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Damen asD TUG 3212

a TUG for now anD for The fUTUre

Fit for 85 ton bollard pull

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Quality is in the details



6 7
Free running speed of 14.4 knots

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Double drum Render/Recovery winch
Smooth rope handling

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an effiCienT, spaCioUs, safe anD ComforTable workinG enVironmenT

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sTaTe-of-The-arT DesiGn
sTaTe-of-The-arT performance

The ASD Tug 3212 has been specially designed to ensure good
sea keeping characteristics. This is an excellent tug for assistance
in offshore conditions at LNG and oil terminals, but also for
loading stations for the mining industry in open sea, such as
those in Northern Australia.

14 15

a world standard
The Damen Azimuth Stern Drive Tug 3212 has decades
of experience and knowledge embodied in it, which has
allowed Damen to create a truly innovative vessel and
we believe it to be one that is a milestone in tug design.
This new tug type has been designed to be a world
standard, complying with all of the major Classification
Societies requirements and the latest international
environmental regulations.

We know what a tug has to be able to do to operate

efficiently in waves. Projects today - going further
offshore in more challenging, open waters needed a
new tug type. Damen has answered this demand with
the ASD Tug 3212.

This powerful shiphandling tug has been purposely

designed for worldwide use and to operate in wave
heights of up to 3 m in exposed locations. She has
excellent seakeeping behaviour, superb manoeuvrability
and towing characteristics and a state-of-the-art design
incorporating the latest hull and skeg design and the
most recent developments in fender, fairlead and winch
design. The ASD Tug 3212 can tow and assist over the
fore deck but it will also be able to tow over the aft

Introducing a new
deck, making it ideal for salvage operations.

ASD Tug generation

16 17

Damen asd tug 3212

Introduction 16
Our history in Tug building 20
Timeline 21

PRODUCT range 22
ASD Tugs 22
Stan Tugs 23

From sketch to ship 24

Research & development 26

20 44
Stability 29
History The engine
Our standards 30
The damen asd tug 3212 in detail 32
Principal dimensions 32

The foredeck 34
First fully classified winch 36
Towing bitt & fairlead 38
Sausage fendering 39

The aft deck 40

The engine room 42
The engine 44
First fully Damen Hybrid
Modular pump systems 46

36 64
Closed cooling system 48
Ventilation systems 49
winch interior
The under water ship 50
Corrosion prevention 52
Rudder Propellers 54
Unique hull form 55

The wheelhouse 58
Damen MEGA Systen 62

Interior 64
Ergonomics & comfort 68
Specifications 70
Damen Services 76
colophon 79
18 19
Our history in tug building
Decades of experience in ASD tug building
Damen Shipyards has built more than 2,000 shiphandling tugs and delivered them to 2000 - ASD TUG 3110 ICE 2012 - ASD TUG 3212

more than 125 countries over the last four decades. We have continuously evaluated
them and improved on each and every one. Since 1992, we have built more than 400 timeline
ASD Tugs, which enjoy an excellent reputation based on their manoeuvrability, sailing
proficiency, efficiency and user friendliness. 1993 - ASD TUG 3110 1996 - ASD TUG 3211 2000 - ASD TUG 2411 2003 - ASD TUG 2810 ICE 2009 - ASD TUG 2310 2012 - ASD TUG 2810 Hybrid

damen shipyards
since 1927
1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011

Number of shiphandling tugs delivered 1970 - 2012

1992 - Damen starts

building ASD Tugs 1995 - ASD TUG 2509 1999 - ASD TUG 3111 2002 - ASD TUG 2810 2007 - ASD TUG 3213 2010 - ASD TUG 2009

Facts & Figures about tug building: Tugs on stock

Damen currently produces about 50 ASD Tugs a year. The ASD Tug 3212 is part of the
m - 1958
Hardinxveld 10-strong Damen ASD Tug Series. Damen is developing new ASD Tugs, with bollard
n The worlds No.1 tug builder
pulls in the range of 20 to 105 tons.
n On average 80 shiphandling tugs built annually
n 50 ASD tugs built a year As well as the ASD Tug 3212, a new ASD Tug 3012 is under development with an 80
n A range of 25 different tug types tons bollard pull, a new ASD Tug 2510 with a 50 tons bollard pull and a new ASD Tug
2009 (30 tons bollard pull).
n 40% market share in shiphandling tugs
n Tugs built at yards worldwide Damen has all shiphandling Tugs on stock. At the last count, the Group had 200 tugs
The establish
ment in 1927
Conventional Tugs ASD Tugs
under construction and 25 different types on stock.

20 21
Our range of asd Tugs Our range of STAN Tugs

Power (bkw) 6.000

Power (bkw) 6.000
Bollard pull (t) 100
Bollard pull (t) 105
damen STAN TUG 4511
damen ASD tug 3314

Power (bkw) 5.420

Power (bkw) 5.420
Bollard pull (t) 90
Bollard pull (t) 95
damen STAN TUG 4011
damen asd tug 3213

Power (bkw) 5.050

Power (bkw) 5.050
Bollard pull (t)
Bollard pull (t)
85 ASD TUG 2411 STAN TUG 1606
damen STAN TUG 3511
damen asd tug 3212

Power (bkw) 3.720

Power (bkw) 3.720
Bollard pull (t)
Bollard pull (t)
damen STAN TUG 3011
new damen asd TUG 3012

Power (bkw) 2.610

Power (bkw) 2.610
Bollard pull (t)
Bollard pull (t)
damen STAN TUG 2608
damen ASD TUG 2411

Power (bkw) 4.180

Power (bkw) 4.180
Bollard pull (t)
Bollard pull (t)

damen asd TUG 2810

damen STAN TUG 2208

Power (bkw) 1.790

Power (bkw) 1.790
Bollard pull (t)
Bollard pull (t)

damen ASD TUG 2411 damen STAN TUG 1907

Length (m)
ASD TUG 3213 STAN TUG 2608
Power (bkw) 1.790
Power (bkw) 1.790
Bollard pull (t)
Bollard pull (t)

new damen ASD TUG 2510 damen STAN TUG 1606

Length (m)

Power (bkw) 1.790

Power (bkw) 1.790
Bollard pull (t)
50 Bollard pull (t)

damen ASD TUG 2310 damen STAN TUG 1205

Length (m)

damen ASD 2009

Power (bkw) 1.790
Power (bkw) 1.790
Bollard pull (t)
30 Bollard pull (t) 4

damen ASD TUG 2009 damen STAN TUG 1004

damen asd tugs damen stan tugs

Damen Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs are extremely manoeuvrable, designed for operating in waves without The Damen Stan Tug series is based on considerable knowledge, experience and customer feedback. These vessels
losing stability. They are ideal for towing, pushing, push-pull, escorting, berthing, firefighting, salvage and are tailor-made for towing, pushing, push-pull, berthing, anchor handling, hydrographical surveying, line handling,
pollution control in all waters. Propulsion: twin rudder propellers. firefighting, salvage, diving support and pollution control in all waters. Propulsion: twin screw in nozzles.

