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I. Read the sentences and circle the correct

one. If both sentences (present simple and
present continuous) are possible, consider 8. a) I am feeling we should go home now.
Present Continuous.
b) I feel we should go home now.
1. a) She was feeling his arm on her shoulder.
9. a) This bread is tasting funny.
b) She felt his arm on her shoulder.
b) This bread tastes funny.
2. a) Are you having an English dictionary?
II. Make these verbs into nouns by
b) Do you have an English dictionary? adding suffixes -ion and -ment.

3. a) What are you thinking about? 1. advertise

b) What do you think about? 2. announce
3. calculate
4. a) I am feeling much better today.
4. celebrate
b) I feel much better today. _celebration_________
5. collect
5. a) What are you looking at? __collection___________
6. disappoint
b) What do you look at?
7. embarrass
6. a) I am not hearing you. 8. entertain
b) I can't hear you. 9. invent
10. pollute
7. a) What are you thinking of me? ___pollution_________

b) What do you think of me?

III. Put the verbs in brackets in their correct form. Some verbs are stative verbs and some are
dynamic verbs. Use the simple present or present progressive tense.

1. _Are_____you____recognizing____ (recognize) this painting now?

2. He _appears____________(appear) a bit snobbish.
3. She __isn't washing______ (not wash) the dishes now.
4. __Is________it really__matters_______ (matter) now?
5. Right now it ___seems_____(seem) cold outside.
6. I __supposes______(suppose) we could do that, too.
7. Janet ___doesn't realize__(not realize) how much he loves her.
8. __Is_______this dog___belong___________ (belong) to you?
9. It __raining____________(rain) right now.
10. I _am not knowing_____(not know) the right answer right now.