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Name: Erin Allen

Grade & Subject: 12th Grade: Business (Career Development)

Lesson Cycle (5E Hybrid Model)

Lesson Title/Topic: Money-Managing Your Dreams

Standards: Career Prep II 127.14 (c) (9) (H)

(9) The student acquires the academic and technical skills for future education and employment in high-skill,
high-wage, or high-demand occupations. The student is expected to:

(H) apply money-management and financial-planning techniques.

Lesson Objectives: Assessment (Evaluation):

Given up to 3 learning differentiation project options, Completed money-management presentation

TSW research and present their teams findings on (PowerPoint, recording/podcast, or tri-fold).
average job salaries for location and cost-of-living

Computers/iPads, whiteboard, access to internet, school database, LinkedIn, career chips, US city strips, and
PPT application, tri-fold (glue, scissors, newspaper, markers), and headphones/mic (depending on option
chosen by group).

The teacher will: The student will:


Give each group leader a talking chip at the door with a Each group leader will be given a talking chip at
high-demand job title on the back. The groups assistant the door with a high-demand job title on the back.
manager will then be given a US city. The group cannot The groups assistant manager will then be given
look at either chip until teacher gives directions. a US city. The group cannot look at either chip
until teacher gives directions.
Directions: Based on the careers and locations given to
each team, teams will use what they know about the Use what they know about the career/industry and
career/industry and hypothesize the salary of the position hypothesize the salary of the position on their
on their chips and cutout. Teams will talk through what chips and cutout. Teams will talk through what
monthly expense topics to consider when budgeting. monthly expense topics to consider when
Set timer for 4 minutes.
When times up, Student of the Day will come
As a class, well have our Student of the Day (Scribe) up to the board as the class scribe and a non-team
come up and bullet-point common monthly expense manager from each group will tell the scribe what
topics. Ask each team to have a non-manager tell the they came up with. Scribe will bullet point the
scribe what their team has decided as possible monthly class/teams monthly expense
expense topics to consider.
Name: Erin Allen
Grade & Subject: 12th Grade: Business (Career Development)

Understand career salaries and cost-of-living

expenses differ given the location and job
Explanation & Elaboration:

Review the differences between fixed and flexible

monthly expenses. Follow along and take necessary notes on where
to find annual salary info. Take notes on how-to
Costs of living on your own may include: research the cost-of-living expenses given a
1. Typical fixed monthly expenses (a review): particular metro/rural area.
Car payment
Car insurance Understand career salaries and cost-of-living
Medical Insurance expenses differ given the location and job
Loan/Credit Card payment demand.

2. Typical flexible monthly expenses (a review):

Utilities (Internet, natural gas, water, electricity)
Transportation (gas, oil, bus fare, etc.)
Personal items (cell phone, toiletries, sundries, etc.)

Have students understand that what we may pay here in

Fort Worth is not necessarily the same for other

Explain budgeting by using checks and balances or the

Total Difference formula (Total Difference= Total
Income + Total Expenses). Often used in businesses as
the accounting formula (Assets= Liabilities + Owner
Equity) which we will get to later on in the school year.

Budget calculators are available at ecsi:


Open PPT template titled, Money-Managing Your Engage with the teacher while exploring the
Dreams_Template. salary for Teacher position in DFW, TX., and
monthly expenses for the area. With class, well
As an example, explore the salary for teacher position in talk through the key subject expenses the class
DFW, TX., monthly cost-of-living expenses for the area, came up with, which will be necessary for the
and where to find the detail. With class, well talk presented team projects during the Independent
through where to find available, positions, average Practice/Evaluation portion of the lesson.
monthly & miscellaneous expenses. This will be used for
students to better understand the cost-of-living by
Name: Erin Allen
Grade & Subject: 12th Grade: Business (Career Development)

applying their mathematical skills learned in Mr. Understand salaries are before taxes and that
Neighbors class, while also incorporating learned social salaries will typically be annual dollar amounts.
behavior/changes from Mr. Gillaspies social studies To find monthly payment (before taxes), divide
class. this salary by 12 (monthly pay).

For salary, visit LinkedIn Salary platform here: From the engagement piece, come up with cost- of-living expenses to consider monthly (fixed or
flexible). For each bullet (approximately 5 for
Type High School Teacher for title and Dallas/Fort fixed and 5 for flexible), class will be instructed
Worth for the location. The median base salary for a to research those averages given the location
teacher in the DFW area is $55,600. using

From there, visit to determine the break For the hands-on teacher example, teams are
down averages of cost of living per city/area.: given $4,500 in Monopoly money. For each example of category expense, take out that
estimated amount (i.e. rent $900, food $600, ect).
With monopoly money, have students work together to
take out the monthly expenses (round if needed).

Questions: Why is this important to know as 12th

Explain why you think your chosen careers and the
money differentiates between states?
Differentiate fixed expenses and flexible.


Give instructions on money-management assignment. Research the high-demand job and salary using
Have students work with their teams/tables (only 3-4 per LinkedIn Salary platform to determine monthly
group). Remind students that each member of group must income.
come up with an answer for at least 2 bullets from the
board. Please see instructions under The student will Research living expenses (both fixed and
column of the Evaluation practice. Walk around room flexible) averages based on 10 bullet points. All
observing students at work. 10 expense topics must be located on
presentation. Each team member is responsible
Remind students that following the independent practice, for at least 2 bulleted expense topics and
we will be paring up with our face partners for a Timed estimated expense for location.
Pair Share activity as an exit ticket for todays lesson.
Team 1: Nurse (RN) / Houston, TX
Team 2: IT Manager / New York, NY
Team 3: Occupational Therapist / Los Angeles,

At the end, students will use the Total Difference

formula (Income Expense) to find the total
Name: Erin Allen
Grade & Subject: 12th Grade: Business (Career Development)

Timed Pair Share: With face partner, students are Fill out exit ticket (3 bullet points on what was
required to share their thoughts and come up with 3 learned today). Listen to teacher for instructions
bullet points on what was learned today following a 30 on the Timed Pair Share activity.
second think time alone. Following the 30-second think
time, Partner A will share their thoughts for 30 seconds Based on the information weve learned in this
while Partner B listens. After 30 seconds, the partners lesson about identity theft and prevention, the
will switch roles. student and their partner will share their thoughts
on the teachers closing question(s). As an exit
Each partner will write down at least 3 bullet points on ticket, TSW reiterate what their teammates
what was learned today and hand to teacher on the way response was to teachers closing questions on a
out of the classroom. piece of paper. TSW hand teacher the piece of
paper on their way out.

Enrichment: Members of team can Reteach: Depending on the students project option
individually log in and play Game Corp, chosen, we will walk through a different differentiation
the highly-interactive business management solution (hands on: bi-fold and newspaper/print, auditory:
simulation, to apply what was learned in this podcast, team recording, visual: PPT presentation). If
lesson. Students can quietly talk with their mathematical issue, have students refer to the ecsi budget
teams on decision making inquiries. calculator. Reflect to The Bean Game if confusion



Find Game Corp downloadable link here:

LinkedIn Salary Platform:

Ecsi Budget Calculator:

Expatistan :

Kagan Structures

The Bean Game: