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As per ANSI/IEEE Std 80-1986 code Enter Your Data in White back
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Length of Area Occupied by Earthing Grid la 105 mt
Width of Area Occupied by Earthing Grid lb 66 mt
Fault level at Incoming Bus fault 5000 MVA
Incoming Voltage Vin 132 KV
Outgoing Voltage Vout 66 KV
Soil Resistivity q 40 -m
Resistance of Main Eartjing Mat 0.5
Resistance of surface Material (Crushed Rock ) qs 3000 -m
Thickness of Surface Material (Crushed Rock) hs 0.1 mt
Depth of Earthing Grid Conductor h 0.5 mt
Diameter of Earthing Grid Conductor d 36 mm2
Reference Depth of Grid 1 mt
Area Occupied by Earthing Grid 6930 m2
Spacing between Parallel Conductor of Grid D 5 mt
Duration of Fault (To determine Size of earthing Mat) t 3 sec
Duration of Fault (To determine safe Step & Touch Potential) t 0.5 sec
Margine Factor in Earthing Mat against corrossion and Rusting 100.00%
Number of Adjacement Earthing Mat Conductor nm 23 nos
Relaction Factor K -0.973684
Constant (KS) Ks 0.3314497
Constant (Ki) Ki 4.612
Number of Parallel Conductor in Longitudinal direction na 21
Number of Parallel Conductor in Transverse direction nb 13
No of Lighting Arrestors 10
No of Transformers 2
Decrement Factor for entire duration of Fault(to allow asymetrical of
the Fault curernt wave) 1
Corrective projection factor according for the relative increase fault
Cp 1.1
current during S/S life( Zero future system growth Cp=1)
Ambient Temperature Ta 35 0C
Maximum allowable Temperature Tm 1084 0C
Temperature of Thermal Co-efficient of resisitivty at 0C Ko
Thermal Capacity Factor TACP 3.8466 J/cm3/c
Thermal Co-efficient of resistiivty at referance Temp of Tr & 0.00378

Earthing Conductor
Standard Dia of Conductor (mm)
32 804
36 1018
40 1257
N FOR SUB STATION Jignesh.Parmar www.electricalnotes.wordpres

Enter Your Data in White back Ground Cells


Fault Current At Primary side lg 21869 Amp

Sizing of Earthing Conductor A 460.17 mm2
Size of Earthing Conductor after considering Margine Factor Final A 920.35 mm2

Standard Size of Earthing Rod (Round) 36 mm Selection is O.K

Approximate Length of Earthing Mat Conductor L 2203 mt

Reduction Factor Cs 0.66 OR Enter Your Value

Tolerable Touch Potential Etouch 570 Volts

Estimated Touch Potential Esti(Etouch) 885 Volts

New Selection of Earthing Mat Conductor Length is OK 3450 mt

New L
Now New Length of Earthing Conductor L 3450 mt
New Estimated Touch Potential Esti(Etouch) 565 Volts

Result : Size of Earthing Mat Conductor is OK which is Final L 3450 mt

Tolerable Step Potential Estap 1788.1 Volts

Estimated Step Potential Esti(Estap) 387.600 Volts
Estimated Step Voltage is Less than Tolerable Step Potential

Station Ground Resistance Rg 0.224

Earthing Grid Currrent Ig 24056 Amp
Ground Potential Rise (GPA) GPA 5400 Volts

No of Earthing Rod used in Earthing Mat

No of Earthing Rod used at perimeter 68 Nos
Extra Earthing Rod used at 4 coners of Earthing Mat 16 Nos
Earth Electrode for Lighting Arrestors 20 Nos
Eatrh Electode for Transformer 6 Nos
Control Room Earthing 2 Nos
Total Earthing Rods 112 Nos
Total Length of Earthing Mat Conductor
Longitudinal direction 2205 mt
Transverse direction 858 mt
Earthing Rod 336 mt
Total Length of Eartning Mat Conductor 3399 mt

Estimated Touch Potential 565 Volts

Estimated Step Potential 388 Volts
Estimated Length of Earthing Mat Conductor 3450 mt
No of Earthing Rod 112 Nos,


0.55 0.55