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First Bible Lesson: John Chapter 14 verse 26
"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my nam
e, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, what
soever I have said unto you."
Second Bible Lesson: Galatians Chapter 5 verses 22 and 23
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goo
dness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."
Golden Text: John Chapter 4 verse 23
"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Fa
ther in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him."
Brethren, this gospel is delivered on the occasion of the celebration of the 26t
h Anniversary of Nigeria's Independence. It is meant to commemorate, this celebr
ation. This is a time when Nigerians should worship God in spirit, in truth, in
love, in patience, in humility, in mercy, in goodness, in self-control, and in m
eekness, because against these virtues there is no law. Heaven and earth will pa
ss away, but the Word of God will not pass away forever. (Matthew Chapter 24 ver
se 35, Mark Chapter 13 verse 31).
With Independence, Nigerians Are Right To Worship God In Spirit And In Truth:
When Nigerians were under colonial rule, they were slaves to the foreign laws, t
hey could neither express the love of God, nor do anything as they loved. But no
w, Our Lord Jesus Christ has liberated all Nigerians. What therefore, prevents u
s from following after the Spirit which is righteousness, love, mercy, truth, hu
mility, meekness, and joy because all of us are Brotherhood.
Nigeria is a very important country loved by God. Africa is also loved by God. H
e loves the whole world as well, but Our Lord Jesus Christ begins to count his n
umerals from one. He elects people singly, in twos and threes, until he elects a
The prophecy just read is directly referring to Nigeria and indeed, Africa. The
prophecy says, "But the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall
worship the Father in Spirit and in truth; for the Father seeks such to worship
Him." (John Chapter 4 verse 23).
As that Samaritan woman has said, "Our Fathers worshipped on this mountain and y
ou say, in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship." Our Lord Jesus Ch
rist said to her, "Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in
this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not
what..." (John Chapter 4 verses 21 and 22).
The Right Of People's Self Determination:
Republicanism means freedom, the expression of the right to self determination,
to be independent. To have the right to self determination means the freedom to
know what and how to worship, how to govern, how to do any other things independ
ently. Right now, Nigerians have embraced Catholicism of the Christian Religion
and Mohammedanism. They have also imbibed some other foreign religious cultures
and ideologies. But the pertinent question is, are Catholicism and Mohammedanism
indigenous to this country? Are the various cultures indigenous to Nigeria? Do
you know what you are actually worshipping? What about the strange gods, the ido
ls, the diabologies, which you worship? Are they natives of Nigeria? The Holy Sp
irit whom Nigerians should worship in the appropriate manner has now arrived.
Africans Are Fond Of Worshipping Foreign Gods:
If you go to Ghana, the people are worshipping strange gods, in Liberia also peo
ple worship strange gods, indeed everywhere you go to, the Africans are found to
worship strange and infamous gods. Does it mean that you cannot worship the Tru
e God? Why do you continue to worship strange gods, and be plagued with problems
, difficulties and confusion? But the Holy Spirit, which is Love, has arrived, a
nd has taught us the virtues of love, and truth, and fellowship with one another
because we are all brethren.
Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us, God is a Spirit. What is the Spirit? He is lo
ve, truth, mercy, goodness, righteousness, humility, meekness, joy and peace. Th
e Holy Spirit is in Nigeria. He is in Africa and He is in the whole world. What
hinders us from worshipping and serving Him, since we all have been emancipated?
This is, therefore, not the time to go to Mecca or Rome, or Jerusalem or even U
nited States of America; but the time to worship God in Spirit, because the Holy
Spirit has arrived at your doorstep. Love has arrived under your roof. What pre
vents you from worshiping Him?
Many people worship what they know not. They build a house and presume that God
is in the house, they go to the riverside to worship, they also go to Mecca and
to Jerusalem presuming that God is in such places. Unfortunately, God is not in
such places. But Our Lord Jesus Christ says, "The time cometh, and now is, when
the true worshippers will worship God in Spirit and in truth because they worshi
p what they know not," but now we must worship what we do know because salvation
emanates from the Holy Spirit into the whole world.
Africans Are Cultured Enough To Sell Their Ideology To Others:
The inhabitants of the whole world have borne eloquent testimony that the Holy S
pirit has entered Africa. It is a truism that the Holy Spirit has entered Africa
. It is surprising that the Africans have not realized that the Holy Spirit has
now entered their continent. If you observe the goings on in the world, there ar
e no people who express their love as the Africans, there are no people who are
as foolish as the Africans, there are no people in the world as humble as the Af
ricans, and there are no people who are as honest and truthful as the Africans.
However, the trouble with the Africans is their tendency to worship strange gods
. Are Africans not civilized and enlightened enough to have their own ideology,
and to worship the true God who is love, truth, and Brotherhood, so that all thi
ngs may remain in perfect peace and tranquility, in order also to get the whites
socialized in the worship, and in the African ideology?
Africa, The Cradle Of Civilization:
There has never been any point in time when God hated Africans. It is crystal cl
ear, Egypt in Africa is the cradle of civilization. The first university ever to
be established was set up in Egypt. Whatever body of knowledge has been adopted
by the whites was borrowed from Africa. On this premise, at the close of this a
ge, the Holy Spirit has descended into Africa. It is only reasonable that the Af
ricans should worship God in Spirit and in truth.
