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IMMULITE Immunoassay Systems

Global Test Menu

Improve laboratory testing with one of the largest, automated

immunoassay menus available, from routine and specialty
tests and over 400 allergens.

IMMULITE 1000 Immunoassay System

The IMMULITE 1000 system is a bench top immunoassay analyzer. The extensive
menu, high level reliability, and ease of use makes this system the right choice for
laboratories with low-volume immunoassay tests.

IMMULITE 2000/2000 XPi Immunoassay Systems

The highly reliable IMMULITE 2000 XPi system is easy to use and has one
of the largest automated immunoassay menus available. Medium- to high-
volume laboratories can incorporate specialty and allergy testing into routine
workloads to improve productivity and efficiency.

Answers for life.

IMMULITE Immunoassay Systems
Global Test Menu

Allergy Hepatitis Reproductive Endocrinology Thyroid

1 1 AlaTOP Allergy Screen Anti-HBs Androstenedione Anti-TG
Allergen-Specific IgE Anti-HBs Quantitative DHEAS Anti-TPO
3gAllergy Anti-HBc IgM Estradiol Free T3
1 Allergen-Specific IgG Anti-HBc Total 1 1 Free Beta HCG Free T4
1 Allergen-Specific IgG4 HBs Ag FSH Intact PTH
1 1 ECP HBs Ag Confirmatory hCG T Uptake
IgE, Total LH TBG
Inflammation 1 1 PAPP-A Thyroglobulin
Anemia 1
IL-1B Progesterone Total T3
1 IL-10 Prolactin Total T4
Ferritin IL-2R
1 1

1 1 Testosterone TSH 3rd Generation
Folate Unconjugated Estriol 2 TSI
RBC Folate 1 IL8
Vitamin B12 1 1 LBP
Special ID ToRCH
1 TNF-a
Autoimmune 1 EBV-EBNA IgG CMV IgG
Metabolic 1 EBV-VCA IgG CMV IgM
ACTH 1 EBV-VCA IgM Herpes I & II IgG
Bone Metabolism Cortisol 1 H. pylori IgG Rubella IgG
Homocysteine Syphilis Rubella IgM
1 1 Osteocalcin Toxoplasma IgG
Pyrilinks-D Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Toxoplasma IgM
Cardiac AFP Carbamazepine
CA 125 (OM-MA) Digitoxin
1 1 CKMB Digoxin Canine TLI
1 1 D-Dimer CA 15-3 (BR-MA)
1 1 CA 19-9 (GI-MA) Phenobarbital Canine Total T4
High-Sensitivity CRP Phenytoin Canine TSH
Myoglobin Calcitonin
CEA Theophylline Canine FT4
1 1 NT-proBNP Valproic Acid
Troponin I Free PSA
Diabetes PSA -2 Microglobulin
PSA 3rd Generation Gastrin
C-Peptide 1 1 Nicotine Metabolites

Growth References:
1. Not available for sale in the U.S.
Growth Hormone (hGH)
IGF-I 2. Under development.
IGFBP-3 Not available for sale.

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