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Prajna Yoga
Prajna is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "Best
Knowledge; Highest Wisdom; also called as Enlightenment. The awakening
of prajna applies to all aspects of life. Prajna especially refers to the wisdom
based on the direct realization of the Four Noble Truths, impermanence,
interdependent origination, non- self and emptiness. Prajna is another name
of Goddess Saraswati (Hindu Goddess of Knowledge).

Yoga defined as "union between the mind, body and spirit ". It is
an Essential tool for survival, as well as for expending the joy and creativity
of our lives. It has its powerful techniques for creating a sense of inner
peace, harmony, and clarity of mind. Yoga is the perfect way to ensure
overall health and physical fitness.
Pooja Sharma
Her relationship with yoga began from childhood, during her school age
of 11, as she attended yoga classes for fun. Later to deeper her knowledge
she continue her practice. She is incredibly grateful being inspired and
guided by so many remarkable yogis and above all dedication, which she
strongly believes is the greatest teacher of all.
Since 1998 dedication, continues personal practice with the integration of
yoga, her classes inspired from different styles of yoga, which
encourages her students to recognize how their practice helps them to
live more balanced, healthier and happier lives.
He began to explore the path of Yoga in 1992, He has studied various
types of yoga discipline for over 20 years and been continuously
captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that yoga
has brought to his life. And certified as a Yoga Acharya after spending
time with his Guru in India. Kishore enjoys creating an atmosphere of
warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has empowered
him to motivate his classes.
Kit has always been in sport. She has been teaching Hip Hop and Jazz Funk
dance in the past 6 years. She met her first yoga teacher in 2009. Its such a big
inspiration for her. She falls in love with yoga and practises every day. She won
Champion of 6th China Yoga Competition (Pair group of Artistic yoga) in Guang
Zhou and the 1st runner up in 2nd Dayal International Yoga Championship (Pair
group of Artistic yoga) at the same year.

With the passion of yoga, she also completed 200 hours Yoga Alliance for Hatha
Yoga Teacher Training.
Teresa Wong
Despite Teresa started practising gymnastics when she was in secondary
school, she discovered the all-round wellness of yoga until she met yoga.
During her practice, she was inspired and well-trained by Master Pooja and
Master Kishore at Prajna Yoga so that her knowledge towards yoga was
broadened and deepened at different strands. Her determination to teach and
promote yoga initiated when she gained benefits in physical, mental and
spiritual health from yoga. As a result, she completed the 200 hours Yoga
Alliance for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 and exceled herself with the
Post-graduate Diploma in Yoga in 2016.
Crystal used to suffer from exhaustion as a result of poor posture and lack of
energy no matter how much rest she took. Ever since Crystal joined her first
class at Prajna Yoga, she discovered how yoga can energise but at the same time
strike for relaxation in her body that no other weight-training or stretching
exercise can substitute. She fell in love with this complete new world of
knowledge since then. She was deeply inspired by how yoga can enhance our
quality of life and would like to spread this message by encouraging more
people to start their yoga journey.
Kanis used to suffer from stress, neck and lower back pain due to long working
hours at the office. She felt her muscles relaxed and her mind calm after finishing
her first yoga class in Prajna yoga. She is particularly indebted to Master Pooja
and Master Kishore for their guidance and precise teaching skills. These are not
only helpful for her teaching but also for her own practice. Master Pooja and
Master Kishore has inspired her to be more mindful and observant both on and
off the yoga mat.
PrajnaYoga Events
At Prajna Yoga Events, we are committed to bring Asana, Mediation and Pranayama
into your daily lives.
We offer you workshops and program's that will help you integrate these timeless
tools which will lead you on your journey to greater awareness and health. These
special events are a unique chance to learn knowledge directly from our yogis in
Prajna Yoga.
Thank You
Prajna Yoga
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