Notice that India with a population of 800 million people has only one governmen
t based on one ideology. But in Africa it is noticed, Nigeria with a scanty popu
lation sets up a government based on multiple ideologies. Ghana, Cameroon and ot
her African countries with scanty populations, have their different governments
based on different ideologies. They glory in a state of divide-and-rule. The sam
e state of affairs prevails in other African Countries. Why do they not stop for
a moment to ask themselves why they should continue to fool and stupefy themsel
ves, as well as involve themselves in the attitude of divide and rule?
Factors Of African Unity:
You are mature enough to know yourselves. If a Cameroonian or a Ghanaian or any
person from any African country enters into any assembly, you cannot differentia
te him from Nigerians, because all the Africans wear the same body pigmentation,
and they are one and the same thing. Why can you not unite yourselves in Love?
Love itself is here with you, it is only because you worship what you know not.
You worship strange gods and forsake the Holy Spirit who has already come. The r
esult of your action is confusion, tribulations, poverty, daylight robbery and i
ndiscriminate murder, because of worshipping strange gods. It is now time that y
ou worship God in Spirit and in truth, introduce the virtue of love to the white
s, to go to show them the expression of Love, truth, joy and peace which is Brot
Who Appreciates The Holy Spirit?
I do not, however, condemn the Orthodox Churches that profess to worship the rea
l God, but have no need for the Holy Spirit. The Moslems do not need the Holy Sp
irit, the various religions have no need for the Holy Spirit but Our Lord Jesus
Christ has spoken in unequivocal terms, that the true worshippers will worship G
od in Spirit and in truth. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is here on earth. There
is love, mercy, unity, fellowship, truth, self-control and meekness. Should we,
therefore reject the Holy Spirit? The whites are aware of the present position,
because it was said, "Ethiopians shall rise," that is to say the blacks will ris
e up. Now, the blacks have risen up. They all should rise up and worship God in
Spirit and in truth, in love and in mercy, in truth and in humility, and in fell
owship and unity.
Religious Hegemony:
How do you attain a Republican status without any ideology, and you do not know
what to worship? You are now liberated, but you worship a strange god and accept
imported ideology. This is the trouble which besets Africa. The Pope is at the
head of Roman Catholicism, and most of those who profess to be Roman Catholics k
now not what they worship. England is under the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is
the head of the Church of England. At first the Britons were under the Pope and
the Roman Catholic Church, and owed their loyalty to Rome. You can observe that
Nigeria is till today under the yoke of the many religious hegemonies, and has
not at present attained the purported Republican status. A casual look reveals t
hat some Nigerians are Roman Catholics, some are Moslems, some are Lutherans, ot
hers are of various foreign Christian church denominations, while others belong
to other foreign religions. It is from this, that confusion and problem set in,
because they do not know what they do, and what they worship.
King James I of England Broke With Rome:
You are aware of the fact, hitherto, England owed her loyalty to Rome and the Po
pe, and had to consult with Rome for whatever the people intended to do. Whoever
was to be crowned the King of England must have the approval of Rome. But when
King James I ascended the throne of England in 1603, he found himself heir to th
e religious turmoil and confusion that characterized the entire country. He knew
, if he continued to be loyal to Rome, he would continue to remain under the Rom
an hegemony. King James I, therefore, broke with Rome and founded the Church of
England under the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury. With the new set u
p, there was no longer any foreign domination. It is such a country which has at
tained the real republican status. Go to China today, the people are independent
of other countries, they are self-sufficient. The same thing happens in other c
ountries. But all countries in Africa are dependent on others for religion, gove
rnment, economy and other socio-political and economic institutions because they
do not know what they worship.
Upon your claim to high attainment in education, upon the number of you who stud
y in foreign countries, the Africans generally have no ideology. I speak this to
your shame. However, the Holy Spirit has arrived in Africa, He dwells in Africa
. Africa is the first Son, Africa is the Kingdom of God, where there is joy, whi
ch is rich in natural resources, full of honey and milk. You should go forth to
inform the whole world. But till today, the Africans are quarrelling among thems
elves, and they cannot decipher the mind of the white man, who indoctrinated the
m, that what they have, which is indigenous, is not good enough, and so they sta
nd separated. Can you boast of attaining the republicanism?
Do you mean to argue, it is not God who created the Russians, the Americans, the
Britons, the Israelites and the Arabians, who created you in Africa? Do you hav
e another God? Have you sworn not to be independent? Do you not want to find you
r feet on the ground? It is incumbent upon you to worship God in Spirit and in t
What Religion Is Indigenous to Nigeria?
Our Lord Jesus Christ has kindly set us free knowing that we worshipped what we
did not know. What does it mean to God for your attending church services? What
actually do you go there to do? The so-called big men sit down there and quarrel
and fight, indulging in all forms of diabology and committing murder. It theref
ore stands to reason, that you do not know what you are worshipping. You find a
few persons founding their church denominations, others are doing a similar thin
g, and others are complaining that they have toured around all the church denomi
nations. Must you continue to move from one church denomination to the other? Th
e church denominations always expect that an important person must come to inspe
ct their churches from United States of America, or India or Britain or from any
other country.
No church denomination has ever originated from Nigeria. No important person has
ever gone from Africa to the United States of America to inspect his church den
omination there, because the people are very pessimistic, feeling that God has r
ejected Africa. Is there no person in Africa who has found favor with God? I wan
t you Africans to question yourselves on this issue.
