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6717 4th Avenue + Heating Oi Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220 Shad Phone (718) 854-7500 Boiler Service & instalation Fax (347) 402-3200 {Bolerinspeciong + Energy Efficiency Spectrum Services June 15, 2017 Mr. David Shorenstein Silvershore Properties LLC 38 East 29 Street 8" FL New York NY 10016 RE; 196 Kingsland Avenue Brooklyn NY Dear David: This letter is to convey the events that happened at the above captioned address, and how we were able to help rectify the problems caused by several New York City agencies, and their enforcement Protocol, We made recommendations to ownership based upon our professional opinion on how to best restore essential services to the tenants, The following is a timeline of events that occurred, and the remedy, On January 4", the gas meters were locked and removed from the premises because of illegal as work performed prior to your ownership, The claim was that illegal gas work was performed in the Property. Your expeditor verified an active PL permit for two, second floor apartments, as part of a larger scope of work, In any case, the actions rendered the property without heat, hot water, or cooking gas for the tenants. On January 5", we were notified of the problem, and Boro Energy visited the property to determine the best course of action to restore heat and hot water to the property. We prepared a contract for the conversion of the property to oil heat, which included installing an oil tank, new oil fired boiler with hot water coil for domestic hot water. On Friday January 6", Silvershore approved the contract and paid the required deposit for the installation. Boro Energy ordered the equipment for delivery on Monday morning, so we could begin work. We also prepared our 008 paperwork and emergency filing. The filing was submitted and Approved on Monday January 9", and we immediately began work to restore heat to the property. Meeting Your Energy Needs For The 21st Century On Wednesday January 11", the heat and hot water were fully restored to beat and hot water have worked, without interruption, since that date. B Boro Energy looked into other options to restore heat to the existing boiler and cooking gas. ‘The pressing issues were time and money and the significant age of the building and infrastructure, in Order to obtain @ NEW gas authorization to install meters for cooking and heating, each line would have to be pressure tested. The property is a 90 plus year old building, and what normally occurs (when pressure testing old lines), leaks occur in the gas line, creating a very dangerous condition, These lines would then need to be replaced from the meter head to the appliance, and a Professional Engineer would be required to design plans and obtain permits. Given that we restored a reliable heating alternative to the tenants in a time-efficient manner, we recommended to ownership to pursue offering the tenants electric cooking, as upgrading the electrical services to the building is a much safer, time- efficient and cost-effective method given the situation and the age of the building. ‘The time frame for completion of any work to restore gas heating and gas cooking would have been at least eight months before a gas test and authorization from DOB. And the cost would have been at minimum $40,000.00. It proved more prudent to install a new oil boller, which is safe to ‘operate, and move the tenants back into their homes in the heart of winter, !fyou have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Very truly yours, 0 f 7 j r™ aA Jeffrey Cohn President