22 ASD TUG 2810 STAN TUG 4511 23

From sketch to ship

Built by passion
Needless to say, this tugs product development was in the hands of
dedicated tug teams, which have often worked together for more than
25 years. This wealth of knowledge and experience is all to the benefit of
Built for performance our customers. To say these employees pretty much live, eat and breathe
tugs is no exaggeration. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is undoubtedly
Naturally full 3D engineering was the key in leading to this responsible for the success of the Damen ASD Tug 3212.
superb design, with attention to the very smallest detail.

24 25
Research & development

Extensive testing
As well as the knowledge gained from building hundreds
of ASD Tugs, the Damen ASD Tug 3212 has undergone
rigorous testing over the last few years, both at Damens
own Research & Development Department and at the
renowned Dutch maritime institution, the Maritime
Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN).

The ASD Tug 3212 has a completely revised hull form when Damen actively participated in the Joint Industry Project SAFETUG, which
compared to previous vessels as a result of these tests. The
vessel has a higher bow with a more flared shape and a has examined tug escorting in exposed sea conditions in detail. The
revolutionary new hull form with a more pronounced project discovered that high peak loads in the towline are a limiting factor
V shape in the foreship, more slender lines in the bow,
as well as bilge keels. in the operation. Staying connected to the assisted ship is vital for the
tug operation and very high peak loads can lead to the towline breaking.
A relatively low wheelhouse guarantees low accelerations
for improved crew comfort and increased stability. The SAFETUG II was successfully completed in 2011 and many of its findings
shape of the hull guarantees optimal manoeuvrability. The have been incorporated into the new design.
design has also been based on measurements taken on more
than 350 ASD Tugs already in operation. Damen uses

Dieudonn tests to take measurements on all of its ASD tugs.

With the knowledge of SAFETUG II and the challenge to prove

the pioneering new ASD Tug 3212 hull shape, the new design
underwent rigorous model tests in the towing tank at MARIN,
including escorting and seakeeping tests in waves. An experienced
Smit tug Captain carried out the tests, where the model of the ASD
Tug 3212 was being actively controlled in 3 m waves with a towing
wire attached. The Render / Recovery winch was also used to ensure
power in the towing line was as stable as possible. This gave a
thorough analysis of the dynamic loads on the towline and these
tests exactly mirrored real conditions.

26 27
Damens in-house developed simulation program a low centre of gravity and an extremely high GM value

Tugsim Stability
To predict the escort capabilities of ASD tugs, Damen The extremely powerful 360-degree, rotating
Research has developed the computer program TugSim in rudder propellers of an 85 tons ASD Tug
cooperation with Delft University of Technology and MARIN. demand superb stability. Damen tugs are
continuously evaluated and improved upon.
Naturally crew comfort and safety are always foremost in Damens mind We are always looking to answer our customers
and the ASD Tug 3212 has improved workability, largely due to the
new hull. The dimensions of the unique shape of the skeg and bilge needs and the ASD Tug 3212 is no exception.
keels were designed by Damen Research together with MARIN by
using TugSim calculations. Stability was a key focus of the design, particularly given the challenges
this vessel will face in open waters. Improved stability has been achieved
The TugSim program makes it possible to calculate escort forces on by a wide beam, more slender waterline, large freeboard, higher bow,
the towing line and the performance of the tug. TugSim can be used as coupled with a relatively low wheelhouse. Overall, the new tug has a low
a design tool, therefore Damen could optimise the design of the ASD centre of gravity and an extremely high GM value of 2 m. For extra safety,
Tug 3212 at an early stage. we have made sure that the distance between the towing point and the
thruster is also as low as possible.
TugSim uses fundamental hydrodynamic theory concerning hull shape,
skeg, bilge keels and thruster forces. In combination with information
on the propulsion installation and the location of the towing point, this
quasistatic approach gives the maximum breaking and steering force in
each direction. A capability plot can then be made for every escorting speed.

Escort tests at a speed of 10 knots in waves up to 3 m were carried

out during the model tests. Dynamic forces of 2.5 x the tractive force
occurred in the towing lines. The maximum loads on the fairlead and
the bitt can increase up to a maximum of 200 tons during escorting
and the line can turn at a maximum angle of 120 degrees.

Dieudonn Manoeuvrability of the ASD Tug 3212 is of Repeating this for a wide range of thruster
the utmost importance and to this end a lot angles determines the inherent dynamic
of effort was spent on optimising the hull, stability of the tug sailing ahead and astern.
skeg and bilge keels during development.
Damen Research then uses this data to
To assess the manoeuvrability of the ship, validate its predictions and model tests and
Dieudonn trials were conducted at MARIN for making further improvements, if needed.
whereby the continuous rate of turn at a
certain thruster angle setting was recorded
while the vessel was in deep, open water.
28 29
the key to your success

our standards
The new ASD Tug 3212 benefits from Damens
standardisation strategy. Because our vessels are sold all
over the world, Damen always looks to build a Damen
standard tug that is just as fit for purpose in Russia as it is
in Australia and the Arabian Gulf. This means many of the
components in the new tug are built to proven designs.
For instance, our Damen standard cooling system is able to
Standardisation and the continuous development of all operate to its optimum in minus 30 degrees in St.Petersburg
of our tugs leads to high quality in every detail, giving or equally, in soaring high temperatures in the summer
months off the coast of Northern Australia and the Arabic
rise to tugs that are entirely fit for purpose. Gulf in seawater temperatures of 35 degrees.