Africa Must Awake:
Can the blind lead the blind? If the blind lead the blind, will the two of them
not fall into a pit? Can you observe the love which Africans once had with thems
elves. Now is the era of diplomacy, where craftiness, party spirit, robbery, opp
ression, and grudge are the order of the day.
At present, a brother rebels against a brother and warns that if he is not a Rom
an Catholic, or a Mount Zion, or Apostolic, or Moslem, he should no longer visit
his house. Did your father ever establish Mohammedanism? Do you know what obtai
ns in Roman Catholic or Mount Zion, or Apostolic? Do you not realize that freedo
m of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of religion were enshrined in the Niger
ian constitution for your benefit? What happens now? Three religious organizatio
ns are purportedly recognized in Nigeria. They are: Roman Catholicism which orig
inates from Rome, Islam which originates from Mecca, and the Protestant churches
which also originate from Europe. Which is the Nigerian indigenous religion? Th
e one that originates from Africa is not known. Which is easily dismissed with a
wave of the hand. So the search for the real Christ continues. If you go to mee
t the Pope, he will issue you with instructions about his doctrines. Are you not
still under his yoke? Africa, are you not under a foreign yoke? Do you know wha
t you are worshipping? Do you understand what your masters are doing? Are the Ca
tholic headquarters established here? Whatever instructions are passed down by t
he Prophet, Archbishop of Canterbury, or Pope must be carried out, but we remain
without a religion or an ideology. Since you started attending these foreign ch
urch denominations, has any black man ever been appointed a Pope? Till the world
comes to an end, no black man will be appointed the Pope or the Archbishop of C
anterbury because the blacks do not comprehend what they do. Can you become the
Prophet of Mecca? Till the end of your days you will never become the prophet.
The Blacks Despise Themselves And What They Have:
Brethren, do you observe your relative position? It is for this reason, I shed t
ears when I look at you. Any good thing that emerges from amongst you is down-tr
odden. What do you want God to do for you? God is born for us. The promised Comf
orter, the Holy Spirit originates from here. He is everything, He is love, and t
ruth. Food and every other thing is found in abundance. Here there is oneness wh
ich is Brotherhood. Brotherhood regards all the whites, blacks, coloured, and in
deed all the inhabitants of the world as one.
It is a common thing in the present age to find the white loving only what is th
eirs, not minding its worthlessness, but despising what belongs to the blacks, e
ven if it is of a superlative degree. But the blacks on the other hand love what
ever is foreign, no matter how ugly, and despise what is indigenous, no matter h
ow pretty. Is that how to live?
Heavy Expenditures On Pilgrimages:
Consider the expenditure incurred by both government and individuals in one trip
to Mecca. Yet you still cry for lack of money. What is your mission to Mecca? O
ur Lord Jesus Christ has said, the hour cometh when it shall neither be on that
mountain nor at Jerusalem. You go to worship what you do not know. God is a Spir
it. God is Love. God is Truth. God is Patience, He is humility, meekness and rig
hteousness. Worship God within, and on the land you dwell. People go to Jerusale
m on pilgrimage. But Our Lord Jesus Christ has said, the hour cometh, when ye sh
all neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. But now
that the day has dawned at the arrival of the Holy Spirit, you still go to Jerus
alem and Mecca. What do you go to Jerusalem for? Why do you waste thousands of n
aira on such worthless ventures? This is good money that can be used to execute
many development projects. What do you go to do there? When will the people of J
erusalem come here? Take a trip to Jerusalem, if you will not find numerous poor
people. Up to this day, war is still raging seriously on that land. Hatred, ran
cor, and malice abound. What do you go to learn from them? Do they even know wha
t to do themselves? You are familiar with what obtains amongst the Arabs. When y
ou go to Mecca, what do you learn from there!
In London, armed robbers are as numerous as they abound in this country. You can
not even compare the high rate of stealing, lying, and roguery to what abounds h
ere. In such situations, what do you go to learn there?
Brethren, have you realized that to become a republic means to reach self-realiz
ation and self-actualization, completely independent to serve God, to farm, to t
rade, and to do your things your own way? God has come to teach us everything. H
e teaches about electricity and other things. Freedom from external influences m
otivates a man to individual experiments, which leads to inventions and discover
ies. The root of Chinese knowledge, which has led to their present fame and prom
inence, is traceable to Africa. The origin of Japanese knowledge can be traced b
ack to Africa. It is God who teaches man everything. But people conserve what th
ey are taught by others for their selfish interest and self aggrandizement, beca
use they do not want other people to see the light.
The Bible in use is printed in Europe and America. Can that be construed to mean
that throughout all Africa, there is nobody who is able or worthy to print the
Bible for sale? Is it because you cannot print the Bible that is why you order c
opies of the Bible from London, America and other parts of the Western world? Im
agine the amount of money you send out for this purpose every year. Does it mean
that Africans cannot operate printing machines for this purpose so that the mon
ey which would have been expended remains in circulation in the continent? Are y
ou not mature enough to print your own Bible? Are you not mature enough to have
an indigenous African Church? The government of the country is "Love One Another
." It is the government of the continent. Right now, you do not yet have a repub
lic. In the churches you find strife and division, portraying utter ignorance of
what you are worshipping. Does it mean, there is nobody throughout Africa who c
an buy printing machines for the purpose of printing the Bible in commercial qua
ntities, and distribute to people here in Africa, and even in the Eastern and We
stern world?
