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Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm

1 Vexilla regis
Vexilla regis prodeunt: The royal banners forward go,
fulget crucis mysterium. the cross shines forth in mystic glow:
Quo carne carnis conditor where he in flesh, our flesh who made,
suspensus est patibulo. our sentence bore, our ransom paid.

Quo vulneratus insuper There whilst he hung, his sacred side

mucrone diro lanceae, by soldiers spear was opend wide,
ut nos lavaret crimine, to cleanse us in the precious flood
magavit und et sanguine. of water mingled with his blood.

Impleta sunt quae concinit Fulfilld is now what David told

David fideli carmine, in true prophetic song of old,
dicens: In nationibus how God the heathens king should be;
regnavit a ligno deus. for God is reigning from the tree.

Arbor decora et fulgida, O tree of glory, tree most fair,

ornata regis purpura, ordaind those holy limbs to bear,
electa, digno stipite how bright in purple robe it stood,
tam sancta membra tangere. the purple of a saviours blood!

Beata, cujus brachiis Upon its arms, like balance true,

saecli pependit pretius, he weighd the price for sinners due,
statera facta est corporis the price which none but he could pay,
praedamque tulit tartari. and spoild the spoiler of his prey.

O crus ave, spes unica, O cross, our one reliance, hail!

hoc passionis tempore so may thy power with us avail
auge piis justitiam, to give new virtue to the saint,
reisque dona veniam. and pardon to the penitent.

Te summa Deus Trinitas, To thee, eternal three in one,

collaudet omnes spiritus: let homage meet by all be done:
quos per crucis mysterium as by the cross thou dost restore,
salvas, rege per saecula. so rule and guide us evermore.

Maundy Thursday

2 Introit and Kyrie

Nos autem gloriari opportet in We will not glory save in the
cruce domini nostri Jesu Christi, cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,
in quo est salus, vita, et resurrectio in whom is salvation, life, and resurrection:
nostra: per quem salvati et liberati sumus. through whom we are saved and set free.

Galatians 6:14

V. Deus misereatur nostri, et benedicat nobis: V. May God have mercy upon us and bless us:
inluminet vultum suum super nos, may he let his face shine upon us,
et misereatur nostri. and have mercy on us.

Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy.

Christe eleison. Christ, have mercy.
Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy.

CD 1 Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm
3 Gradual
Christus factus est pro nobis obediens Christ was made for us obedient unto death,
usque ad mortem, mortem autem crucis. even the death of the cross.

V. Propter quod deus exaltavit ilium et V. Therefore God has exalted him,
dedit ilIi nomen quod est super omne nomen. and given him a name which is above all names.

Philippians 2:89

4 Offertory
Dextera Domini fecit virtutem The right hand of the Lord has
dextera Domini exaltavit me: non moriar, wrought strength,
sed vivam, et narrabo opera domini. the right hand of the Lord has exalted me: I will
not die,
Psalm 118:1617 but live, and proclaim the work of the Lord.

V. In tribulatione invocavi Dominum, V. In time of tribulation I will call upon the

et exaudivit me in latitudine: Lord, and he will, at last, hear me:
quia dominus adjutor meus est. for the Lord is my helper.
V. In pulsus versatus sum ut caderem, V. I was twisted about by enemy blows, and
et Dominus suscepit me et factus est fell: and the Lord raised me and became for
mihi in salutem. me a salvation.

5 Sanctus
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus dominus deus Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts.
Sabaoth. Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua. Heaven and earth are filled with your glory.
Hosanna in excelsis. Benedictus qui venit in Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who
nomine Domini. comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in excelsis. Hosanna in the highest.

6 Communion
Dominus Jesus, postquam cenavit cum The Lord Jesus, after he had supped with his
discipulis suis, disciples, washed their feet and said unto them:
lavit pedes eorum, et ait illis: scitis quid Do you know what it is I have done to you? I,
fecerim vobis? Ego Dominus et magister, your Lord and master, have given you an
exemplum dedi vobis, ut et vos ita faciatis. example, that you might do as I have done.

John 13:1215

V. Beati inmaculati in via, V. Blessed are the undefiled in the way,

qui ambulant in lege Domini. who walk in the law of the Lord.

Good Friday

7 First Responsory
Domine, audivi auditum tuum, et timui: Lord, I have heard your words and was afraid:
consideravi opera tua, et expavi. I have considered your works, and been in awe.

V. In medio duorum animalium innotesceris: V. In the midst of two dumb beasts,

dum appropinquaverint anni, cognosceris; you shall be made known: when the years are
dum advenerit tempus, ostenderis. fulfilled, you will show yourself; when the time
comes, you shall be manifest.

V. In eo, dum conturbata fuerit anima mea: V. When my soul will be in trouble,
in ira, misericordie memor eris. you will remember mercy, even in your wrath.