She is a heavy built vessel, with rigid foundations, extra plate

The well-known Damen philosophy of standardisation is thickness, extra brackets and extra fendering. This is the Damen
certainly evident in this new tug type. We offer proven standard and one that is above and beyond Class requirements.
Our standard ASD Tug 3212 is provided with an Environmental
design, proven quality, proven reliability and this all Class notation. Therefore, a bilge water cleaner and sewage Standard designs can always be equipped with various

contributes to lowering the Total Cost of Ownership. plant have been installed and there are no ballast tanks. options to suit your specific job and/or regulations.

Damen demands the very best quality to ensure the best

performance from its vessels. Customer feedback is continually
fed into our standard designs as we continue to strive for ADVANTAGES OF STANDARDISATION
improvement. Not only are our vessels built to the Damen
One standard grease nipple type for easy maintenance.
standard, so too are our optionals and these are all kept on
Fast response to customer requests
stock for customers convenience.
Competitive pricing
Short delivery times due to stock vessels
Reliability, proven and tested technology
Continuous product development
standardisation ensures short delivery times Interchangeability of vessels, crew, spares, equipment
The delivery time of a Damen standardised vessel is considerably shorter than a conventionally Low maintenance costs
built vessel, due to years of refining the engineering, supply chain and hull fabrication processes. all within three months Guaranteed performance
Benchmark for the industry

first client requirement

High resale value
Damen standard

engineering & standardisation production standard vessel vessel in stock offer engineering installation of options trials & delivery

conventional shipbuilding

offer engineering start production trials & delivery

30 31
perfect in every detail

The damen asd tug 3212 in detail Deckhouse

A modern, compact deckhouse with
good all round visibility and a user-
Large Tumblehome
The tumblehome is up to 40o with
friendly layout, with excellent lines of the wheelhouse leaning inward,
sight from the wheelhouse on fore which makes it ideal when working Render/Recovery winch
deck, shoulders and assisted vessels. under the flare of container vessels. A hydraulically powered, double drum
winch has a maximum brake holding
load of a massive 200 tons.
First shiphandling tug winch in the world
to be fully classified by Lloyds Register.
principal Dimensions
Length over all 32.70 m
Beam over all 12.82 m Heavily built
Depth at side 5.35 m Heavy built vessel, with rigid
Draught aft 5.60 m foundations, extra plate thickness,
Excellent load bearing capacity and
extra brackets in deck side plating
facilitates smooth rope guidance,
Displacement approx. 850 ton connections and extra fendering.
Spacious decks leading to less rope wear. New
Total power 5050 kW / 6772 hp maintenance-friendly design.
A very open, clean deck layout with
no obstructions for safe working
Bollard pull ahead 82.2 ton (Lloyds certified) conditions, while giving maximum
Bollard pull astern 75.7 ton (Lloyds certified) workability.
Double sausage fendering
Cylindrical sausage fenders at the
Speed ahead 14.4 knots (Lloyds certified) bow and shoulders and heavy duty
Speed astern 14.1 knots (Lloyds certified) Fendering around the vessel D-fenders all around at deck level
A heavy sheer strake 15 mm steel and massive, cylindrical fenders at
profile behind the fender for the transom corners.
extra strength.

Anchors are recessed in pockets,
giving a completely flush hull.
Very high quality two part,
heavy-duty Epoxy paint systems,
applied by Damen under cover in
strictly controlled conditions.
Round Bilge Hull
Better sailing capabilities with
round bilge hull rather than
the more usual chine hull.
Powerful propellers
New Rolls-Royce rudder propulsion,
with two full 360-degree rotating
controllable pitch propellers in the
aft ship. Mounted at an angle of 7o Bow & hull form
for optimal performance. A higher bow with a more flared shape and
a revolutionary new hull form with a more
pronounced V shape in the foreship, more
slender lines in the bow, as well as bilge keels.

32 33
The foredeck

Optimum use of space

a safe working
environment for the crew

The foredeck has a completely flush design,

optimised for various towing modes giving this
multipurpose tug optimal performance.

An ergonomic design has been incorporated into

the new ASD Tug 3212 with good accessibility to
winches, bollards and the fairleads.

Compact winch Fairleads Spraying nozzles Spacious deck

The first fully classified Render / Recovery winch is equipped Class-approved, double-pole towing bitt, with cast, certified Three spraying nozzles are installed on the towing bitt for A proven deck layout, ergonomically designed with good
with two incredibly strong Hgglunds CB840 motors. stainless steel fairlead, for smooth rope handling. Also the top greasing the ships hull. Again, another innovation and accessibility to winches, bollards and the fairleads has been
of the bulwark is stainless steel. included in the Damen ASD Tug 3212 as standard. incorporated in the new ASD Tug 3212.
The motors are directly on the main shaft so no gearbox is
required, giving even more deck space. This spacious deck free of obstacles facilitates safe
shiphandling in harbours, estuaries and at offshore terminals.

34 35
The winch has been made for successful operations in

FIRST FULLY CLASSIFIED WINCH waves of up to 3 m high over a 6 second wave period!

a maximUm bollarD pUll of 85 Tons


Check and Potential

action failure

The entire Render / Recovery
Risk priority winch system must be fully tuned Severity
number and tested according to the number (SEV)
highest offshore standards. FMEA
procedures are part of the high
Damen quality standards.

Detection Probability
number (DET) number (OCC)

We know we are in a different world these days, where

The fully automatic winch is also the first in the The hydraulically powered, double drum winch (with In line with Damens quality standards, stainless steel
the ability to provide assistance in open water is vital. market that has been fully classified by Lloyds one running and one on standby) has a maximum brake brake drums are provided. Stainless steel is used to
Register. This winch is now proven for the chal- holding load of a massive 200 tons, a recovery capacity of prevent corrosion so the drums can last for a lifetime.
lenging conditions off Northern Australia and 60 tons at 50m/min and a rendering capacity of 100 tons And there are double drums, so always a spare line!
This exceptional Render/Recovery winch was developed for future offshore projects in open water. at 100m/min.
together with another Damen Shipyards Group member, The fully automatic winch is also the first in the market
The winch has a very tough, strong and simple design that has been fully classified by Lloyds Register. This
Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam, which has many years of equipped with two Hgglunds CB840 motors. This is very winch is now proven for the challenging conditions off
experience developing winches for the fishing industry. tough equipment even used in the mining industry. The Northern Australia and for future offshore projects in
motors are directly on the main shaft so no gearbox open water.
is required.