The Holy Spirit Teaches Everything:
Should we understand that in all Africa there is no person to whom God has besto
wed the Holy Spirit; a person who has love, and can unify Africa into a formidab
le force, a person who can consequently establish an indigenous African church f
or the Africans, having a unique system of worship, such that the whites will co
me down to imbibe? Does it mean, there is no black man who possesses love? There
is no other system of worship than that of the Spirit. Be not deceived, the sys
tem you use is of human design. It is the Spirit at work. This is the time to wo
rship God in Spirit and in truth, besides there is no other system. If a group o
f persons invite you to a certain place, go not forth. That is not the place. Th
e Spirit teaches us love. When all of us possess love, that is the basis of free
dom. It is only then, there will be no more theft, or discrimination since we wo
uld all be brothers.
Right now, if we go to London, we only go on ministry work to teach the whites.
Brotherhood has penetrated into Western Germany, India, America and every part o
f the world. The Holy Spirit is now teaching them about love. They do not know w
hat is called the Holy Spirit.
The Word Of God Is Not Taught In The University:
There is no university where any person can teach you the Word of God. No univer
sity can teach you about love. You are rather taught craftiness, stealing and ot
her vices. But the Holy Spirit takes dominion over everything. It is the promise
d Comforter, who was meant to teach all things. Has He not come? Has He not taug
ht? The white, coloured and black races possess the Spirit. He is teaching all t
he inhabitants of the world. He teaches us love, and truth. All the inhabitants
of the world are one. We should be attentive and walk in Spirit. Do not be led t
o doing, and worshipping what you do not know.
Republicanism In Africa Is A Mere Concept:
The underlying factor behind the refusal of the communist to admit any religion
is the difficulty of deciding which one to follow. If Russia accepts Catholicism
, it implies they will be subjected to the whims and caprices of the Pope. They
will become servants of the Pope. Do you not know, any person to whom you yield,
you make yourself a slave? If it is Catholicism, it means the Pope will govern
you, and your republic will be a mere mental concept. With the Catholic hegemony
, you will have no personal conviction and aspirations. Such subjugation is indi
rect slavery.
But right now, we are liberated. The Spirit now teaches every person. He teaches
love to us, to the whites and to all. You should, therefore, listen to Him. All
the inhabitants of the world are one. We are Brethren. God is not only the God
of Nigeria, or of Africa, or of Europe. He is the God of every person. The Holy
Spirit is everywhere.
Let our first Lesson be read. Listen attentively, blacks and whites, alike.
First Bible Lesson: John Chapter 14 verse 26
"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my nam
e, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, what
soever I have said unto you."
Brethren, have you heard that? It is not said, He will come from Europe, America
, Africa, or India. It is only said, when the Comforter comes, He will teach you
all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever the Christ has
said unto you.
All the battles fought are part of the liberation work of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
in order that we may be able to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Look at Nig
eria, for instance, twenty six years after her independence, she is still under
slavery. Unfortunately, she does not know, the yoke is still upon her. So long a
s you cannot worship God in Spirit and in truth, you are still under the yoke of
The Liberation Of The Israelites:
When the children of Israel were led into slavery in Egypt, they had no power to
resist whatever was passed down to them by the Egyptians. They were forced to a
dopt a form of worship which was alien to them. Since they were slaves, they cou
ld not worship in their own way. They served a strange God. If you have to do wh
at is strange to you, you will not be able to reject, except as you are directed
. But when it was time, when God wanted them to serve Him, where He wanted, He s
ent Moses to deliver them from the hands of Pharaoh to a land kept for them. The
y were no longer under Egypt's system of worship. (Exodus Chapter 3 verse 10). I
t was then that Joshua rose up amongst them and said: "And if it seem evil unto
you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods
which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods
of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will ser
ve the LORD." (Joshua Chapter 24 verse 15). Is it not also the time for Africa t
o serve the Lord? The Holy Spirit has liberated us from slavery but the Africans
continue to worship strange gods. If you deviate from their practice, they hate
you, lock you up and kill you. The Holy Spirit has liberated all of us, and the
re is little that remains. He will also liberate all. So that we may all come an
d serve Him, and cease from wandering as sheep without a shepherd.
The Holy Spirit Is The Only Teacher:
If the whole of Africa were to unite and serve the Lord since they are all broth
ers and Children of God, what would they not accomplish? If we possess the love
which he has brought to us, if we are truthful, merciful, humble and live in pea
ce with one another, what would Nigeria not achieve? What would be impossible fo
r Africa? The Whites do not love you and when you go to Europe and America to st
udy, what is it, you learn?
But the Holy Spirit is here to teach you everything: how to manufacture the aero
plane and other things; because it was written that He shall teach us all things
. The Holy Spirit will teach you everything if you surrender yourself unto Him.
He does not come to heal alone, but also to teach us all things.
Esau Represents The Blacks, And Jacob The Whites:
Esau and Jacob had one father. Esau was a black man, but Jacob was a white man.
Esau was strict and truthful, serving his father Isaac; but Jacob used craftines
s to usurp his birthright. (Genesis Chapter 25 verses 29 to 34).
