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Dan Wolfgram 7404 Rhode Island Ave. College Park, MD 20740 (240)-426-4989
Dan Wolfgram
7404 Rhode Island Ave. College Park, MD 20740


I am an economics graduate, and self taught Front-End Software Engineer with experience building out HireKeep's two sided SaaS platform. Hiring Managers and Candidates login to review and take action on their matches, and schedule their interview instantly. I was involved in the entire building process: business planning, technology planning, technical project requirements, project development and QA testing. Building this technology developed my back-end (nodejs to Salesforce database) and middle-ware knowledge, and strengthened my front-end expertise (Angular2/4).

Skill Highlights

Angular 2/4


JavaScript RegEx



CSS3, CSS3 Keyframe animations



Rest APIs (ex. LinkedIn Sign Up)

Basic NodeJs

Basic PHP

Swift3 for iOS apps




iMacros automation



Wordpress Development

Google Analytics

Microsoft O ce



Candidate Onboarding (Timeline: 3 months)

Marked the start of rebranded HireKeep design Created with HTML/CSS/Angular2 Data sent to Salesforce Database Saw increase of 900% in daily signups (20 per day [Nov 2016] to 200 per day [Present]) 75% completion rate for sign up process 40% sign up rate from LinkedIn job posting dynamic landing page New signup allowed for matches to be generated through algorithim based on candidate's responses

Candidate Platform (Timeline: 3 months)

Marked HireKeep's transformation from a recruiting company to a SaaS company Created with HTML/CSS/Angular2 Review, accept, and reject Matches Schedule interview directly in hiring manager's calendar based on availability

Company Platform (Timeline: 3 weeks)

Completed HireKeep's two sided marketplace Created with HTML/CSS/Angular2 Review, accept, and reject candidates, track them in di erent stages of hiring process Present candidate's match score to hiring manager

HireKeep Website (Timeline: ongoing)

Develop the rebranding of HireKeep through design iterations Build SEO through public company and candidate pro les Gain public interest through impressive, clean, and exciting web design

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