36 37
Sausage Fendering
Working at sea with a pushing force of 85 tons An entirely new design for a 1 m double-sausage fendering
makes it a great challenge to design fendering has been developed for improved energy absorption. The
that will not damage the ships skin. The high fender has been designed using Finite Element Analysis
waves make it necessary for a tremendous and full-scale validation tests with loads of up to a massive
amount of energy to be absorbed. 640 tons.

Again our specialists in R&D spent a great deal of effort

doing the calculations to produce the perfect fender.
One engineer even spent a year on this subject alone.
Ultimately, the fendering has improved energy absorption
handling huge dynamic forces. Tests also found that when
pushing at maximum bollard pull, the contact pressure
should not exceed 20 t/m2.

Towing Bitt & Fairlead

Given the huge forces in the towing lines Again, this towing bitt is a unique design and represents
exerted during escort operations up to a a new generation. Damen recommends the use of 60
maximum of 200 tons and the fact that the mm Lankoforce ropes and to avoid rope damage a
New generation Towing Bitt
towing line can bend at wide angles, between special cast, stainless steel bitt has been developed for
Damen has especially focused on the design of the
0 and 120 degrees to the centreline, Damen both its strength and anti-corrosion properties.
towing bitt because of the tremendous forces in the
Research has especially focused on the
towing lines. Again, this unique design represents a
design of the towing bitt and the fairlead. The stainless steel castings are fully integrated in a
new generation. To avoid rope damage a special cast,
welded bitt with piping with a diameter of 500 mm,
50 mm thick, stainless steel bitt has been developed
creating a hawser friendly design that guarantees the
for both its strength and anti-corrosion properties.
maximum durability for the towing lines. Everything is fully
Everything is rounded to make the bitt as smooth as
rounded to make the bitt as smooth as possible to prevent
possible to prevent wear-and-tear of the towline.
wear-and-tear of the towline. This all makes for smooth
handling of the delicate and expensive towing ropes.

38 39
The aft deck

for multipurpose activities

The aft deck has a completely flush design,

optimised for various towing modes giving this
multipurpose tug optimal performance, whether the
tug is involved in a salvage, oil recovery operation
or in buoy handling.

Engine room hatches Quality Quality surfaces & painting Spacious aft deck
The aft deck has flush engine room hatches, with the main To ensure top Damen quality, after all of the steelwork of the The bulwark construction is rounded, making a better surface This spacious deck free of obstacles facilitates safe ship
engines and all of the engine room equipment installed via hull is ready, the tug is completely painted, so consequently no for painting. Painting is of a very high standard being the two handling in harbours, estuaries and at offshore terminals.
these hatches. steelwork or welding is done after the paint system is applied. part, heavy duty Epoxy paint systems, applied by Damen under This new tug is truly multipurpose.
cover in strictly controlled conditions.
The engine room hatches are also for the easy and quick Containers, skimmers, booms, shackles and other equipment
installation of optional FiFi sets and hydraulic sets after the Grinding and welding after painting is avoided. This all leads can easily be stored on deck and there is still plenty of room.
Damen Standard vessel is ready. We have anticipated the to better rope guidance and less wear-and-tear. A ventilated
future needs of our clients so everything is ready should they storage area is provided on SB & PS in the aft bulwark with
want to upgrade at a later date. watertight hatches.

40 41
The engine room

The heart of the vessel

Safe working conditions, optimal accessibility and easy

maintenance were all crucial elements when Damen considered
the engine room design. Damens ASD Tug 3212 has a spacious
engine room to facilitate easy maintenance.

Engines Easy access and easy maintenance Piping systems Safety first
The main engines are Caterpillar 3516C HD+ TA/D, giving a The engine room has been designed for optimal accessibility All piping systems are fitted carefully to prevent vibrations. One hand for yourself and one for the ship!
maximum of 1800 RPM and very quick acceleration. Summed for the customers convenience. They are all colour coded and flow directions are indicated. Hand grips and handrails are provided throughout for
up: much more torque with lower RPM. Pipe sections are flanged in manageable lengths again for maximum safety.
And the engine room is fully equipped with stores, a ease of maintenance.
workbench, a grinding and drilling machine, as well as lockers.
Parts are also provided by Damen. Every detail has been
considered. For example, in the engine room floor there are
easily accessible entry points to make it simple to inspect the
stainer baskets of the galvanised bilge system.

42 43
Dramatic cuts in fuel consumption and emissions possible

damen hybrid
The Hybrid option
Damen is well aware of the need to make fuel savings as prices soar and
to cut back on emissions. Consequently, we are building a hybrid option of
Environmentally friendly
the ASD Tug 3212, which will be available from stock. Efficient in operation
The tug can be delivered with a combined Hybrid generator/firefighting
Economically viable
diesel. The generator set will supply the power to two electric motors in
the drive shafts. This allows the tug to sail at a speed of 7 knots on electric E3
power in transit modes. In this way it is possible to reduce emissions and fuel Damen has introduced its own quality brand
the E3 hallmark a move that is unique in the
consumption by more than 25 %. shipbuilding industry.

Damen continually works to improve its vessels

and aims to build ships according to the Damen
E3 principles: Environmentally friendly,
Efficient in operation and Economically viable.
These take into account the needs of the

The engine
planet, the people operating the ship and the
owners need to make a profit.