Can you not notice how crafty the whites are? It is what was written that the el
der shall serve the younger, and that prophecy has been fulfilled, and is now pa
st. Right now the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth has come. I do not condemn the
Roman Catholic Church, it is very good for the Catholics. Islam is very good for
the Moslems too. But what do you have to do for yourself now that the Holy Spir
it has come to teach us? He has come to teach the entire world and so we should
forsake strange doctrines, and faiths, and follow after love, since God has come
down by Himself. He is no longer of the whites nor of the blacks alone. He is n
either for Nigerians nor for Africans alone. Ours is the Kingdom of God which ha
s come down on earth. He has come to teach us His love, mercy, truth, and unity,
that people should not kill one another again, and, there should be no oppressi
on or segregation.
Freedom Of Worship:
There was no time when the Holy Spirit left Africa. God loves Africa above all.
You can observe the measure of freedom of worship that is guaranteed. You are fr
ee to worship what you may, provided you register it. But this is not the case i
n other places. You cannot worship any other God in the Moslem world. The same t
hing obtains in the Roman Catholic world. But here in Nigeria, the constitution
provides for freedom of worship.
Is it not the Holy Spirit who wrote the constitution? The Holy Spirit did that p
urposefully knowing, there is something still left for man to do. What still rem
ains to be done? Is that the inhabitants of the entire world do not know what th
ey are doing. Christ says, whoever loves God has to love his brother. (1st John
Chapter 4 verse 20). Right now your brother is a Roman Catholic member while you
are of the Apostolic Church, how can both of you agree as far as Christian doct
rines are concerned? You continue to kill one another on questions of faith. Who
se teaching is that?
The Holy Spirit Is Omnipresent:
Christ has said, it shall be neither in Jerusalem, nor on this mountain that you
can worship God. What is the situation today? When you are asked about your chu
rch denomination, you argue, it is not in the city and that you have to travel t
hree miles before you get to it. For this reason you choose to remain in your ho
use. Can you not observe that you are worshipping what you do not know? God is a
spirit. He is in-dwelling and He is everywhere. The time is coming and now is w
hen the true worshippers shall worship Him in spirit and in truth. This is the t
ime. You are a churchgoer but you have no love; there is no truth in you, you ha
ve no patience, you have no humility, you have no good manners, you do not reali
ze that we are all one. What actually do you go to do in the church? Do you know
what you are about? God is the God of might, and He says, whosoever believes an
d is baptized shall be saved; and these signs shall follow them that believe, "I
n my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they sh
all take up serpents: and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them
; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." (Mark Chapter 16 ve
rses 17 and 18).
You profess to be a churchgoer, but you come out of the church, and go straight
to the native doctor; you take tablets and injections, you carry some charms aro
und your neck, your head and in your pockets. Do you know what you are worshippi
Africans Do Not Know How To Order Their Priorities:
God is omnipotent and omniscient. All Powers belong to the Holy Spirit. He is al
l wise and is in everything. Right now that the Holy Spirit has revealed Himself
, we must worship God in spirit and in truth. He is love and patience, truth and
mercy; He is everything and so there should be no distinction between the white
s and the blacks, the young and the old. Since charity begins at home, we the Af
ricans should know ourselves. We should reason among ourselves. We are carrying
the carcass of an elephant on our heads, but fiddling with our feet to search fo
r snails. How much will the snail fetch us? The whites introduced the school sys
tems, the churches and their civilization to you. They have done well. That is t
heir own contribution. Right now the blacks should introduce to them the Holy Sp
irit which is love, truth, oneness, humility and goodness. It is the turn of the
black man to unify the whole world so, there should be no distinction between t
he Jews and the Greeks. He has said, those who were not his people, He shall cal
l his people and to her that was not His beloved, He shall call His beloved. (Ro
mans Chapter 9 verse 25). Africans were neither His people nor His beloved, but
today God says to Africans "You are My people." And so Africans must rise up and
The Turn Of The Blacks:
In all institutions or establishments, it was the white man who was at the head.
No white man worked under the black, but today the reverse is true. The mandate
is to unify the whole world so, there should be no distinction. The whites know
this and they have accepted the new turn. They do not involve themselves in the
foolishness which the blacks indulge in, arguing that they cannot worship a hum
an being. They know, this is what has been ordained and so they have to accept i
t. However, they now turn round and instigate you not to accept Brotherhood. Bro
therhood has already been established and there is no need for any indoctrinatio
n. It is not something you have to search for. The Comforter is here to teach yo
u Love. This is not the time for carnal church denominations. It is the Holy Spi
rit who leads in everything. The Holy Spirit Comes From Heaven, And He Is Everyt
hing To Every Man.
He said, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth which the Father shall send in my na
me, He shall teach you all things. What does He teach us? What is He like? Is th
e Holy Spirit white or black or colored. Is He tall or short or deformed? I am t
elling you this so that your eyes may be opened, because this is not the time fo
r someone to deceive you, he is Jesus, Jehovah or the Christ. It is the Holy Spi
rit who teaches everything, and there is no other teacher. If somebody comes to
you with a new god from America, tell him to follow his American god, and that y
ou are following after the Holy Spirit. If someone comes out and claims to be an
ything, know, he is nothing. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches us everything, an
d it is today that we want to know what the Holy Spirit looks like. It was said,
all shaky things shall be taken away. Roman Catholicism has a beginning. Islam
has a beginning. Hinduism has a beginning, the Bahai faith and other faiths and
cults have their beginnings. But the Holy Spirit has neither beginning nor end.
