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‘york ciry = 2mm Department of Transportation “= POLLY TROTTENBERG, Commissioner April 41, 2017 Ms. Nizjoni Granville Chairperson Brooklyn Community Board 8 1281 St. Marks Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11213 Re: Classon Av (between Atlantic Avenue and Easter Parkway) Dear Ms. Granville, ‘The Department of Transportation (DOT) wishes to inform you that it will be upgrading the ‘existing wide parking lanes on Classon Avenue in Community Board 8 (CB8) to a conventional bike lane on the west side of the street to increase safety for the hundreds of cyclists who use the corridor daily (549 cyclists were counted traveling on Classon Avenue at Dekalb Avenue in June 2016). ‘As you may recall, nearly one year ago cyclist Lauren Davis was traveling on Classon Avenue when a left-turning vehicle at Lexington Avenue failed to yield, and tumed into her path, ultimately causing her death. Since this tragic and unnecessary incident, family members and the community have petitioned DOT to installa bike lane along the corridor. In 2012, DOT updated the design of Classon Avenue in response to safety concerns. Along most of the corridor, the roadway was reduced to one lane to discourage speeding and reckless driving, Where this lane reduction was Implemented, there is enough space on the street to install a conventional bike lane with no further roadway alternations or removal of parking necessary. Where traffic volumes warranted it, the 2012 redesign maintained two lanes. At locations where the two-lane operation currently exists, shared lane markings will be installed to guide cyclists and to remind motorists about the presence of cyciists. The upgraded design will have little impact on drivers while helping to maximize the visibility and right of way for eyclists. DOT plans to update the roadway this summer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely, ¢ Yeh bee Keith Bray Brooklyn Borough Commissioner NYC Department of Transporation Office ofthe Brooklyn Borough Commission 16 Court Steet, Brookiyn, WY 11241 7: 646.802.1950 F: 646.682.1962 yc govldot Classon Avenue Bike Safety Improvements Bike Lane EXISTING Washington Ave to Union St Sterling Pl to Dean St Madison St to Myrtle Ave 2 a a 9° a S e a Shared Lane EXISTING Union St to Sterling PI Dean St to Madison St Myrtle Ave to Park Ave PROPOSED Curbside Shared Lane EXISTING Park Ave to Flushing Ave PROPOSED