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The Use of Facebook in English language Teaching

Novianti Arif

Technology has become more important in this era. One of the usages is
using ICT in language learning. ICT gives positive effect to the students.
there are four advantages in using ICT in language learning. It can be
listed as capacity, novelty, feedback and adaptability. Facebook can used
in language learning especially in improving writing performance.
Facebook have most users. Most of the Facebook users are students and
adolescents. Facebook group is feature which can be used in language
learning. Facebook group as an online discussion group to help students
improve their written feedback skill. Facebook group also provides a high
level of motivation for students to perform writing tasks.
Keywords: ICT, Facebook, writing, ELT


In globalisation era, technology should receive more attention. Technology

can be used by the teachers in language learning. Information and
Communication Technology (ICT), such as the internet offer great opportunities
for the teachers in language teaching. ICT cover a wider range of technologies
such as radio, television, computers, the Internet, social networks and many other
variations of technology. Based on a study in a high school in Taiwan, Young
states that the use of Internet had a positive effect in the sense that learners were
able to communicate with other countries making connections with other learners.
Furthermore, he states that one of the reasons why Internet is to be used in
education is because it puts English in an international context. According to
Fitzpatrick, using ICT resources effectively is one of the greatest challenges
teachers face. Moreover, further stated by Fitzpatrick is that facilitating access to
other cultures and languages is the chief goal of the language teaching
One of the kinds of ICT which can be used in language teaching is
Facebook. Currently, million of users used social network, most of them are
students and adolescents. They used social network for a variety of purposes.
Facebook is one of the social networks which have most users. In this paper, the
explanation is about how to use Facebook as one of ICT tools in English

1. The Advantage of Using ICT

The advantages of ICT usage in foreign language teaching can be listed as:
(1) Capacity to control presentation. This capacity marks the difference between
computers and books. Books have a fixed presentation, unlike computers, which
can combine visual with listening materials, text with graphics and pictures. (2)
Novelty and creativity. A teacher can use different materials for each lesson, not
like in teaching with textbooks, where all classes presenting a certain topic are the
same. (3). Feedback. Computers provide a fast feedback to students` answers
through error correction. It not only spots the mistake but also corrects it,
sometimes even giving the appropriate advice. (4) Adaptability. Computer
programmes can be adapted by teachers to suit their students` needs and level of
language knowledge. Unlike books, which are produced in a single uniform
format and need to be taught irrespectively of students` problems, computer
programmes are more learner- friendly.

2. Facebook in Teaching English

Facebook has a variety of interactive features and it attracts the users to play
and enjoy it. The Facebook provides a convenient environment for the
development of discourse communities with its varied participatory mechanisms.
The students can create their personal profile page allowing them to list interests
and activities and share with others. Previous study by Melor et al. (2012)
revealed that Facebook can be embedded in writing activity as the participants
utilize the features in Facebook to learn new vocabulary by reading the comments
of the other students in the group, discussion in getting ideas for writing, and
spell-check by peers. The study also proves that using Facebook actually can help
the students in completing their essays easier by participating in the Facebook
group discussion.

A group, one of many popular features in Facebook, provides a specific

group of people to communicate with each other. A Facebook group has a special
function which is not available for a homepage. Users can share video
presentation with friends on a group and then friends are allowed to comment on
their posts. In a traditional classroom, it might be difficult for students to produce
immediate spoken feedback to the presenter due to the following factors: time
constraints, the large number of students in a classroom, and students lack of
motivation. In order to sort out these problems, the teacher can employ a
Facebook group as an online discussion group to help students improve their
written feedback skill. Instead of a physical classroom, a Facebook group, an
online discussion group, can be used as a virtual classroom in improving
speaking. Posting vidoes on a Facebook group provides students with
opportunities to learn from each other through feedback. After receiving
comments and advice from other people on a Facebook group, students are able to
apply knowledge to improve their language skills as well as their presentation
skills. Besides, being noticed by other people can raise students awareness of
improving their writing. Comments from other people receiving on a Facebook
group can reduce the amount of mistakes on students writing so those comments
can be used as guides for improving learning. In addition to gaining knowledge in
writing skills, students are willing to interact and share their own ideas in writing
with others when performing writing assignments on a Facebook group. A
Facebook group provides a high level of motivation for students to perform
writing tasks.

There are some ideas which can used in teaching by using facebook. Create
groups, the teacher can create groups for entire classes or for study groups with
smaller subsets of students that allow for easy sharing of information and
communication, without students even having to friend each other. Schedule
events, from beginning of semester mixers to after-finals celebrations, easily
schedule events for the entire class using Facebook. Send messages, from
unexpected absences to rescheduling exams, it's easy to send messages through
Facebook. Share multimedia, with the ability to post videos, photos, and more,
you can share multimedia content easily with the entire class. Post class notes,
post notes after each class period for students to have access for review or in case
they were absent. Provide direct communication with instructors, teacher and
students can contact each other through Facebook, providing an opportunity for
better sharing of information and promoting better working relationships. Allows
shy students a way to communicate, shy students who may not want to approach
their teacher after class or during office hours can use Facebook to communicate.
Facilitate classmate connections, when students get to know each other more
intimately, they become more involved in the learning experience. This is helpful
in both large classes that wouldn't normally promote such intimacy and in smaller
settings that regularly depend on that connection. Make announcements, the
teacher can send out reminders about upcoming tests, upcoming due dates, or any
classroom news. Brainstorm, students can have the ability to add their thoughts to
the class any time they occur allows for more opportunities for brainstorming off
each other. Share interesting websites, students and instructors alike can post
interesting websites that add relevancy to the class. Post homework, through
Facebook not only provides easy access for students, it also puts in writing
specifically what is expected and when it is due.


There are many advantages if the teachers use ICT in language teaching.
One of the kinds of ICT which is used in language learning is Facebook. The
features which is often use is facebook groups. Facebook groups can improve
writing performing.

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