The Kingdom Of Jehovah God And His Christ Has Come:
The Holy Spirit has come for Nigeria, for Africa, for the Western world and for
the whole world. The Holy Spirit has come for the fishes in the water, the anima
ls in the field, the birds and every created thing. The Holy Spirit does not com
e from Nigeria, or Africa, or Europe. He comes from heaven and it is the Kingdom
of God, which you pray for in the Lord's Prayer: "Lord let thy Kingdom Come." H
e has taken dominion over the whole world. Now is the time for all of us to comp
ly with His teachings. Do not waste your time establishing a church or a prayer
house. We should be attentive to the Holy Spirit because it is said, He shall te
ach us all things. This is the time for both young and old to know Him.
Only The Holy Spirit Leads:
We now want to know if his teachings mean Roman Catholicism, or Protestantism, o
r any other faith, or religion, or government, or society. It is said, in the en
d there shall be one flock under one Shepherd.
Today in a small town you have very many churches because each person is seeking
for his own glory. Can you find the teachings of the Christ and that of the Hol
y Spirit in them? Now is the time to listen to His teachings. Every town and cit
y has to be acquainted with His teachings. The Holy Spirit is teaching in Russia
, in India, in United States of America and everywhere. Just sit wherever you ar
e and receive His teaching. If we all do this and comply with His teachings, the
entire world will be at peace. This is what the whole of Nigeria, Africa and th
e entire world should do. Do not search for any other thing. Seek after the Holy
Spirit because this is the time for his reign. Do you think, it was well with t
he person, who sells her hen, which still lays. If the different churches were g
ood with the whites, do you think they would bring them to you? It is the Holy S
pirit alone who comes from the Father and He is the one who leads us.
Second Bible Lesson: Galatians Chapter 5 verses 22 and 23
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goo
dness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."
How To Worship God In Spirit And In Truth:
Have you heard what the Holy Spirit teaches us? Is there any law which is agains
t these? If you are here in Nigeria, and you love every person, and are kind, an
d gentle, and humble, will the laws of Nigeria work against you?
If you go to Ghana and you possess love and regard everyone as your brother, if
you are truthful, temperate, merciful and patient, will the laws of Ghana oppose
you? If you get to Rome and you possess love and are truthful, if you are humbl
e and you do not fornicate, if you are patient and meek; will the Romans condemn
your way of life? That is worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. Where else ca
n you find people sitting in fellowship like this? Lawyers, doctors, professors
and millionaires, all of them mingle with the poor, and eat from the same plate
without any difficulty. That is the teaching of the Holy Spirit, and it is what
I want to reveal to the entire world, that there is no division. This is taught
by the Holy Spirit. He teaches and practices it.
This is why Our Lord Jesus Christ says, you should call no one Teacher for He al
one is the Teacher, and we are all brethren. (Matthew Chapter 23 verse 8). A tea
cher is one who practices what he says. Can you not notice the love He has? He h
ealed us free of charge. He teaches us free. He changes us free. He feeds us fre
e. He does everything without a fee. He tolerates us in everything. He does not
beat us nor inflict us with evil. He teaches us to go and do likewise.
No Differentiation Of Persons:
No woman can enter and speak in the mosque. In the Roman Catholic Church, a woma
n is not allowed to preach. Many other places do not regard the women as anythin
g. The reason is that they have not received the teachings of the Holy Spirit. T
he Holy Spirit teaches us, we are all brethren.
Do not call anyone a fool. There is neither young nor old, white nor black, ever
yone is equal. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught, there is neither Greek nor Jew, but
the Holy Spirit is all and in all. You are aware of the fact, the teaching of t
he Holy Spirit has never been disseminated in many parts of the world, that is w
hy when the women went abroad to preach, there was a stir in the churches.
The women there agitated to their authorities for their right to preach, because
of what they had seen from our women. The Archbishop of Canterbury almost grant
ed them the concession, but his friend in Rome advised, if he did, he was no lon
ger his friend. And so people have refused women the right to preach because of
fear of persecution.
But right now the Holy Spirit has come to remove this veil from your eyes. When
your eyes are opened, you will realize, there is neither male nor female, young
nor old but Christ is all and in all. (Galatians Chapter 3 verse 28).
The Brotherhood Of Man:
The Holy Spirit teaches us, we are the same. We are God's building. We are the c
ity of God. We are all the Children of God. Whether you are white or black, you
should regard every person in the same way. This is what is taught by the Holy S
pirit. There is no pastor, or bishop who will teach you, all men are equal. It i
s the Holy Spirit alone who teaches us the Brotherhood of man.
You remember the first National Anthem which specified, "in Brotherhood we stand
." "Though tribes and tongues may differ, in Brotherhood we stand." That is what
accounted for the progress of Nigeria. Since the first National Anthem was repl
aced by the new one, have you not observed how things have been with you?
The Holy Spirit has come to liberate the whole of Nigeria, and is He not worthy
of our worship? If we worship him would there be any wars or problems in Nigeria
? God says you should call no one father because you have one father; all of you
are brethren. What other name do you want? The whole of Africa is Brotherhood.
The whole of the western world is Brotherhood. All the angels are Brotherhood. E
verything is Brotherhood. Tell me any other name, which you want apart from Brot
herhood, and to love one another. He teaches us love, patience and kindness, and
so we should go forth, and practice these, and not to look for another doctrine
. There is no need establishing any church denomination. The one which is from G
od is sufficient unto all of us.
