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Huge portal opens and Githyanki like youve never seen before.

They are 9 feet tall and are elaborately adorned

with exotic glowing robes and carrying huge alien shards. They sprint away from your location and in a split
second behind their portal a bright gate opens. With a crackle out come 6 epic level celestial beings in close
pursuit of the giant Githyanki. One of them peels off of their group as she notices you. The Githyanki turn to
face the Celestials and invoke a powerful choir of magic that rips the material plane causing a huge rift to form
between them. Both the Githyanki and the Celestials are quickly rifted from this place leaving only a small
crater where the rift formed. The single Epic Level Celestial turn to face you and begins to charge.

Fight the Epic Level Celestial

Orchazai shows up for Mike.

PCs choose course.

Matts prayers are responded by a very clear vision of a dockside scene, Concentration DC:22 will allow him to
be familiar with the area as if he had spent time studying it.

Teleport/Gate to Freeport Docks.

Tavern nearby
NPCs: 12 in Tavern
2 random citizens on street; a hobo [0 level] and a thief [11th level]
6 Town Guards [5*10th level + 1*15th level]
1 drunken Wizard [15th level]

Ships nearby
Sloop, 2 Masted, 12 cannons, 1 Large Ballista, 2 Small Ballista
Narsarian make Narsarian colors
Clipper, 3 Masted, 24 cannons,1 Medium Discus Launcher, 2 Large Ballista, 5 Small Ballista
Nerwachian make Nerwachian colors
Schooner, 3 Masted, 38 cannons, 2 Large Ballista, 6 Small Ballista
Miradelian make Aldamorian colors
Galleon, 3 Masted, 20 cannons, 8 Small Ballista
Talismaarian make Gwynneth colors
Galleon, 3 Masted, 20 cannons, 8 Small Ballista
Talismaarian make Nerwachian colors
War Frigate, 4 Masted, 88 cannons, 4 Large Ballista, 8 Small Ballista
Talismaarian make Nerwachian colors