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a) Match the abbreviations from an identity (ID) bracelet ( 1 4) to their

meanings (a d)
Answers here :
1 DOB a hospital number
2 Hosp. No. b admission date
3 ADM c doctor
4 Dr d date of birth

While observations . . .
Why is it important to know which allergies a patient has?
Allergies can cause reactions such as rashes or more serious reactions, e.g. shock. Its important to know before
giving a medication in order to check if patients have any allergies because patients may suffer irritations such as
rashes or more serious reactions such as shock. Allergies to anesthetics may cause serious reactions such as
breathing difficulties. It is important to be immediately aware of allergies because it could be life-threatening to
give patients medications which they are allergic to.

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Match the beginnings (1 8) to the endings below :
1. Im going to take a. the information from this machine
2. Ill just take b. you 0bs. Now
3. Ill get the rest of c. your respirations while you were watching the machine.
4. Ill wrap d. the cuff around your arm.
5. . . . Ill just clip e. your temperature with this special thermometer . . .
6. Ill turn on f. weight you now.
7. I counted g. this lead onto your finger
8. OK, Ill h. the machine now

PDF/Bahasa Inggris IV/Mrs.Sartika Azauddin.S.Pd


Here are list of people who help care for patients in hospital and each of the people do.
Chef prepares meals for patients
Dietician assesses nutritional needs of patients
Cleaners clean all areas of the hospital
Healthcare Support Workers (HSW) work with nurses and provide basic nursing care
Housekeepers organize linen requirements, tidy ward areas
Kitchen staff deliver meals
Laundry workers wash hospital linen
arrange paperwork for patients admission and
Medical receptionist
discharge, also called ward clerks
take patients to test or appointments or operating
Technicians (Radiology, Pathology) perform test
Pharmacists prepare medications
Radiologist take medical images (x-ray)
Pathology collectors collect specimens from patients (ex: blood tests)
Front reception welcomes patients and visitors
Discharge planners set up community services when patient returns home
Social workers advise patients about social services
psychologists help patients with emotional problems

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