CD 1 Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm
V. Deus a lybano veniet, V. God shall come from Lebanon,
et sanctus de monte umbroso et condenso. the Holy One from the dark and wooded hills.

V. Operuit celos majestas ejus, V. The heavens are overspread by his

et laudis ejus plena est terra. majesty, and the earth is full of his praise.

Habakkuk 3:23

8 Second Responsory
Eripe me, domini, ab homine malo: Deliver me, Lord, from evil men:
a viro iniquo libera me. free me from violent men.
V. Qui cogitaverunt malitias in corde: V. It is they who devise evil in their hearts,
tota die constituebant praelia. stirring up warfare every day.
V. Acuerunt linguas suas sicut serpentes: V. Their tongues are sharp as serpents tongues:
venenum aspidum sub labiis eorum. the venom of asps is under their lips.
V. Custodi me, Domine, de manu peccatoris: V. Save me, Lord, from the hands of the wicked:
et ab hominibus iniquis libera me. from men of iniquity, deliver me.
V. Qui cogitaverunt supplantare gresus meos: V. They plot to trip up my feet.
absconderunt superbi laqueos mihi. The proud have hidden a trap for me.
V. Et funes extenderunt in laqueo pedibus meis: V. They have spread nets to catch me:
juxta iter scandalum posuerunt mihi. they have laid snares for me in the wayside.
V. Dixi domino: Deus meus es tu; V. I have said to the Lord, You are my God:
exaudi, Domine, vocem orationis meae. hear, O Lord, the voice of my prayer.
V. Domine, Domine, virtus salutis meae: V. Lord, Lord, the strength of my salvation:
obumbra caput meum in die belli. you are my helmet in the day of battle.
V. Ne tradas me a desiderio meo peccatori: V. Do not betray me to the desires of
cogitaverunt adversum me; ne derelinquas the wicked,
me, ne unquam exaltentur. who have thoughts against me: do not
V. Caput circuitus eorum: forsake me, lest they be exalted.
labor labiorum ipsorum operiet eos. V. They who surround me lift up their heads:
V. Verumtamen justi confitebuntur nomini tuo, may their busy whispering recoil
et habitabunt recti cum vultu tuo. upon themselves.
V. Truly, the just shall give praise to your name,
Psalm 140:19, 13 and the upright shall dwell in the light of
your face.

9 Improperia
Popule meus, quid feci tibi, My people, what have I done to you,
aut in quo contristavi te? or wherein have I grieved you?
Responde mihi. Answer me.

V. Quia eduxi te de terra egypti, V. Because I led you out of the land of Egypt,
parasti crucem salvatori tuo. you have prepared a cross for your saviour.

Ayos o theos. Ayos ichyros. Holy, O God. Holy, O strong one.

Ayos athanatos, eleison ymas. Holy, immortal one, have mercy on us.
Sanctus deus. Sanctus fortis. Holy, O God. Holy, O strong one.
Sanctus inmortalis, miserere nobis. Holy, immortal one, have mercy on us.

V. Quia eduxi te per desertum quadraginta V. Because I led you through the desert for forty
annis, et manna cibavite; et introduxi in terram years, and fed you with manna, and brought you
satis optimam, parasti crucem salvatori tuo. to a good land, you have prepared a cross for
your saviour.

CD 1 Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm
V. Quid ultra debui facere tibi, et non feci? V. What more ought I have done for you that I
Ego quidem plantavi te veneam meam fructu have not done? Indeed, I planted you as my
decora, et tu facta es mihi nimis amara: fairest vineyard: and you have become
aceto namque siti meam potasti, exceedingly bitter to me, for in my thirst you
et lancea perforasti latus salvatoris tui. have given me vinegar to drink, and with a
spear you have pierced the side of your saviour.

0 Antiphon: Ecce lignum crucis

Ecce lignum crucis, in quo salus Behold the wood of the cross, on which hung
mundi pependit: venite adoremus. the salvation of the world: come, let us adore.

V. Beati inmaculati in via, V. Blessed are the undefiled in the way,

qui ambulant in lege domini. who walk in the law of the Lord.

! Antiphon: Crucem tuam

Crucem tuam adoramus, domine, We adore your cross, Lord,
et sanctam resurrectionem tuam laudamus and praise and glorify your holy
et glorificamus: ecce enim propter resurrection: behold how, by the wood
crucem venit gaudium in universo mundo. of the cross, joy has come into the
whole world!

