thanks to Nerlaska for
this info!
- A Bunch of other Minor Bugs Fixed.
v0.270 - Properly cleared memory when loaded off of the GUI
- Implemented realtime adsr/gain switch. Special thanks to Sardu for
help on this!
- Fixed up a VESA 2 error message
- Temporarily disabled Sound Compress buffering till we can get the
bugs out.
- Volume fixes to the sound DSP
- Fixed up > 16mbit LoROM support
- Added partial 48mbit ROM support (no games seems to work yet
+ 9MB mem required)
- Fixed a SRAM Memory Map Bug
- Fixed a bug in old style joystick read
- Disabled sram save using tilde key. Instead, enter/exit
the GUI since it also saves the sram.
- Added panic key which turns back on all sound channels and
backgrounds. Press 6 to activate this.
- Added snes mouse support! Use 7 to switch between keyboard and
mouse. Thanks to Y0SHi for info on this!
- Panic key now turns off mouse when mouse is enabled
- Fixed a minor IRQ bug
- Fixed a HDMA bug. Thanks to Lord Esnes for help on this!
- Fixed a timing bug. Thanks to TaNdRuM for help on this!
- Fixed up some Fixed color add/sub bugs
- Implemented OBJ Name Base Select. Thanks to Y0SHi for info!
- Windowing was off by 1 pixel. Now fixed.
- Fixed Screen Add/Sub on back area
- Added support for 4 and 6 button joysticks
- Added support for sidewinder joypads
- Fixed a VESA 2.0 bug. It should be more compatible now.
- Implemented Interpolation for 640x480x65536 mode. Use -Y to enable.
- Modified sound mixing code a bit
- Added GUI disable in zsnes.cfg. Add this if you want to disable the GUI
GUIDisable = 1
- Implemented Directory Changing in the GUI
- Fixed a bug where it crashed when loading some ROMs
- Fixed an ADSR sustain bug. Thanks to Trepalium for help on this!