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Name: Vincent A.

Mobile: 09773319917
Feature Article: Pope Francis in the Philippines

Pope Francis visit in the Philippines was an apostolic state visit from January 15 to 19,
2015. He was the 3rd Pontiff to visit the Philippines, after Paul VI and John Paul II. Pope Francis
visited Tacloban and Leyte, to strengthen the victims of the Typhoon but he also visited in Manila.
While in Manila at around 9:25 am, Pope Francis entered the main gate along Espaa Boulevard at
the University of Santo Tomas. He walked through the Arch of the Centuries and met briefly with
representatives of various religions. After the meeting, Pope Francis circled the university in the
pope mobile and then met with about 24,000 youth representatives gathered at Santo Tomas Field.
Some people were also present in other parts of the university.
First, I felt honored because the holiest man on earth visited my country which is
considered a third world country. I felt happy because the Pope gave hope to the people devastated
by the typhoon Yolanda. This event was considered as an eye opener to the survivors that theres
more to life than just being sad. This also gave inspiration the people of the Philippines. Even
though we are considered as a third world country, the Pope still visited us. The thing that made
me sad is that itll be a long time again before the Pope returns to the Philippines.
In the visit of the Pope Francis, He departed leaving many moral lesson that we should
always consider, one of this is to think, to feel, and to do this means what you think, you must
feel and put into effect. Your information comes down to your heart and you put it into practice.
Simultaneously. What you think, you feel and you do. Feel what you think and feel what you do.
Do what you think and what you feel with this I realized that true happiness comes from helping
others, giving ourselves to them in self-sacrifice, mercy and compassion. I also learn from Pope
Francis are the importance of family it is said that family is where good values and fear to God
starts. Without the good guidance of parents, their children will not grow responsible, loving, with
prudence and with faith. It is always in the family. Another is read the Holy Bible to reflect in the
Words of God. Little by little, I know I will understand the Words of God and I pray to God to
share me his wisdom so I could understand his commandment sincerely. I am longing for His
As a student, we should allow ourselves to be filled with goodness of heart to better
perceive one another. We should embrace and practice the lesson that we can get, which enable us
to be the person who we can depend on. Becoming one makes you a powerful force for the renewal
of society, not only in the work of restoring buildings but more importantly, in building up Gods
kingdom of holiness, justice and peace in our native land. An example trait is being loving is an
like God whom loves and forgive our mistakes.
We Are All Gods Children, is a song made for the visit of Pope Francis in the
Philippines. The songs message is all about equality in the eyes of God. We should help the poor
with joy and humility. We can practice this kind of behavior in the National Service Training
Program or NSTP, which is an educational program for students to developing their ethics of
service and patriotism while undergoing training like going outside of campus to think, to feel, to
do, to beg like the people who are in a difficult situation to understand and comprehend to them
for us to know in what way we can support one another. While I was outside
After reminiscing all the moment that Pope Francis was in the Philippines. I was
transformed into a new person by the Popes message because I am person that like to listen and
follow to others. One of this message is that I cannot do all thing alone. I can only do much by
using my limited capabilities. I cannot always be in control, so I should just let God use me as His
instrument to solve the problem. I am not perfect, and I need others to teach me the way. It is God
who moves me; without Him, I am nothing but through the Popes message, I can see myself a
little more clearly: though I have much to offer, I am very much lacking. I would like to surrender
myself to God in the hopes that through opening to my own defiecient and accepting the love of
others, I may grow as a human being in my relationship with Him and be His instrument in loving
service to those around me.