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This is a list of words followed by prepositions, suitable for use mainly in formal writing.

It is
important to learn the relevant preposition that follows each of the words.


accustomed to hard work
working hard
afraid of cats, spiders,hard work
angry with someone for doing something
annoyed with someone for doing something
annoyed about the decision, the arrangements
forgetting your birthday
apologise for his behavior
being rude
approve of marriage, single sex schools
giving money to charity
ashamed of myself, the truth, the way (something
is done)
aware of the difficulties, the situation, the
seriousness of the problem
bad at tennis, maths, English, sport,
cooking, driving
blame someone for the condition of hospitals, the
standart education
neglecting the environment
capable of change
improving, solving, overcoming
concentrate on revision
providing, improving, studying
(have) difficulty with homework, tennis, music
(have) difficulty in losing weight, concentrating
disagree with my parents, my sister, the idea of...

disappointed with someone

disappointed with/about my results, the decision
disapprove of cheats, bullies
smoking, endangering
enthusiastic about sport, the trip
playing tennis, organising
excited about the trip, the party
visiting, taking part in, seeing
fond of fast food
playing tricks, exaggerating
frightened of the dark, thunderstorms
drowning, forgetting
furious with someone(for doing something)
furious about the exam results, the decision
breaking, losing, missing
good at tennis, English, sport
swimming, cooking, writing
the idea of marriage, single sex schools
walking, studying with friends
impressed with the results, his behavior, his cooking
influence on someone, someones behavior
insist on paying, helping
interested in sport, music
saving the environment
(no) intention of improving, changing, rectifying
kind to you, others, animals
laugh at someone, something
listen to someone, the radio
object to the idea, the suggestion, the noise
being treated like a child
pleased with someone, the news
pleased about passsing, winning
proud of you, the school, the achievement
winning, being successful
pessimistic about the chances of, the outcome
saving, reaching
responsible for (their)behavior, (her)actions
protecting, providing
succeed in life
passing the exam
save from starvation
scared of heights, failure
losing my way, getting lost
smile at him, you, the teacher
speak to someone
the thought of The winter, the exams, the holidays
getting the results,going to university