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British Army in Afghanistan: Fourth

Afghan War Paperback June 28, 2017

by Maj Agha H Amin Ret (Author)

This is a personal narrative and not a theses or a research paper sold

at zero profit and in pure public interest. This is a very personal
firsthand account of British Army operations as I saw as a consultant
working in Afghanistan from 29 June 2004 till to date. If you attempt to
read the vast available data and literature on British Afghan war , you
will end up clueless , mentally disoriented and spiritually exhausted
and drained. This is so because most writers have a vested agenda or
have not seen things directly. This narrative is based on the following
experiences :-- A close and direct association with Afghanistan as
descendant of a family that migrated from Afghanistan in early
nineteenth century but maintained contact with Afghanistan.My
grandfathers brother served as doctor with Afghan Royal family from
1929 to 1945.My uncle served as a First Secretary in Pakistan
Embassy from 1969 to 1971. As a Pakistan Army officer I saw Afghan
war closely from 1981 to 1994. And finally as a consultant
permanently stationed in Afghanistan from 29 June 1994 till todate I
saw the ongoing Afghan war closely. Helmand was my area of
operations as I was General manager of RDA an Afghan American
NGO building clinics in Khanishin , Garmser , Nad I Ali , Musa Qila etc
for the US firm Louis Burger. Figure 1 At Khanishin Helmand in
August 2004 In September 2006 I carried out a survey for Lebanese
firm Pro Sima for the 18 Km road from Nad I Ali to Camp Bastion and
closely saw British troops at Camp Bastion and in Helmand in initial