Brotherhood Was Established By God Before Any Religion Was Founded:
The church denominations and prayer houses are comparatively recent. Brotherhood
was first in existence. It was in heaven, and God said: "Let us make man in our
image and likeness." (Genesis Chapter 1 verse 26). Brotherhood was brought down
before Adam and Eve were created. They were led by the Spirit. But when they di
sobeyed God, trouble set in and they fell away from Brotherhood.
Brotherhood is love, unity, humility, meekness, patience, joy, self-control, pea
ce and all the virtues of God. It has neither beginning nor end. What else do yo
u want? It is sufficient unto Nigeria as a faith. It is sufficient unto Ghana, a
nd the whole of Africa, and the entire Western World. His teaching is love, and
if we follow after love, there will be no theft or any problems again. Do not go
to the mountains again. If you have love and humble yourself, things will be we
ll with you.
New Teachings:
Brotherhood is not planted but it germinates. That is why wherever it is taken t
o, the indigenes of the place are sought for, and their possession is handed to
them. This is our government in which we do not steal, and we do not kill. Who i
s it that does not love goodness. No other person rules. It is the Holy Spirit w
ho is the Teacher and the Ruler. The Indians rule themselves with their own syst
em of government. Russia, America and every country has its own ruler, with its
common form of government because love is new. All the old things have passed aw
ay. It is love alone that rules in heaven and earth. Do not kill animals or man
again. Do not hate any person. Do not steal. Remain in love and peace with all.
This is the teaching which the Holy Spirit has brought.
Our Mistakes:
You err when you say, Brotherhood comes from Nigeria, or from Calabar, or from B
iakpan; or that Olumba Olumba Obu is the owner. You also err when you say, you g
o to plant Brotherhood. Is it plantain or yam? You also err when you claim that
you are ruling Brotherhood? Do you rule Brotherhood or does Brotherhood rule you
He teaches us and forgives our sins. He changes and reforms us. He feeds us and
teaches us to love one another. What is the work you have done? It is for the wh
ole world to rejoice because Brotherhood does not emanate from any person. You m
ay leave me out but go and live in peace and love with one another. That is what
the Holy Spirit has brought. The first man was Adam. Were there no other names?
But it was started with Adam and Eve. Everything has got a beginning. Today are
Adam and Eve with us? What do you lose and what does Adam lose? It is said, man
y people run in a race, but only one person receives the prize.
Man Has To Lead:
Since it was ordained, man should be at the head, no matter what happens, man wi
ll be at the head. When you kill an animal it belongs to you while in the forest
, but when you bring it out to the village, it is no more yours. Communism was s
tarted by Lenin in Russia and now he is dead, and the body embalmed and preserve
d for posterity. This is all you can see of him. God used Mohammed to found Isla
m. Today Mohammed is no more in the world but Islam is still practiced as a reli
gion. Boniface started Roman Catholicism but is he here today? Bahaula started t
he Bahai faith but is he here today? God uses people to accomplish His will.
Forget about these people because they are like the moon which shines for all. E
ach of them is a messenger and nothing else. God will not start any instruction
with a tree. If this is the cause of your annoyance, do not mention the name of
Olumba Obu, keep him out but practice the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Do not l
ook again to the left or right.
John the Baptist started preaching repentance. (Mark Chapter 1 verse 4). Our Lor
d Jesus Christ also came. But are these people physically here today? At all tim
es God has to pass through men. This foundation is very sure. Brotherhood existe
d before the foundation of the world was laid. This is the time of its manifesta
tion and there is no going back. This is the only expected Kingdom we have been
praying for. Have you ever seen anything from Africa which gains popularity in E
urope and America?
Let me tell you what is happening in the world today because it is the Holy Spir
it who is revealing Himself to the people. There is a certain man in London who
vowed not to bow down to any black man. That night, as he went to bed, the Holy
Spirit revealed himself lavishly unto him. The following day he resigned his app
ointment, and now goes about with soutane preaching the gospel in every part of
town, and even sleeps with his soutane on. Another man from Cross River State of
Nigeria, who was a Pastor in another church denomination, was arrested in Leban
on with a lot of foreign currency while on a business trip. The case was such th
at he would not escape jail or the firing squad, but the Father appeared and he
was released. When he got back, to London, he got baptized as did members of his
household, and now he rejoices in Brotherhood. He will be here this month. Is t
his the work of man? Was I the one who went to him. What can a small person like
myself know how to do?
Attribute All To Jehovah God And His Christ:
If you want to practice Brotherhood, talk only about the Holy Spirit and there w
ill be peace. Do not wander to any part of the world because you will find no wa
y. The foundation is sure. This is why a lot of people try to render the teachin
g in various languages. The time for deceit had long past. Count me out of what
you do. I am not a chief, I am neither chairman, nor Pastor, nor Prophet, nor Ch
rist Servant, nor Elder nor anything, but the point is, what about the work? If
you refuse me, do you equally refuse the work? Our Lord Jesus Christ is the foun
dation and the Leader. Jehovah God and His Christ is the one in control. I had t
old you that I am not the doer of this work. But even if I lie down in the house
, the work still continues. Imagine the testimonies of what happened in Germany
and other parts of the world. Have you ever found me travelling out even to Oron
? God had disgraced the wisdom of the world, of the whites and of the blacks. He
alone exists. I have no boast of my own. I boast in Him. Let our Golden Text be
Golden Text: John Chapter 4 verse 23
"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Fa
ther in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him."
