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A Complete the sentences with relative pronouns who/that/which/where/whose or X if the pronoun is not
necessary. (3 points)

0 I have a new skirt ______X________ I really like.

1 John, _______________ mother is a painter, is my best friend.

2 We went to Mechanicsburg, _______________ my grandparents live.

3 There are some boys in my class _______________ play basketball very well.

4 I loved the book _______________ you gave me for my birthday.

5 Frank has a small cottage _______________ is not very far from Warsaw.

6 I dont watch films _______________ make me cry.

B Use the prepositions from the box to complete the text. Some are used more than once. (4 points)

between, near, in, on, at, during

As a senior lawyer I work (0) ____between____ twelve and fourteen hours a day and usually come back home (1)
_______________ 9 p.m. My wife complains that I dont spend enough time with her. We can do something together
only (2) _______________ Sundays and then we usually go to the restaurant (3) _______________ our house. When I
have several days off, for example (4) _______________ Christmas, we try to go out of London. Last year (5)
_______________ December we went to Brighton to visit my mother. She was born (6) _______________ December
25, so we celebrated her birthday (7) _______________ our visit. My mums life was completely different from mine.
She could always find a good balance (8) _______________ her work and family life.

C Use the American English words and expressions in the box to replace the British English words and
expressions which are deleted in the text. (5 points)

first elevator downtown closet apartment vacation truck

subway garbage yard washroom

When I come back from my holiday (0) ___vacation____, Im going to move into my new flat (1) _______________.
Its not in the centre of town (2) _______________ but its near the underground (3) _______________ station. Its on
the ground (4) _______________ floor of an old building so it doesnt matter that theres no lift (5)
_______________. Im very lucky because it is at the back of the house and I have a small garden
(6)_______________ with flowers and trees. Its got a living room, kitchen, bathroom (7)_______________ and a
bedroom with a big wardrobe (8) _______________. The only problem is the lorry (9)_______________ which
arrives at 6 oclock every morning to collect the rubbish (10)_______________. It always wakes me up!

D Put the words and phrases from the box under the correct headings. (5 points)

stone, geometric, dark, concrete, light, wood, bright, brick, round, square

SHAPES: ________________________________________________________________________

MATERIALS: ________________________________________________________________________
COLORS: ________________________________________________________________________

E Match the multi-part verbs with their definitions. (3 points)

0 run out of a) to get close

1 fall in love b) to become free of something/somebody

2 get rid of c) to pass

3 make up for d) to see in many directions

4 look around e) to start to love

5 come near f) to have no more of something

6 go by g) to compensate

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