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Physical and Health Education

MYP Year 5
Year 10 Personal Exercise Program

Student Name __Stacey Chan__________________ Homeroom:Year 10 _Joy___

Answer the following questions to assist in planning to improve your fitness level.
Two key components in designing a personal fitness-training program includes i.
identifying your
overall goal is for working out; ii. put into plans how you will adhere to your

PHE Fitness Class Workout Plan:

1. List three personal fitness goals:

i. loose 3 kg_of weight___
ii. improve my body strength___
iii. improve my bodys flexibility

2. I plan to monitor my progress by:

Examples: Taking heart rates, using heart rate monitors, measuring pre and post,
keeping a log,
keeping a record of indicating where I need to increase weight, reps, intensity or

I plan to keep a record of my weight. When there is an increase of weight, I would

eat less and do more sports. When there is a decrease in weight, I would eat more.
Besides, in order to improve my bodys flexibility, I would do sit ups for 1 minute
daily. I would record the number of sit ups I have done. In fact, the more sit ups I
could do, the higher the flexibility of my body. In addition, in order to improve my
body strength, I would lift different weights with different masses weekly. I would
record what kind of weights I used.

3. Motivation strategies to assist me in adhering to my plan will include:

Examples: Working with a partner, engaging in a variety of activities, self -
affirmations, music etc.
In order to gain motivation, I would listen to music while working out for sit ups and
weighting. Besides, I will reward myself after working out such as having some
snacks or having leisure time. As a result, I would be more eager to work out and
complete my plan.
Below is a list of fitness equipment available in the Aberdeen Tennis and Squash
fitness room. Identify the type of machines and muscle group targeted from each of
and decide if you will include this machine in your plan.
Aberdeen Tennis and Squash Centre

Equipment Type Muscle Targeted Yes/No

Abdominal Board abdominal abs no

Computerized Bike strength hands and legs Yes

(with back support)

Arm Curl strength biceps no

Chest Press strength chest no

Dumbbell Sets with strength arms, shoulders, back no

Matching Racks and chest

Computerized Step no
Flat Incline Bench strength chest no

Lat Pulldown strength upper and lower back no

Leg Curl strength hamstrings no

Leg Extension strength quad no

Leg Press strength quads, hamstrings no

Back Raises strength back no

Pectoral Fly strength chest no

Rowing Machine cardio back, shoulder and legs Yes

Shoulder Press strength shoulders no

Electronic Climbers no

Electronic Treadmill Yes

Computerized Bike strength hands and legs no

Weighting scale Yes

Blood pressure meter Yes

Select 5 - 7 stations and exercises from the list above. Create a 60 - 70 minute
exercise program (PEP) plan that you will use over the next 4 physical & health
class periods. Keep in mind variety, motivation and your overall goal!
Criterion B: Personal Exercise Program (PEP)
Templates will not be provided. Students will have to create their own PEP. It is
best to
start with identifying 3 - 4 fitness components that you want to improve over this 4-

Then choose 5 - 7 weight training machines that you will focus on in the coming
weeks, prepare a specific personal training program with detail weights, repetitions,
of set and recovery time for EVERY week.

Students are expected to apply training principles such as S.P.O.R.T and F.I.T.T
should apply effectively.

Fitness components trained base on the number of repetition and sets:

Repetition Major Minor Less/limited/none
1-5 Strength Muscle size None on endurance

6 - 12 Balance development
in strength,
muscle size and
13 20 Endurance Muscle size Limited on strength

20 min+ Aerobic exercise