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Types of RTC (ETAP-MNJD)
SC CA of General jurisdiction thus (f)
a. Actions subject matters whereof incapable of
PECUNIARY estimation
b. Title to or possession of real property with assessed
value more than P20,000; MM P50,000
c. Admiralty and maritime juris. demand or claim 1. Actions involving personal property valued at not
more than P200,000; MM P400,000 more than P200,000; MM P400,000
2. Actions demanding sums of money not exceeding
d. Probate testate/ intestate, gross value of estate
more than P200,000; MM P400,000 P200,000; MM P400,000, exclusive of interest,
damages, attys fees, litigation expenses, and
e. Marriage and marital relations costs;
f. Cases not w/in exclusive jurisdiction of any court, 3. Actions in admiralty and maritime juris. where
tribunal, person or body exercising judicial or quasi- the demand or claim does not exceed P200,000;
judicial functions MM P400,000, exclusive of interest, damages,
Peitions for CPM against: g. Actions and special proceedings w/in exc. Orig. juris. attys fees, litigation expenses, and costs;
1. CA of the Court of Agrarian Relations as now provided 4. Probate proceedings, testate or intestate, where
2. COMELEC by law the gross value of the estate does not exceed
Actions for
annulment of h. Other cases where the demand, exc. Of interest, P200,000; MM P400,000
Exclusive 4. NLRC
5. Secretary of DOLE
judgments of RTCs damages, attys fees, litigation expenses and costs, 5. Forcible entry and unlawful detainer cases
or the value of the property exceeds P200,000; MM 6. Actions involving title to or possession of real
under the Labor P400,000 property, or any interest therein, where the
FROM SEC: assessed valued does not exceed P20,000; MM
1. Controversies arising from devices and schemes P50,000, exclusive of interest, damages, attys
employed by the board which are detrimental or fees, litigation expenses, and costs
to the prejudice of the public/stockholders 7. Provisional remedies where the principal action is
w/in their jurisdiction
2. Intra-corporate controversies, between
stockholder/members/associates, between any
or all of them and the corporation, or the parties OMNIBUS ELECTION CODE:
and the regulations of the corporation
1. In cases of inclusion and exclusion of voters.
3. controversies on election and appointments of
the board, officers, trustees or managers
4. petitions of corporations on the impossibility to
pay debts because of insufficient assets

Types of Insurance
SC CA RTC MTC/MCTC Commissioner

Claims for insurance capable of pecuniary estimation

Petitions for CPM against RTCs
(Insurance Code PD 612)

1. Petitions for CPM against inferior courts and other bodies

2. Petitions for habeas corpus and quo warranto

ORIGINAL Actions against

Concurrent Actions against ambassadors, other public ambassadors, other
ministers and consuls public ministers and
Claims for insurance not
Claims for insurance not
exceeding P
exceeding P 100,000 and those
100,000 and those not
not capable of pecuniary
capable of pecuniary
(Insurance Code PD 612)
(Insurance Code PD 612)

Types of
1. Ordinary appeals from:
a. RTC, except in cases exclusively appealable to
the SC.
b. Family Courts
2. Appeal by petition for review from:
a. Court of Tax Appeals
b. CSC
c. Central Board of Assessment Appeals
d. SEC
Petitions for review on Certiorari against: e. LRA
f. SSC
a. CA
g. Office of Pres.
b. Sandiganbayan h. CAB
c. RTC in cases involving i. Bur. Of Patents, Trademarks & Tech. Transfer
j. Natl. Electrification Admin.
1. Constitutionality or validity of a treaty,
k. ERB
international or executive agreement, law, All cases decided by lower
l. Natl. Telecom. Comm.
Appellate PDs, proclamation, order, instruction,
m. DAR under RA 6657
courts in their respective
ordinance, or regulation. territorial jurisdictions.
2. Legality of a tax, impost, assessment, o. Empl. Compen. Comm.
toll or a penalty in relation thereto; p. Agri. Inventions Board
3. Jurisdiction of a lower court; and q. Insurance Comm.
r. Phil. Atomic Energy Comm.
4. Only errors or questions of law.
s. Board of Investments
t. Construction Industry Arbitrtn Comm.; and
u. Any other quasi-judicial agency,
instrumentality, board or comm.. in the
exercise of its quasi-judicial functions, such as
voluntary arbitrators
v. Ombudsman in administrative disciplinary
w. NC Indigenous Peoples
3. Petitions for review form the RTCs in cases
appealed thereto from the lower courts

Types of
Cadastral or land registration cases covering lots where there is no controversy or
Delegated opposition, or contested lots the value of which does not exceed P100,000, as may be
assigned by the SC.

Special Petitions for habeas corpus in the absence of all the RTC judges in the province or city.

1. Forcible entry and unlawful detainer cases irrespective of the amount of damages
or unpaid rentals sought to be recovered
Summary - violations of traffic laws
- violations of the rental law
2. All other court cases except probate proceedings, where the total claim does not
exceed P10,000; MM P20,000, exclusive of interests and costs.

FAMILY COURTS Jurisdiction (from RTC to Family Courts RA 8369 Family Courts Act of 1997)
criminal cases involving minors petitions for declaration of status of children as abandoned,
dependent or neglected; suspension, termination or restoration of
petitions for guardianship, custody of children, habeas corpus
parental authority; and other cases cognizable by PD 603 (Child
in relation to the latter
and Youth Welfare Code)
petitions for adoption of children and the revocation thereof
petitions for the constitution of the family home
annulment of marriage and those relating to marital status
Cases against minors cognizable under the Dangerous Drugs Act
and property relations of husband and wife
Violations of PD 7610 (Special Protection of Children against Child
petitions for support and/or acknowledgement
Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act) as amended by RA 7658
summary judicial proceedings brought under the Family Code
Cases of Domestic Violence against WOMEN and CHILDREN
of the Philippines

APPEAL same conditions as appeals from the ordinary RTCs