The standard ASD Tug 3212 is fitted with The new Damen ASD Tug 3212 is designed to ensure
economical Caterpillar 3516C HD+ TA/D main durability and for this reason main engines with Tier II
engines giving a maximum of 1800 RPM and have been installed and, with an eye to the future, Tier Bunkering in just two hours!
very quick acceleration. III systems are also being considered. And to ensure
low vibration and noise levels the engines are flexibly 100
Damen is always keen to have a happy crew aboard
Summed up: much more torque with lower RPM. mounted, isolating them from the steel.
its ships and we have gone beyond the requirements
of Class and introduced a 2-inch diameter filling pipe
Main engines and auxiliary engines have 45 dBA exhaust
to speed bunkering up. We know ease of operation
silencers to obtain low noise levels and are fitted with 60
and efficiency is vital to our customers.
spark arrestors which are suitable for LNG terminals.
Propulsion installation in the engine room is in
accordance with Lloyd Register's regulations for 20

Unmanned Engine Rooms, hence permanent attendance

is not required. NOX PM HC CO Fuel CO2 SOx

ASD Tug Standard ASD Tug Hybrid

44 45
Modular pump systems
In line with Damens standardisation policy, For the maximum safety of the crew, full control of the
the systems are provided in standard modules, engine room is possible from the main deck when the
including the pump systems and valve blocks tug is carrying out a towing operation. The crew can future ready
for easy operations. Again for ease of operation monitor the alarms, analyse the problem and then take
and maintenance everything is marked, labelled, action. In a further anti-corrosion measure, a dedicated A bolted engine room hatch facilitates simple
colour-coded and flows are indicated. ventilation system with mist eliminators is provided so removal and engine installation and because we
sea wash and mist cannot enter the engine room. have anticipated possible future FiFi set installations,
(Damen has a full range of optionals), all the pipes
All piping systems have heavy, thick walls, which is and FiFi foundations have already been provided.
above and beyond Class requirements.

46 47
Ventilation systems
The wheelhouse, accommodation, engine room, Air intakes for the engine room and accommodation
rudder propeller room and stores have forced are fitted with cloth filters to avoid dust. In the
fresh air ventilation systems. The velocity of air accommodation an AC system is fitted for cooling
does not exceed Damen standards and sound and heating and the fresh air outlets can be controlled
absorbent material is fitted in the ducting, all of locally. The wheelhouse has a separate AC system with
which reduces the noise levels for extra comfort. an automatic room thermostat.

The AC system is cooled by a closed, fresh water

cooling system (there is no seawater on board). All
equipment, such as cooling compressors, condensers
and air handling units have maintenance-friendly
installation, so changing the filters in the air handling
unit in the accommodation could not be easier.

It is only a 5 minute job!

Closed cooling systems

No pollution, no corrosion and no freezing. This is not the cheapest solution but Damen wants to
Damen uses closed cooling water systems, avoid any risk of pollution or corrosion so these cooling
which are designed for 35 degrees seawater systems are included as standard. This level of quality in
temperatures for diesel engines and AC systems. turn, makes it maintenance friendly.

Damen is very experienced with closed cooling systems.

Durable, box cooler-type heat exchangers, with
increased pipe thickness, are fitted in sea chests.

To give optimal performance and maximum lifetime,

these have been developed in close cooperation with
the supplier and Delft University. The Impressed Current
Anti-Fouling (ICAF) system fitted inside the cooler
chests means that there is no marine growth or fouling.

48 49
The under water ship

Box cooler gratings Propeller nozzles Propellers First class marine type
Gratings for the box cooler chest are hinged for The Damen Standard ASD Tug Series are fitted SB and PS propellers have opposite inward All machinery in the engine room is of first class
easy inspection and maintenence. with propeller nozzles with stainless steel inner turning direction of rotation to create maximum marine type and the installation is laid out for
rings to increase their lifetime. performance. easy watch-keeping, servicing and maintenance.

The main engines can be started from the engine

room, as well as from the bridge.

50 51
Against the biggest enemy

Corrosion prevention
Corrosion is the vessels enemy. Damen has done its utmost to think
about any possible weak points where corrosion could start and taken
steps to eliminate them.


The Damen ASD Tug 3212 incorporates the Parts outside on the superstructure and on deck
most state-of-the-art solutions for corrosion such as hinges, toggles, floodlights, bolts, nuts,
prevention. All steel parts are well rounded, nameplates, gratings, towline fairleads, window
there are no sharp corners and welding is done frames and filling pipes are all stainless steel and
without overlap or undercutting. All areas are all railings and stairs are made from galvanised
closed and easily accessible for preservation steel.
and maintenance. Stainless steel has been used
throughout on all moving parts, again, to extend The decks are also smooth and bevelled, making
their lifetime and prevent corrosion. them easy to paint and to clean. The main deck
is entirely flush, with the foundations for the
winches and other equipment below deck.

Hull outside, below load waterline Thickness (m)

1 Coat INTERSHIELD 300 Bronze 150

1 Coat INTERSHIELD 300 Aluminium 150

1 Coat INTERGARD 263 Light Grey 75

1 Coat INTERSMOOTH 465 SPC Red 110

1 Coat INTERSMOOTH 365 SPC Brown 110

1 Coat INTERSMOOTH 365 SPC Red 110

52 53
The ASD Tug 3212 has a completely revised hull form with a more pronounced
V shape in the fore ship and more slender waterlines. Additionally, it has a higher
bow with a more flared and slender shape, resulting in a dry fore deck during
shiphandling and escort operations.

To improve the ships stability the sides slope outwards and maintenance friendly. Perfect welding with no
and are provided with rolling keels and sloping sides. undercuts, means that corrosion is avoided.
All of these factors plus heavy sausage fenders result in Damen designed a special round bilge hull shape
a drier ship and consequently, a safer ship. rather than the more common chine hull because this
gives the vessel better performance. Damen continually
Better seakeeping characteristics are achieved seeks perfection. The hull structure, steelwork fittings
through a more slender waterline in combination with and pipe systems are all drawn and designed to the
a relatively low wheelhouse, slope frames and bilge smallest detail in 3D.
keels. These measures guarantee low accelerations for
improved crew comfort and better stability. The hull is This guarantees that the hull is 100% outfitted with
very rigidly built, with top quality welding. small parts before sandblasting and Epoxy painting.

Rudder propellers We have taken care that everything is rounded for both
optimal performance and to limit corrosion. There are
no undercuts, no sharp corners - everything is clean
The hot-dip galvanised anchors are recessed in
pockets, giving a completely flush hull.