@ Antiphon: Cum fabricator mundi

Cum fabricator mundi mortis Now when the maker of this world
supplicium pateretur in cruce, suffered death on the cross, crying aloud
clamans voce magna, tradidit spiritum: with great voice, he gave up his spirit:
et ecce, velum templi divisum est, and behold, the temple veil was rent in twain,
monumenta aperta sunt, terremotus and the graves were split apart,
enim factus est magnus: quia mortem because there was then a great earthquake:
filii dei clamabat mundus: and, at the death of the Son of God,
se sustinere non posse apperto, the heavens wept.
ergo lancea militis latere crucifixi He clearly could no longer sustain life,
domini exivit sanguis et aqua in so the lance of a soldier pierced the side
redemptionem salutis nostre. of the crucified Lord; there poured forth blood
and water for our redemption and salvation.

V. O admirabile pretium, cujus pondere V. O wondrous award, by whose weight

captivitas redempta est mundi, the worlds enslavement is redeemed,
tartarea confracta sunt claustra inferni, the infernal gates of hell are closed,
aperta est nobis janua regni. and the doors of his kingdom are opened.

Responsorial Hymn
Crux fidelis/Pange lingua
Crux fidelis inter omnes Faithful cross above all others,
arbor una nobilis: noblest tree of all thou art:
nulla silva talem profert, no forest bears trees as thyself
fronde, flore, germine. in springs leaf or flower or bough.
Dulce lignum, dulces clavos, Dear thy wood and dear thy iron nails,
dulce pondus sustinet. dear thy weight thats borne aloft.

V. Pange lingua gloriosi Sing my tongue the glorious battle,

proelium certaminis, sing the victors crown of bay,
et super crucis tropeo to the cross our noble trophy
dic triumphum nobilem: here a fitting tribute pay,
qualiter redemptor orbis telling how the worlds redeemer
immolatus vicerit. slain as victim won the day.

CD 1 Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm
V. De parentis protoplasti Our creator saw with pity
fraude factor condolens our first parents led astray,
quando pomi noxialis, when, for eating fruit forbidden,
morsu in mortem corruit: death had claimed them as its prey;
ipse lignum tunc notavit so a second tree he chose
damna ligni ut solveret. that should the first trees damage pay.

V. Hoc opus nostre salutis V. Thus the plan of our salvation

ordi depoposcerat: then our Lord didst preordain,
multiformis perditoris and a subtler art outwitted
ars ut artem falleret, all the crafty foe did feign,
et medelam feret inde art that sought and found our healing
hostis unde laeserat. in the source of all our bane.

V. Quando venit ergo sacri V. Therefore in the course of ages

plenitudo temporis, dawned at length that holy morn,
missus est ab arce patris natus, when our Maker, by his Father
orbis conditor: sent from heaven, did not scorn
atque ventre virginali to take flesh and come among us,
carne factus produit. of a lowly maiden born.

V. Vagit infans inter arta V. Hear the helpless baby crying,

conditus presepia: where the narrow manger stands:
membra pannis involuta see how she, his virgin mother,
virgo mater alligat: ties his limbs with slender bands,
et pedes manusque crura swaddling clothes she wraps about him,
stricta pingit fascia. and confines Gods feet and hands.

V. Lustra sex qui jam per acta V. Thirty years he dwelt among us,
tempus implens corporis, till, his term of life fulfilled,
se volente natus ad hoc our redeemer duly yielded
passioni deditus, to the fate he freely willed:
agnus in crucis levatur cross of wood became an altar
immolandus stipitem. and the paschal lamb was killed.

V. Hic acetum fel arundo V. Gall his drink as he hangs dying;

sputa clavi lancea: where the thorns and nails and spear
mite corpus perforatur pierced that tender body, commixed
sanguis unda profluit: blood and water there appear
terra, pontus, astra, mundus stream to purify creation,
quo lavantur flumine. earth and sea and starry sphere.

V. Flecte ramos arbor alta V. Bend thy boughs, O tree of glory,

densa laxa viscera, thy relaxing sinews bend!
et rigor lentescat ille For awhile the ancient rigour
quem dedit nativitas: that thy birth bestowed, suspend;
ut superni membra regis and the King of heavenly beauty
miti tendas stipite. on thy bosom gently tend.

V. Sola digna tu fuisti V. Thou alone was counted worthy,

ferre pretium saeculi, this worlds ransom to uphold:
atque portum preparare for a shipwrecked race preparing
nauta mundo naufrago: harbour like the Ark of old;
quam sacer cruor perunxit with the sacred blood anointed
fusus agni corpore. from the smitten lamb that rolled.

CD 1 Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm
V. Sit patri natoque, summo V. To the Father, and of highest grace
gratiae cum spiritu, the Son, with the Spirit,
sempiterne trinitati be praise, honour and all glory,
laus, salus, et gloria: in which song all nations join:
quae creavit, quae redemit, who created, who redeemed us,
quaeque nos illuminat. and who gives enlightenment.

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CD 1 Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm