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REGULA 1 Domeniul de aplicare RULE 1 Application

a) Prezentele reguli se aplic tuturor navelor a) These Rules shall apply to all vessels
aflate n mare larg i pe toate apele nvecinate upon the high seas and in all waters connected
navigabile pentru navele maritime. therewith navigable by seagoing vessels.
b) Nici o prevedere a prezentelor reguli nu b) Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with
trebuie s mpiedice aplicarea prevederilor the operation of special rules made by an
speciale, stabilite de ctre autoritatea appropriate authority for roadsteads, harbors,
competent, cu privire la navigaia n rade, rivers, lakes or inland waterways connected with
porturi, fluvii, lacuri sau cile navigabile interioare the high seas and navigable by seagoing vessels.
cu acces la marea larg i navigabile pentru Such special rules shall conform as closely as
navele maritime. Aceste prevederi speciale possible to these rules.
trebuie s fie ct mai conforme posibil cu
prezentele reguli.
c) Nici o dispoziie din prezentele reguli nu c) Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with
trebuie s mpiedice aplicarea prevederilor the operation of any special rules made by the
speciale stabilite de guvernul unui stat cu privire Government of any State with respect to
la suplimentarea numrului luminilor de poziie, a additional station or signal lights, shapes or
semnalelor luminoase, a semnalelor cu sirena whistle signals for ships of war and vessels
utilizate de ctre navele de rzboi i navele n proceeding under convoy, or with respect to
convoi sau n vederea suplimentrii numrului additional station or signal lights or shapes for
luminilor de poziie, a semnelor ori a semnalelor fishing vessels engaged in fishing as a fleet.
luminoase expuse de ctre navele de pescuit ce These additional station or signal lights, shapes
acioneaz n cadrul unei flotile. Aceste mijloace or whistle signals shall, so far as possible, be
suplimentare: lumini de poziie, semnale such that they cannot be mistaken for any light,
suplimentare luminoase, semne vizuale sau shape or signal authorized elsewhere under these
semnale sonore trebuie, att de mult ct este Rules.
posibil s fie utilizate astfel nct s nu poat fi
confundate cu orice alt lumin sau semnal
(semn) autorizat prin oricare din aceste reguli.
d) Organizaia poate adopta dispozitive de d) Traffic separation schemes may be
separare a traficului n scopul prezentelor reguli; adopted by the Organization for the purpose of
e) Ori de cte ori un guvern a determinat c these Rules.
o nav de construcie special sau destinat unor e) Whenever the Government concerned
operaiuni speciale nu se poate conforma tuturor shall have determined that a vessel of special
prevederilor cuprinse n oricare din prezentele construction or purpose cannot comply fully with
reguli, n ceea ce privete numrul, amplasarea, the provisions of any of these Rules with respect
btaia sau sectorul de vizibilitate a luminilor sau to the number, position, range or arc of visibility of
semnelor, atunci o astfel de nav trebuie s se lights or shapes, as well as to the disposition and
conformeze altor prevederi similare ce se refer characteristics of sound-signaling appliances,
att la numrul, amplasarea, btaia i sectorul de such vessel shall comply with such other
vizibilitate a luminilor sau semnelor, ct i la provisions in regard to the number, position,
dispunerea i caracteristicile dispozitivelor de range or arc of visibility of lights or shapes, as
semnalizare sonor, care, dup aprecierea well as to the disposition and characteristics of
guvernului n cauz, i permit n aceste cazuri s sound-signaling appliances, as her Government
se conformeze ct mai mult posibil prezentelor shall have determined to be the closest possible
reguli. compliance with these Rules in respect of that

REGULA 2 Responsabiliti RULE 2 Responsibility

a) Nici una din prevederile prezentelor reguli a) Nothing in these Rules shall exonerate any
nu trebuie s exonereze de rspundere o nav vessel, or the owner, master or crew thereof, from
sau pe proprietarul ei, pe comandantul sau the consequences of any neglect to comply with
echipajul acesteia, fa de consecinele unei these Rules or of the neglect of any precaution
neglijene oarecare privind aplicarea acestor which may be required by the ordinary practice of
reguli sau de neglijarea oricror msuri de seamen, or by the special circumstances of the
prevedere cerute de practica obinuit a case.
navigatorilor sau de mprejurrile deosebite n
care se gsete nava. b) In construing and complying with these
b) n interpretarea i conformarea fa de Rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of
prezentele reguli se va ine seama de toate navigation and collision and to any special
pericolele de navigaie i de riscurile de coliziune circumstances, including the limitations of the
precum i de toate circumstanele deosebite vessels involved, which may make a departure
incluznd limitele navelor n cauz, care pot duce from these Rules necessary to avoid immediate
la ndeprtarea de prezentele reguli n scopul danger.
evitrii unui pericol imediat.