The ASD Tug 3212 incorporates new Rolls-Royce After many years of research into how to achieve
rudder propellers, type US 255 P30 CP Special, optimal performance, Damen also mounts the rudder
with a 2800 mm diameter and special TK-type high propellers 7 degrees from the base line.
performance nozzles, with two full 360-degree
rotating controllable pitch propellers in the aft ship. In contrast to most shipbuilders, Damen fits the
rudder propellers with stainless steel inner rings. Our
standard is always of the utmost quality. Customers
dont have to worry about renewing the inner rings
because we design for the lifetime of the vessel.

54 55
You are in control

56 57
the wheelhouse A compact wheelhouse gives the Captain
an excellent, all round, 360-degree view.
The tumblehome is guaranteed at 40
degrees and this is combined with a
foldable, remote controlled mast.

Direct accessibility Cleaning system Large windows Floodlights

Both the fore and aft deck are directly accessible by stairs from A fresh water spraying system is provided for cleaning the To give the best visibility possible large, tinted windows are Powerful floodlights are provided in the fore and aft deck. On
the wheelhouse. SB to the fore deck, PS to the aft deck. vessel's windows. provided, giving excellent sight lines. Sky windows give an the aft deck two 500 watt lights are installed and on the fore
optimal view on vessels being assisted. deck, four 500 watt lights.

58 59
the wheelhouse
everything at your fingertips

Damen has designed a very modern, compact deckhouse

with good all round visibility and a user-friendly layout, with
excellent lines of sight from the wheelhouse on the fore
deck, shoulders and assisted vessels.
The Captain has everything under full control from the
wheelhouse including the propulsion units and winches from
the steering position with full hand, foot and knee control.
Propulsion control is combined into one joystick.

Everything has been ergonomically designed, with

easy-to-use operating consoles and Damen has spent a great
deal of effort in developing a new wheelhouse Local Operator
Panel (LOP) with nautical data, main engine, winch and auxiliary
control, alarms and fire detection. All of this data is available in
the engine room, on main deck and in the wheelhouse.

The tumblehome is up to 40 degrees with the wheelhouse

leaning inward, and this is combined with a foldable, remote
controlled mast, making it ideal when working under the flare
of a vessel. The superstructure and bulwarks have sufficient
tumblehome to avoid collision damage.

60 61
New damen mega system
The ASD Tug 3212 includes a completely new Praxis MEGA operating and
control system with one multifunctional touch screen - with a day and night
screen - located on the main deck, in the wheelhouse and engine control room.

This conning system is part of the Alarm & Monitoring system and allows
the crew to control and monitor the main propulsion, auxiliary, electric
systems and tank capacities, as well as all the lighting and ventilation at
all three locations.
And for the maximum safety of the crew, this system facilitates full
control of the engine room from the main deck when the tug is carrying
out a towing operation.

In case of emergency if the normal system fails, the engine control,

the steering system and all vital systems can be operated by means of
emergency control systems.

Steering can be done by non-follow-up emergency steering (24V)

operated by means of pushbuttons in the wheelhouse dashboards.

62 63

Cabins Materials IT Space

Larger, very comfortable, air-conditioned cabins, with double- Durable and easy to maintain waterproof, hard plastic coated Information screens, televisions, radios and computer systems Officers have a 7.5 sq m cabin, with a standing height of
walled panelling are provided, with all of the cabins above the marine plywood has been used. The accommodation has are provided in the messrooms and the cabins. 2.2 m and extra large lockers are provided. Berths are
waterline to comply with the latest regulations. modern furnishings in Damen Standard colours. A computer network with high quality, ethernet technology, 2200 x 900 mm with box spring mattresses. Everything has
with external GSM antenna is also installed. been considered from an ergonomic point of view. The
The helmsmans seat has electric controls and is covered with accommodation is acoustically insulated and finished in
leather. Sofas and chairs in the cabins and messroom have modern colours with durable linings.
heavy-duty, artificial leather. Curtains are fitted in the cabins
for windows and berths. In the galley, messroom and cabins
storage space is provided by drawers and lockers. Extra linen,
dry food, freezer and general storage space are also provided.

64 65
66 67
Ergonomics & comfort
The Damen ASD Tug 3212, which has a capacity for a maximum crew of
10, is built to comply with all of the very latest IMO and MLC 2006 crew
accommodation and comfort regulations. This includes more spacious cabins,
designed for a pleasant more comfort, better sanitary facilities and extensive stores.
working environment
The heavy, well-built steel hull has a very low vibration level at
maximum speed which, together with sound insulation measures,
results in a low noise level. During trials the noise levels in the cabins
were extremely low; 53 dBA was the lowest level measured in the
cabins below decks and the lowest ever measured on a Damen ASD
Tug! Noise and vibrations are also kept to a minimum due to flexibly
mounted main engines and flexible drive couplings.

The accommodation and wheelhouse have a

floating floor to keep noise levels within 55
dBA and vibration levels to a minimum.

55 dBA =
Cabin noise levels of just 53 dBA lower than
those of a coffee machine!

If the vessel is being operated for a 12-hour stretch, it has to be

comfortable for the crew, which in turn makes it much safer. For
instance, Damens standard ASD Tug 3212 includes 25 cm high
box spring mattresses for extra comfort. We want to make sure we
have created the best working and living environment for the crew.

The console can be opened for maintenance and inspection.

