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I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the student are expected to:

A. Define Transitional Words.

B. Construct their own sentences using Transitional Words.

C. Read a short story.

D. Reference: Internet

II. Subject Matter

A .Topic: Transitional Words

B. Materials: Visual Aids

C. Time Frame: 1hour

III. Procedure


Teachers Activity Students Activity

A. Prayer

- Who will lead the prayer? -me, maam.

B. Checking of Attendace

-Who is absent for today -None maam.


-Yes maam.
-okay class, do you want to -Yes, maam.
read a story?

-the title of the story is

Bears. So read it carefully
class, okay?


Once upon a time, there

lived a family of bears in a
lovely wooded area. One day
while the bears were not at
home, a little girl came to the
house. First, she knocked the
door, she waited but no one
answer her knock. Because
nobodys around, she entered
the house and ate some food,
and then she napped on one
of the beds. When the bears
returned home, they were
surprised to see the little girl. -Yes, maam.
The roars of the bears woke up
her and she fearfully run from
the house. As a result for her
experience she never again
went to the woods alone. -Maam, I think our topic for
today is all about Transitional
- okay class do you
understand the story?

-Very Good!

C. Discussion

-So, what do you think our -Maam, transitional words is

topic for today, based on the phrases that help to carry a

story that you read? Anyone, thought from one sentence to
please? another sentence

- Very Good! It is all about

Transitiona Words.
-And what is transitional
-Maam, above all and Finslly
are example of Transitional

- Very Good! - At the same time and In

conclusion maam.
-So, transitional words is
phrases that help to carry a -Maam, Meanwhile and
thought from one sentence to
another sentence.

-And now, can you give me

an Examples of transitional
words? Anyone?

-Very Good! Another

examples, please?

-Very Good! How about the


-Very Good! All of that are

example of Transitional

-Here are the other example

of Transitional Words : -Yes, maam

In Fact

In my opinion -Transitional words, maam.


Strangely enough

In other words

D. Generalization

-Do you understand now our

topic for today class?

-What is our topic again?

E. Evaluation

Direction: Bring out a 1 whole

sheet of paper and construct
your own sentences using
transitional word.

F. Assignment

Search at least 30 examples

of Transitional Words.