REGULA 3 Definiii generale RULE 3 General Definitions

Pentru scopul prezentelor reguli, For the purpose of these Rules, except
exceptnd cazul n care n context se prevede where the context otherwise requires:
expres altfel, se definesc: a) The word "Vessel" includes every
a) Termenul Nav include orice mijloace description of water craft, including non-
plutitoare inclusiv mijloace fr pescaj i displacement craft and seaplanes, used or
hidroavioanele, folosite sau capabile de a fi capable of being used as a means of
folosite ca mijloc de transport pe ap. transportation on water.
b) Expresia Nav cu propulsie mecanic b) The term "power-driven vessel" means any
nseamn orice nav propulsat de o main. vessel propelled by machinery.

c) Expresia Nav cu vele nseamn orice c) The term "sailing vessel" means any
nav care navig sub vele, iar dac are o main vessel under sail provided that propelling
de propulsie aceasta nu este folosit. machinery, if fitted, is not being used.

d) Expresia Nav angajat n pescuit d) The term "vessel engaged in fishing" means
nseamn orice nav care pescuiete cu plase, any vessel fishing with nets, lines, trawls or other
carmace, traule sau orice alte unelte de pescuit fishing apparatus which restrict manoeuvrability,
ce-i reduc manevrabilitatea, aceast expresie nu but does not include a vessel fishing with trolling
include ns navele care pescuiesc cu crlige lines or other fishing apparatus which do not
remorcate sau cu alte unelte de pescuit ce nu le restrict maneuverability.
reduc manevrabilitatea.

e) Termenul hidroavion nseamn orice e) The word "seaplane" includes any aircraft
aeronav conceput s manevreze pe ap. designed to maneuver on the water.

f) Expresia nav care nu este stpn pe f) The term "vessel not under command"
manevra sa nseamn o nav care, n anumite means a vessel which through some exceptional
circumstane, nu este n stare s manevreze aa circumstance is unable to maneuver as required
cum cer prezentele reguli i deci nu se poate by these Rules and is therefore unable to keep
ndeprta din drumul altei nave. out of the way of another vessel.
g) Expresia nav cu capacitate de manevr g) The term "vessel restricted in her ability to
redus nseamn o nav a crei capacitate de a maneuver" means a vessel which from the nature
manevra conform prezentelor reguli este limitat of her work is restricted in her ability to maneuver
prin natura lucrrilor sale i deci nu se poate as required by these Rules and is therefore
ndeprta din drumul altei nave. Ex=presia Nav unable to keep out of the way of another vessel.
cu capacitate de manevr redus trebuie s The term vessels restricted in their ability to
includ urmtoarele nave, fr a se limita ns la maneuver shall include but not be limited to:
1) navele ocupate cu lansarea sau 1) vessels engaged in laying, servicing or
ntreinerea mijloacelor de ntreinere a picking up a navigation mark, submarine
navigaiei, a unui cablu sau a unei conducte cable or pipeline;
2) navele angajate n cercetri sau lucrri 2) a vessel engaged in dredging, surveying
sub ap; or underwater operations;
3) navele care, n timp ce se afl n mar 3) a vessel engaged in replenishment or
fac alimentare cu combustibil sau transport transferring persons, provisions or cargo
de persoane, provizii sau marf; while underway;
4) nave ocupate n lansarea sau 4) a vessel engaged in the launching or
recuperarea aeronavelor; recovery of aircraft;
5) navele angajate n operaiuni de dragare 5) a vessel engaged in mine clearance
a minelor; operations;
6) navele angajate n operaiuni de 6) a vessel engaged in a towing operation
remorcare care ngreuneaz mult capacitatea such as severely restricts the towing vessel
remorcherului i remorcii sale de a modifica and her tow in their ability to deviate from
drumul. their course.
h) Expresia Nav stnjenit de pescajul su h) The term "vessel constrained by her draught"
desemneaz orice nav cu propulsie mecanic, means a power-driven vessel which, because of her
care, din cauza pescajului su, sau a limii cii draught in relation to the available depth and width
navigabile este mult ngreunat n capacitatea sa of navigable water, is severely restricted in her

de a-i modifica drumul. ability to deviate from the course she is following.

i) Expresia n mar se aplic oricrei nave i) The word "underway" means that a vessel is
care nu este nici la ancor nici legat la mal not at anchor, or made fast to the shore, or
(geamandur), nici euat; aground;
j) Termenii Lungimea i limea unei nave j) The words "length" and "breadth" of a vessel
nseamn lungimea peste tot i limea maxim; mean her length overall and greatest breadth;
k) Navele trebuie s fie considerate ca fiind n k) Vessels shall be deemed to be in sight of one
vedere una fa de alta, chiar dac numai una another only when one can be observed visually
dintre ele poate fi observat vizual de cealalt; from the other;
l) Expresia vizibilitate redus nseamn orice l) The term "restricted visibility" means any
situaie n care vizibilitatea este redus din cauza condition in which visibility is restricted by fog,
ceei, burniei, ninsorii, averselor puternice de mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms
ploaie, furtunilor de nisip sau oricrei cauze or any other similar causes.