68 69

70 71
Main particulars Primary ship systems Hull and superstructure
Propulsion system and electrical equipment is designed for seawater temperatures of max. 35C S All pipes manageable for easy refitting S Round bilge hull S
Propulsion system and electrical equipment is designed for outside air temperature of max. 45C S Pipelines with a minimum number of bends S Five watertight compartments S Electrical, dual speed parallel window wipers on each forward side S
Lloyd's Register 100 A1 Escort Tug () LMC UMS EP S Bilge and internal FiFi seawater piping hot-dip galvanised S Rudder propeller compartment with double bottom tanks S Electrical, dual speed parallel window wipers on each front window S
Lloyds Register 100 A1 Escort Tug () LMC UMS EP Fire Fighting Ship 1 Piping and valves marked with colour codes S Engine room with double bottom tanks S Electrical, dual speed parallel window wipers on each aft window S
Successful model tests at MARIN S Two general service pumps S On the outside, the hull is continuously welded S A window wash nozzle for each window wiper S
Two complete sets of plans and documents S Bilge water separator S Distortion and unevenness from welding will be faired S Docking plugs stainless steel / bronze for all tanks S
International tonnage certificate S Deck connections for sludge, dirty oil and bilge water S All tanks are provided with two bolted manhole covers S Galvanised steel handrails along the deckhouse S
Loadline certificate S Fire fighting pumps S Fuel oil tanks are separated from the hull S Aluminium railing near the compass S
International oil pollution prevention certificate S Emergency fire fighting pump S Two steel, fresh water double bottom tanks S Safety railing in the propulsion rooms S
International sewage pollution prevention certificate S Fuel transfer pump S Sewage tank with discharge point on deck S Protection covers for rotating parts S
International air pollution prevention certificate S Dynamic fuel oil purifier S Two clean lubrication oil tanks S Two cylindrical bow fenders 1000 mm S
Anchor and cable certificates S Fuel header pump S One dirty lubrication oil tank S A continuous D-type fender, size 300 x 300 mm S
GMDSS A1 certificate S Duplex fuel water separator for each engine S Sludge tank S Cylindrical fenders 600 mm on the transom corners S
Asbestos free certificate S Duplex fuel oil filters in each engine S Hydraulic oil tank S Lugs are fitted for heavy fender tyres S
Fresh water certificate S Cooling water system for engines is of the boxcooling type S Bilge water tank with discharge point on deck S Double bollards on the fore ship S
GMDSS area A2 Boxcoolers for a seawater temperature of 35C S Foam tank Single bollards at midship S
GMDSS area A3 Fresh water window spray system S Dispersant tank Double bollards on the aft ship S
MED approval S A tap is fitted both aft deck and bridge deck S Sea chests with hinged gratings S SWL welded on all bollards S
Fresh water heater S Anchor stowed in anchor pockets, flush with the hull S Aft towing bitt with cast, certified steel fairlead S
Sewage pump S Bulwark has a height of 1.10 m S Flush gobeye on the aft deck S
Propulsion and steering system Sewage treatment plant S Deck lockers integrated in the aft bulwark S Local tow wire protection rails S
IMO Tier II and EPA Tier II compliant marine diesel engines S Central filling and deaeration system S Stainless steel plate fitted on top of the fore bulwark S Fixed navigation mast S
SB and PS propellers opposite inward direction of rotation to create maximum performance S All sounding and filling pipes are stainless steel and have screw caps S Skeg with 20 mm bottom plate S Foldable navigation mast
Start and stop of main auxiliary engines in the engine room S Electrically driven lubrication oil fill pump S Bilge keels improve operability in exposed waters S Mast with safety system for safe access S
Main engines started from the bridge S Lubrication oil fill pump manual S Towline guard posts aft bulwark S Stainless steel outside nameplates S
Auxiliary sets can start from switchboard room S Sludge pump S Crankcase deaeration piping via funnels S Loaded waterline (paint line) marked by beat welds S
Resiliently mounted diesel engines S Pre-lubrication oil pump on each main engine S All hinges are adjustable and greased by standard grease nipples S Boundaries of tanks and watertight bulkheads on hull and on deck are marked by beat welds S
Marine diesel engines are electrically started S Duplex lubrication oil filters in each engine S One flush engineers workshop hatch S Hull plates are cleaned by blast cleaning grade SA 2 1/2 S
Marine diesel engines are fresh water cooled by means of boxcoolers S Forced ventilation - engine room S Two flush engine room hatches S All outside welds and steelwork ground before spraying S
Disengaging clutches built on the rudder propellers themselves S Air intake filters - engine room S Rudder propeller room / engine room escape hatch S Paint specifications based on "International Paint" S
Straight-line shafting for propulsion S Forced ventilation - rudder propeller room S Accommodation escape hatch S Bevelled edges, sharp edges avoided S
Reliable bow teeth couplings in propulsion line S Forced ventilation - stores on lower deck S Store escape hatch S Easy to paint, easy maintenance S
Rolls-Royce rudder propellers S Forced ventilation - wheelhouse and accommodation S Steel air duct covers in the engine room S Hull outside below load waterline, 4 layers of Epoxy paint and 3 layers of self-polishing, antifouling S
Controllable pitch propellers, with 2,800 mm diameter S Air-conditioning system for wheelhouse and accommodation S Two manholes for each tank S Hull outside above load waterline, 5 layers of Epoxy paint S
Nozzles with stainless steel inner rings S Air-conditioning with a closed fresh water cooling system S Outside hinges all stainless steel S Superstructure outside and railings, 5 layers of Epoxy paint S
Complete control of all systems from the wheelhouse S Electrical heating elements integrated in A.C. ducts S Watertight steel doors with central closing handle S Surfaces below deck level, 4 layers, with zinc phosphate base S
Central manoeuvring control station in the front of the wheelhouse S Additional heating GRP door on each side of the wheelhouse S Tanks inside, 3 layers of Epoxy paint S
Overhead tachometers to read out SB and PS main engine RPM in wheelhouse S Stainless steel exhaust pipes S Windows with stainless steel frames S Hull has zinc anode protection, sufficient for 5 years S
Overhead tachometers to read out SB and PS propeller RPM in wheelhouse S Exhaust silencers 45 dBA S Green tinted sky windows S Antifouling system boxcooler chests S
Overhead analogue indicators to read out SB and PS main engine fuel oil consumption in wheelhouse S Spark arrestors S Boxcoolers - Impressed Current Anti-fouling system (ICAF) for 5 years S
Overhead analogue indicators to read out SB and PS rudder propeller thrust direction in wheelhouse S
Two VHF radio telephones with knee control S BUILT FOR STOCK & OPTIONALS
CPP load control system S Our ASD Tugs are built in a Standard series for stock but we still offer a range of optional items to meet
Alarms - propulsion installation shown in engineroom, switchboardroom, maindeck and wheelhouse S the clients wishes. The Standard is built in such a way that these optional items can be installed quickly
Each rudder propeller has single hand control with automatic CPP control S and easily later on. Such items include Fire-fighting capacity to FiFi 1, deck cranes, aft winches and nautical
Emergency steering S equipment etc. Components are kept in stock and the design allows for future upgrades.
Spare hydraulic tank S

