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1- Complete os espaos com o comparative adjective de inferioridade ou

de superioridade
a) My city is _______________________ (old) than yours.
b) Jane is _______________________ (pretty) than Melissa.
c) Kevin is _______________________ (attractive) than John.
d) Dogs are usually _______________________ (heavy) than cats.
e) Watching a film in DVD is _______________________ (cheap) than going to
the theater.
f) This comedian is so funny! He's even _______________________ (funny)
than the one we saw yesterday.
g) This brand of pastry is _______________________ (good) than the brand I
usually buy.
h) The book I'm reading is much _______________________ (interesting) than
the other I read last month.
i) English is much _______________________ (easy) to learn than German.
j) Jake is _______________________ (young) than his sister.

6) Complete com o superlative adequado. (Utilize a traduo para orientar-se

quanto ao adjetivo apropriado):
a) Meet the 9 CEOs with _______________________ reputations.
b) Whats _______________________ car in the world? (Qual o carro mais
rpido do mundo?)
c) Watch _______________________ videos on YouTube. (Assista os videos
mais populares do YouTube)
d) These are_______________________ smartphones of 2014. (Estes so os
melhores smartphones de 2014.)
e) London was considered _______________________ city to live in the world.
(Londres foi considerada a cidade mais cara do mundo para se viver.)
f) What are _______________________ mistakes managers make? (Quais so
os maiores erros que gerentes cometem?)
g) Its simply _______________________ I had to read. ( simplesmente o
livro mais chato que tive que ler. )
h) Buy _______________________ airline tickets online! (Compre as
passagens areas mais baratas online!)
1) COMPLETE the sentences using the comparative of equality (
a) Motorcycles are _________________________ cars. ( fast )
b) Cinema is _______________________ TV. ( good )
c) English is _________________________ Portuguese. ( good )
d) Basketball is ________________________ soccer. ( exciting )
e) Climbing is __________________________ skating. ( dangerous )

2) COMPLETE these sentences below by supplying the Comparative Form

of the adjectives in parentheses.
a) He is _____________________ (young) than I am.
b) So Paulo is _______________ (big) than Rio de Janeiro.
c) Minas Gerais________________ (large) than So Paulo.
d) This exercise is _____________(easy) than the last one.
e) Anne is _______________________ (beautiful) than Mary.
f) Felipe Massa is ________________ (good) than Rubens Barrichello.

3) COMPLETE these sentences below by supplying the Superlative Form of

the adjectives in parentheses.
a) Janet is ___________________ (old) girl in the classroom.
b) January is _________________ (hot) month of the year.
c) The Pacific is _________________ (large) ocean in the world.
d) Carol is ___________________ (pretty) girl of the school.
e) This is __________________________ (important) exercise of this page.
f) The Beatles was__________________(good) band of the world.

10. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).
1. My house is __________________(big) than yours.
2. This flower is ______________ (pretty)than that one.
3. Non-smokers usually live __________________(long) than smokers.
4. Who is the __________________(rich) woman on earth?
5. He was the __________________(clever) thief of all.
6. New York is __________________(big) Paris.
7. English milk is __________________(strong) French milk.
8. An elephant is __________________(heavy) a fly.
9. A Mini is __________________(cheap) a Jaguar.
10. Rugby is __________________(funny) than football.
11. Mary is the __________________ (pretty) of all.
12. Tom is the __________________ (tall) of class.
13. They are the __________________ (ugly) boys in the world.
14. Susan is __________________ (happy) than Bob.

11. Complete the sentences using comparative form.

a) My brother is _______________ than my sister, but she is
________________ than him. (tall / intelligent)
b) Do you like your tea ___________ ? (sweet)
c) He wanted to be ____________ . (rich)
d) These trees are ____________ than those ones. (small)
e) His compositions were ____________ but ______________ than ours. (short
/ interesting)

12. Complete as frases usando o superlativo dos adjetivos indicados nos

a) In your opinion, what is the ________________ thing in Nature? (incredible)
b) What is the ______________ river in the world? (long)
c) What is the name of the ________________ particle of matter? (small)
d) Who is the _____________ singer in Brazil? (popular)
e) Which is the _____________ nation in the world? (poor)