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ZIN BTL Development environment

This document will contain information about how to setup a development machine for the ZIN BTL

Machine environment
Youll need a machine (virtual or not) which has the following installed

- Win7 or Win8.1
- Visual Studio 2013 Update 4
- .NET Framework 4.5.1
- Oracle Database XE (see below)
- Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (see below)

My personal development machine has Windows 8.1, but Windows 7 will do too.

The machine needs to have access to our Caesar network (probably using Juniper Network Connect,
or Juniper Junos).

Our TFS server DNS name: svtfsapp (

Our TFS server IP address:
Oracle Database XE
XE stands for Express edition, which you can download for free (but you do need to register) from:

Unzip the archive, and start the setup.exe in the DISK1 folder. The installation should be pretty self-
Oracle Database Developer Tools
The latest version is ODAC 12c Release 3, which can be downloaded from:

You do need to install two things first, which are 1) Java 8, and 2) Java SDK


Java SDK:


When you install the ODAC it will be pretty easy, except that youll eventually get a screen which the

The Database Host Name is the name of the machine where the database is hosted, which should
be the name of your own machine.

The Database Service Name is the service which runs your database. So you can find that on your
own machine as well obviously, and look through the running services in the task-manager. I think
the service name will be as shown above.

If for some reason the installation fails, make sure you uninstall through the Oracle Universal
Installer, which can be found in the Start Screen (Win8.1) or in the Start Menu (Win7). The partially
installed tools will not be listed in the systems Control Panel -> Programs, and if you retry the
installation without uninstalling first, the installation will eternally hang in step 6 or 7 (at least, that is
my personal experience).
TFS Source code
The source in TFS will be located in:


This folder will contain the Visual Studio solution.

If you open the solution in Visual Studio you should see the following in the solution explorer.
As you can see above, there are several projects, and as time flies by the projects will probably
change. So consider the image above (and the table below) a snapshot of the solution at the time of
writing this document.

Project Project type Which contains

Database Oracle Database The database definition
Domain C# class library Domain classes (entities, DTOs, commands, queries,
events, etc)
Core C# class library Core functionality
CommandHandlers C# class library Command handlers to handle any command
described in the domain.
Entity C# class library An Entity Framework implementation of the Unit-of-
work and repositories as defined by the domain.
QueryHandlers C# class library Query handlers to handle any query described in the
Facade C# class library A faade layer to handle the logic of the views in the
application. This includes the starting of views,
handling any user commands, etc.
UI C# class library A UI-specific layer to implement any logic which is
directly coupled to the chosen UI technology
Application WinForms application A WinForms project which contains the composition
root, and the startup of the first view in the MVP
pattern. Also contains all container specific
implementations (as they are part of the
composition root).