S = standard = optional
72 73
Electric installation Deck equipment LIVING AND SERVICE SPACES
Transformer to 24 V d.c. S Two high holding Power anchors S Box spring mattresses S Washbasin with locker mirror S
24 v - ship consumers network S Hot-dip galvanised anchor S Berths are 2,200 x 900 mm S Bidet shower on each toilet S
24 v - starting network S Hot-dip galvanised chain cable S Standing height in accommodation 2.20 m S Boatswain equipment S
24 v - emergency network S Quick release anchors S Door height in accommodation 2.10 m S Basic cleaning set S
24 v - radio network S Render/Recovery towing winch S Non-combustible fire retardant materials S Damen toolkit S
Battery changeover facility S Towing winch has stainless steel brake drums S Interior doors are of the B-15 type S Workbench with 6" engineers vice S
One battery charger for each battery set S Grease nipples for winches & deck equipment are standard, flat head type S Chequered aluminium floor plates in engine room S One grinding machine S
Two main generator sets 230/400V, each 125 kVa S Towing winch has stainless steel hinges and turning points S Accommodation floors are Bolidt synthetic type S Watertight Bisonyl covers S
Shore power supply connection 125 Amp. S Double anchor winch is integrated on the main shaft of the towing winch on the fore deck S Cabins have linoleum over the Bolidt S Watch alarm system S
Anti-condensation heating generators S Towing winch has line pull and line length measurement system S Hard, plastic-coated marine plywood panels S
Alarm system - Praxis Megaguard S Constant Length mode - fore winch S Durable, artificial leather sofas S
Nautical, navigation and
Main switchboard room cabinet with keyboard S Constant Tension mode - fore winch S Storage compartments under sofas S
Remote control / alarm cabinet on the main deck S Towing winch control system in wheelhouse S Chairs with armrests from durable, artificial leather S communication equipment
Engine room (attended / unattended) selection switch S Towing winch wireless control panel (fore) S Leather helmsman seat S Searchlight S
Wheelhouse Local Operated Control + Alarm Panel S Foot control brake towing winch S Wheelhouse has leather sofa S Searchlights FiFi 1 notation
Engineer's cabin and messroom alarm panels S Foot control hauling / veering towing winch S Chart table with lamp S Day signals S
Central filling station alarm panel S Four polypropylene mooring lines S Marine clock in wheelhouse S Horn S
General alarm S Capstan 5 ton S Binoculars - Steiner skipper S Ship's bell S
Fire detection installation S Guide rollers fore deck S All sky windows with roller blinds S Radar S
Bilge alarm S Deck crane 10 t/min Bunks with lockable drawer S Radar chart overlay
Watertight doors with open / close indication in wheelhouse S Winch on crane 1 ton Writing table with locker in each cabin S GPS navigator S
Watertight escape hatches with open/ close indication in wheelhouse S Towing winch aft Two clothing lockers in each cabin S Magnetic compass S
Tank sounding system S Control system aft winch in wheelhouse Bookshelf in each cabin S Autopilot S
Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System S Towing winch aft wireless control panel Double clothes hook in each cabin S Echo sounder S
Interior with 230 V lighting and 24 V emergency lighting S Towing hook aft - SWl 1000 kN S Dustbin in each cabin S Speedlog S
Bedside reading lamp in each cabin S Towline fore S One safe in Captain's cabin S Intercom S
Desk lamp in each cabin S 200 m Lankoforce 60 mm S Cabin curtains S CCTV (closed circuit television system) S
Two double sockets 230 v/ 10 A in each cabin S 20 m forerunner 104 mm Euroflex S Notice boards in officer's cabins S VHF radio telephone S
Two wall lamps in messroom S Cow-hitch connecting of spliced eyes S Marine clock in all cabins S Handheld VHF transceivers S
Exterior lighting with bullseyes S Towline aft 750 m, steel 54 mm Washbasin in all cabins S SSB radio telephone
Two aft floodlights 500 W S Portable CO2 fire extinguishers S Linen inventory S Inmarsat system
Two front centreline floodlights 500 W with dimmer S Portable dry powder extinguishers S ER alarm in messroom S Spare Inmarsat system
Two front side floodlights 500 W with dimmer S Spare fillings extinguishers S VHF remote handset in messroom S Navtex S
Floodlights near life rafts S Fireman's outfit S 66 cm flatscreen TV S AIS system S
Fire blanket S Radio / DVD player S EPIRB S
Two hydraulic triple pumps, main engine driven S Life jackets S Stainless steel worktop S Internet system S
Hydraulic tank with cooler, heater and filters S Life rafts S Combined refrigerator / freezer S Computer network S
One spare, electrically-driven hydraulic pump S First-aid equipment S Electric cooker S Barometer S
Oil pollution control Workboat Combined microwave / oven S Anemometer
Dispersant pump and booms Life net S Spice rack S
External fire fighting and salvage system Immersion suits S Dustbins S
Fire fighting system 1200 m/hr Fire signals + line throwing appliance S Anti slip placemats S
Fire fighting system 2400 m/hr Miscellaneous safety items S Set of mugs and mugs rack S
Salvage pump (portable) Emergency stops - fans, pumps, engines S Complete mess / galley inventory S
Fixed CO2 fire fighting system - engine room S Remotely operated valves for fuel tanks S Laundry on the lower deck S
Fire dampers S Washing machine and dryer S
Remote start / stop general service pump S Shower with thermostatic controlled taps S
S = standard = optional International shore connection S
74 75
damen services
damen assists customers in achieving their goals
Damen Services offers a wide-ranging portfolio of customer support and
after-sales services covering the complete vessels lifecycle; through the
start-up and deployment phases, to the second life or disposal phase.
We believe that our wide range of products helps our customers
achieve their goals in terms of availability, reliability and lifecycle
costs. Customers may benefit by using one of our services or a
strategic combination of several products.

maintenance training
complete lifecycle support
start - up deployment life - time extension

& trials
damos CMMS assistance

repair &
customer conversion
delivery service
ship delivery
damos: A One-stop-shop warranty
Damen helps to increase support
maintenance efficiency by the training
Damen Asset Management
Operating System (DAMOS), in
combination with a spare part spare parts reCYCLING
delivery solution.

service agreements & repairs civil works modular constructions green

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