It is of great surprise on one hand, to find that somebody who has never studied
at any university, or travelled to Lagos, or read any newspaper, or initiated i
nto any secret society or cult, or even read through the Bible, can exhibit so g
reat profundity of knowledge. How do I come by this knowledge?
Man is the church of God. Man is the building of God. Man is the House of God. (
1st Corinthians Chapter 3 verses 16 and 17, 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 verse 19).
Do not allow any person to deceive you to erect or attend a church building. Go
not forth, for you are the house of God. All the inhabitants are the houses of
God. Are you familiar with the concept? Man is the house of God. God has no othe
r house. If a person directs that he should take you to God's vineyard, do not g
o. You are God's husbandry. He has no other. Do not be deceived, when a person d
ies, he goes to God's city. Man is the only city of God.
The Tabernacle Of God Is Man:
Somebody argues that you are not a Child of God. If you are not a Child of God,
whose child are you? Whose child is Eve or Adam? Are they not Children of God? W
hose child is Our Lord Jesus Christ? Is He not the Son of God? Did he not redeem
us from the curse? All the inhabitants of the world are the Children of God.
It is usual for a father and a child to quarrel. When a child offends against hi
s father, he quite normally will ask his father for forgiveness. It was for that
purpose that Our Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood through which the Father forg
ave the sins of the world. All the inhabitants of the world are true and not ado
pted Children of God. In that case, you are now having a direct link with your F
ather. The ultimate aim is to return to the Garden of Eden. Right now God has co
me back to dwell in each and every one of us. He does not dwell in the sky. He d
wells in you. There is no need in going to the mountain, or to find a church, or
request for prayers. He dwells in you. Therefore converse with Him, listen to H
im, for He is teaching you love, peace, truth, mercy, faith, and other virtues.
The Reign Of The Holy Spirit Is Unopposed:
When anyone comes to tell you, he had been to Jerusalem or India to receive powe
r, he is lying and he is a deceiver. Call on God for He dwells in you. It is for
this reason, we are told not to commit any sin. If we keep his instructions, we
have no problems.
No power comes from elsewhere to us. When a person complains that he is attacked
from the family, it is a lie. This is the time to worship God in spirit and in
truth. This is the reign of the Holy Spirit. His reign has no bounds. Whether or
not you accept Him, His reign is unopposed. He has assumed His rulership, and n
othing else reigns. Why are we afflicted with famine, tribulation, poverty and l
ack? It is because you would not accept his rule. The Holy Spirit is God. He mak
es and unmakes. If we accept Him and surrender completely to His reign, all will
become well. Things will change for the better overnight. I have accepted Him.
If you have not accepted Him, that is your business, but it is sure that the fas
tidiousness of a he-goat does not prevent it from being sold.
Kingdom Devoid of Pain and Death:
The Spirit is what we had lacked. That is why people died, fell sick and suffere
d. But now that the Holy Spirit has come back to dwell with you in the paradise
according to the pre-ordination of God, you communicate directly with God. There
is no sickness or pains. Fortunately, the living water overflows the fountains.
But you refuse to drink. On what basis do you refuse to drink? Can you refuse l
In the past the Jehovah's witnesses claimed to be the Watch Tower, watching to a
nnounce to the people the time of consummation. It appears that the reverse is n
ow the case. This is that Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit now reigns.
The Kingdom of this world is no more. This is the Kingdom of Jehovah God and His
Christ. It is not Olumba Olumba Obu who reigns. Nobody else reigns. Jehovah God
Christ and His Christ alone reigns. Brethren, be not exasperated. If you can pu
t Olumba in a box and nail it, put him in and drop it in the depth of the sea. T
he reign of the Holy Spirit has been revealed. The die is already cast.
The Arrival Of The Holy Spirit: Coincided With The First World War:
At this moment, South Africa is free. The inhabitants are set free today, to com
e and serve God. I am not the one setting them free. The same Jehovah God and Hi
s Christ sets them free.
Remember His promise of liberation to all, made today as we celebrate the annive
rsary of Nigeria's independence. He fulfills his precept of "Live and let Live,"
so that the whites and blacks should have equal right to serve the Holy Spirit.
There should no longer be any oppression in any quarters. Whether you are young
or old, male or female, this is the opportunity for you throughout the whole wo
rld to save yourself.
You remember the first world war. It was the handiwork of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
because it was said, you will hear rumors of war, but you will not see the war.
(Matthew Chapter 24 verse 6, Mark Chapter 13 verse 7). That was its fulfillment
. That war could not, therefore, be attributed to any person.
You will recall the dream of the three Nuns in Rome in 1918, about the arrival o
f the Holy Spirit in Africa. In 1918, there was the outbreak of influenza at the
end of the war. All those events cannot be attributed to any other cause than t
he gradual unfolding of the total liberation plan by God for man.
What now hinders you, you Africans, and indeed all the inhabitants of the world
from serving God? This is the time to worship God in Spirit and in truth by hear
kening to His voice. That should be expressed in such attributes as love, humili
ty, peace, service to God, now and till eternity.
Brethren, this is the message that I have for the entire world. A stroke of the
cane is sufficient unto the wise. Those who have ears let them hear. May God ble
ss His Holy Words. Amen!