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Hi, I am Nikesh Acharya and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal.

For my peer-graded assignment i have chosen the topic for recording an

audio using DAW and creating a project. To create an audio track i am using Logic Pro 9 as my digital audio workstation in my Mac. I
will try my best to cover the pre production and production part which is composing and tracking of a piece respectively.
First, i will open my application where i have my Logic pro 9. I will then start a new project (empty project). Then i can create an
audio track with following settings as shown in Fig 1 by clicking on the (+) sign beside global tracks.

Fig 1

As shown in the picture i check list the input monitoring and record enable for my convenience as i have output speakers from
which i can hear my bass lines being played. I choose the format mono because in single microphone or in single pick up it is better if
we create a mono track.

Fig 2

Before tracking the instrument it is vital to check for out input, output device and buffer size. I choose my interface in the input and
output device tab as the interface converts analog signals to digital signal before sending it to the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and
vice versa when sending it to the output speakers. We should also check for the 24 bit recording because checking it helps us to record
with better resolution and proper dynamic range. Also i set my sample rate to standard home recording unit (44.1 kHz) Therefore, some
pre production checklist are :-
1) Sample rate (44.1 khz)
2) File type (BWAV, AIFF, WAV; we should choose amongst them).
3) Bit rate (24 bit)
4) Buffer size (128)

We should be very careful about file management while creating a project for our comfort and effectiveness. We should choose a
proper file destination. We should name our project properly in my case it is 'Coursera assignment 1'. Then we should check for our level
settings in both interface and DAW (adjusting the level and gain properly). We should be able to create headroom, which is creating
space in the level meter for post production by checking for hot signal before tracking an instrument. We should check for our
metronome, set our BPM and we are ready to go.

In this project i have used plugins and amps which are with in Logic pro. I have added some drum beats which i recorded with my
Midi controller and I also did some musical typing. To record my beats i have used overlap and cycle techniques to add percussive
elements progressively.
Fig 3

We can use scissor tool as i have with my drum beat to create and replicate the percussive sound. I have also used techniques of
edge editing in my midi and audio tracks. Although i have not used markers and fades we can do that in our DAW. But, i have used
techniques of comping,(duplicating the audio track and recording my instrument then choosing the best one). I have merged the midi
regions by (choosing the whole fragments of region and right clicking then checking the merge option). The above fig (Fig 3) is the
graphic of the assignment i have come up with. We can also properly experiment with our sound with the dynamics and effects on our
DAW i.e equalizers, limiters and reverbs etc. Finally, before unplugging the instrument we should turn off our gain in interface, unplug
our instrument then remove the interface connection in the computer safely or we can do it in any other safer way as a precaution.